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4×6 Thermal Label Printer

Label printers offer a compact design, reliable print quality with a very easy functionality. Label printers are ideal solution for your office or small business. It’s built with Sharp’s highly efficient printhead technology, which enables the printer to print on a variety of media types including labels, tags, and envelopes.

Label printers are very important device for making labels, and stickers. Because all international shipping platforms and e-commerce merchants use this standard 4×6″ of labels while labeling their product. Without these labels, your business is impossible. You definitely need a thermal label printer, as USPS has made 4×6″ compulsory because in this size of paper you can add complete info of your product. Another advantage is that many 4×6″ thermal label printers have a variety of holding paper sizes from 2″ to 4″. While if you purchase a printer with only 2″ then you are bound with that.

Thermal printing is the fastest and can stay on products permanently. You can also use regular printers for labeling, but they are not suitable for using instantly. Because after printing you have to cut them accurately as a regular printer wont print the size 4×6.

After checking all the features I prefer Arkscan for label printing. Below, there are many other brands with different features. You can make your choice from those as per your need.

List of 4×6 Thermal Label Printers
  • ROLLO Label Printer – High-Speed 150mm/s | 4×6 | Monochrome
  • DYMO 4×6 LabelWriter – Clear Label Printing | No ink Needed | Wired
  • Tetea Thermal Label Printer – Compact | USB | Color | 4×6 Label
  • MUNBYN 4×6 Label Printer – Chrome OS | USB | High-Speed 150mm/s
  • Arkscan 2054A Label Printer – Thermal | 4×6 | 120PPM | Mac | Monochrome
  • MFLABEL Label Printer – Thermal | Fast Printing | No Ink Needed
  • iDPRT SP410 Label Printer – Portable | High Speed | Easy Setup | 4×6
  • Brother Wireless 4×6 Label Printer – Wireless | Monochrome | Auto Crop
  • Jiose Shipping Label Printer – Mac | Monochrome | 4×6 | 162mm/s

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Best Wide Format (4×6) Label Printers in 2022

ROLLO Shipping 4×6 Label Printer

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Rollo is a monochrome label printer with USB connectivity. It prints a 4×6″ 4-line address in 1 minute, equivalent to 150mm/sec. The printing is twice as fast as other printers. On the other hand, DYMO prints 53 labels in one minute, while the Brother QL1100 has a faster printing speed of 69 labels at a time.

Rollos’ high printing speed is possible due to the direct thermal technology it uses for printing. DYMO also uses similar technology in its printers. Unlike DYMO, Rollo allows you to print on any generic label. It has a high daily printing yield which can bear 500 prints daily. Rollo’s printing resolution will find 203DPI, less than DYMO’s 300DPI resolution.

This printer is available for eBay, Amazon, and other shipping labels. It’s a compact, portable printer that can easily be used in offices and homes. If you use the tiny fonts in your label, it will fuzz and will not be clear.

DYMO 1755120 LabelWriter 4X6 and 4xL Label Printer

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Dymo LabelWriter allows you to make a connection with your PC by using USB connectivity. Not only labels, but you can even print barcodes with that. The printing speed of this LabelWriter will print 4xL 50 labels in just 60 seconds. While it’s 4×6 per print, it takes 6.5seconds.

DYMO has made an intelligent evolution with 1755120 whether it has similar software like its predecessors, Dymo LabelWriter 450 Twin Turbo and Dymo LabelWriter 450. The only difference among all these siblings is that 1755120 can print 4xL and 4×6″ both sizes of prints which is great for eBay, Amazon, and those who use both sizes of printing. On the other hand, its predecessors entertained you with only 4xL size labels. 

Although the DYMO does not contain a label cutter like its close competitor, Brother TD-4000, it tears labels neatly and cleanly. One potential issue with this multi-paper holding printer is that you need to take out the spool to change its label, which is tricky.

Tetea TT-100 4×6 Thermal Label Printer

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Tetea is a thermal label printer that can print 4×6 labels by connecting your color printer with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. This 4×6 printer has the power to print high-resolution labels printing 80 labels in one minute. Compatible to print eBay, Amazon, FedEx, Easyship, Paypal, and several labels

Tetea has a separate label holder available with the printer. The printer not only prints labels but can also be helpful for 1.57″ to 4.3″ stickers and barcodes, products, and nutrition labels. Tetea uses advanced thermal technology similar to the Brother. The printer is eco-friendly and does not need to use plastic cartridges; it uses thermal labels to print high-quality labels.

You will get 3 years of standard manufacturer warranty for lifetime tech support and defect. Whether the printer supports many OS, but if you are a chrome book user, it will not provide its services because it’s not compatible with ChromeOS.

MUNBYN P941 Shipping Label Printer

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P941 is a printer commonly called MUNBYN prints by making a connectivity with the USB, and no internet connection is available. MUNBYN is aimed to run small businesses and print labels for many merchants and can be connected with any software to provide tech support. 

Unlike Tetea, MUNBYN has its only website for providing you with tech support, with which you can edit your labels. Like Rollo, you will find a label holder which you need to put at the back of the printer. Brother QL-1110NWB is a wireless program, while for operating MUNBYN, you need a cord to supply power to run it.

MUNBYN’s Pro models, readily available on Amazon, will print labels with 300DPI of the resolution, while P941 will print with only 203DPI. Many printers like Tetea provide only USB-C connectivity, but MUNBYN will connect the USB memory key and USB-C. You will face a little difficulty while feeding the roll in its spool.

Arkscan 2054A 4×6 Wifi Label Printer

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2054A-USB and 2054A-LAN it has these printing facilities available. People prefer using Arkscan because of its many connectivity options 2054A-LAN, which provides Ethernet, USB, and Wifi. On the other one, 2054A-USB connectivity only provides a connection with the PC.

It can print 4×6″ labels at a reasonable price. Even you can print directly from your media card with Arkscan. Arkscan 2045A is a professional label printer and has similarities with many of the high demanding label printers like Broth QL-series and Zebra GC420d. All of them have made a great name in the history of label printing and can print many shopping and shipping labels, including eBay, Shopify, Amazon, and many well-known e-commerce sites. 

The printer’s roll-in and the fanfold paper feature will excite you to purchase. One printer but two types of paper holders will provide you options while printing. As per Arkscan, you can print any labels like eBay and Shopify. If you are a Mac user, remember that 2054A lacks Mac software.

MFLABEL Printer, 4×6 Thermal Label Printer

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MFLABEL 4×6 printer is compatible with the Windows XP, 7, 8, 9, 10, and new Windows versions. It prints high-quality labels using Advanced Direct Thermal Technology which provides fast printing. It works with the help of the MFLABEL driver, which you can install via CD available with the printer.

Its 125mm/second printing speed is comparatively higher than the Rollo thermal label printer. Like MUNBYN, MFLABEL printing asks for a USB to connect with the PC. Including wide (4×6) labels, it can print bulk mailing, barcodes, and shipping labels. Similar to Rollo, it is a monochrome label printer.

Not only 4×6, but it can print 1.57″ of small barcodes and warehouse codes. Though it’s compatible with windows, the Mac users will not be satisfied with it because it does support it.

Thermal Label Printer iDPRT SP410 

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iDPRT SP410 is occasionally known for printing shipping labels, but you can also use it in multiple ways by printing bar codes and QR codes with it. Professional consumers mostly love printing with it because of its multiple connectivity options with its software’s tech support.

It is almost similar to the Arkscan 2054A-LAN, which prints fast with a low running cost. This monochrome printer will print 5.9″ in just one second. With a total weight of 3.3 pounds, SP410 is nearly similar to 2054A. While the iDPRT only supports USB connectivity like Rollo, Brother and Arscan provide Ethernet and Wifi support.

In paper holding, iDPRT is a point-to-point similar to Arscan and holds both roll and fanfold papers. Another advantage is that you can use one separate paper holding tray for both types of paper. SP410 with 203DPI printing resolution does not support mobile connectivity.

Brother QL-1110NWB Wireless 4×6 Label Printer

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If you are after a wide, longer 4×6″ label printer, then QL-1110NWB is a perfect solution for you. The printing resolution of Brother is 100 to 600DPI, which is quite enough for professional use. You don’t need any software to install on PCs to operate this printer. Print your professional labels for multiple e-commerce sites, including eBay, Amazon, Paypal, and many more.

Brother’s QL-1110NWB is the latest version of QL-820NWB. Both have identical features which keep them in upline, but QL-1110NWB is the one that can print wider formats from 2″ to 4″. On the other hand, QL-820NWB has a battery option that makes it completely portable.

Brother introduced another version, QL-1110 with QL-1110NWB, but 1100 is a non-networkable version, but the QL-1110NWB is a networkable version including Wifi, Bluetooth, Wifi-Direct, and Ethernet connectivity. The printer’s consumables are somewhat expensive. Consumers consider these features the best thermal label printer for small businesses.

Jiose J500 Shipping 4×6 Thermal Label Printer

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J500, a model of Jiose has a broader range of paper holding capacity. It can print a minimum of 2.5″ to 4″ of labels; between this range, you can switch any size of labels. 

Similar to the Rollo, Jiose will also print your labels with a resolution of 203 DPI, which is common in this rate of printers. At the same time, the J500’s printing speed is 162mm/second, which is faster than Rollo, which prints only 152mm/sec. In printing speed(125mm/sec), MFLABEL can not beat J500, a Thermal Label printer like Jiose. With this fast printing speed of J500, you can easily print 86 labels in a minute.

J500 uses advanced drivers that prevent causing any issue while printing with it. You can connect J500 with all the Windows and Mac OS, but it is uncomfortable to use with smartphones, tablets, iPads, and ChromeOS.

How Do Thermal Label Printers Works?

Instead of paper, Thermal Transfer printers use ribbon. Therefore, the heat transfers to the printhead, and this way, heat follow the ribbon that melts the ink and throws on onto printing media. In this way, ink is fused to the image and becomes a part of the media. This unique printing technique provides durability to the output and has become popular among the most demanding printing technologies. Direct Thermal Transfer printers hold fewer media than thermal transfer because they can print on paper, polyester, and polypropylene. 

Where can we use a Thermal Label Printer? 

There is a wider range in which you can use thermal label printers. Let’s discuss here some uses of Thermal Label printers in detail.

Product Labeling

For product labeling, thermal printers have become a normal thing to use. Because with these printers, you can write the expiry date, specific product detail, ingredient lists, and price tags. Thermal label printers are not only for labels; you can even produce product cases and cartons with them.

Material Listing

You got a big warehouse, and you have similar products. You can label your products with serial numbers and locations on assets in this situation. 

ID Cards Printing

Nowadays, ID card has become a vital asset in schools and for many visitors like foreigners. You can print ID cards easily with label printers. You only need to determine the size of the card and then select the printer according to that. They are cost-effective and take less time to print. Creating dates, times, and names on Thermal printer ID cards is simple and effective.

Receipt Printing 

People use thermal label printers on their mart’s counter for making simple, fast, and easy receipt printing. This task is easy to do, and you can even change the roll paper to the fanfold paper according to your need for a receipt.

Books and Shelves Tagging

Thermal label printers have reached the education sector as well. You can make simple strip-like tags for your books and shelves. 

Buying Guide: Things to look for while Buying Thermal Label Printer

When the Label printers are vital to make your shipping easier, you should look at some significant requirements to fulfill your demand. Here are some guidelines to make shopping easy according to your label needs. Following are the things you should consider before purchasing a Thermal Label printer.


When we are moving with the fast technology, inkjet and laserjet are not used for label making. Instead, people are using Thermal technology printers. They are fast and ideal for labels, barcodes, stickers, and QR codes. This technology also saves thousands of dollars in your business because it does not use ink cartridges which is the main reason for causing the high fee of many printers.

Paper Size

Most printers provide you with specific paper sizes to print. At the same time, others have the capability of printing from different ranges. Like if you want a printer for multi-purpose fruit labeling, QR codes, and barcodes with wide label printing. Then consider buying a printer with a paper ranging from 2″ to 4″. The paper width and longevity are always written on the printer’s specification column.

Auto Detecting

If unsure about your design size, go for a device with auto-detecting capability. It will adjust your printing according to the design you provide to it. In this way, you can save the wastage of paper.