How to Pick Black and White Photo Printer

Most people who love printing sharp photos and documents purchase monochrome printers. Compared to color cartridges, black and white printer cartridges have more minor effects on the environment. Moreover, inkjet black and white photo printers are least expensive than color laser printers. This is the reason most people prefer using it for low-yield performance.

Always purchase an inkjet printer for monochrome photo printing as it is a unique technology for photos because the inkjet’s photo output is sharp with more than 300DPI, which is the minimum resolution for printing photos. You can buy a bit of expensive monochrome photo printers if you want more than this.

After searching more than a lot, I found Canon inkjet as my number one choice for black photo printing. For its high printing speed and above-par photo output. Moreover, there are many other printer brands available you can choose any of them for your office desk and study table. 

Top 5 Black & White Printer For Printing Photos

  • HP DeskJet 2622 Compact Printer
  • HP OfficeJet 3830 Wireless Printer
  • Canon Pixma MG3620 Inkjet Printer
  • Canon SELPHY CP1300 Photo Printer
  • Canon Pixma iX6820 Business Printer 

HP DeskJet 2622 Compact Printer

People who prefer using a personal all-in-one printer with scanners, copier, and fax love purchasing HP DeskJet 2622 printers. A noticeable thing about HP is that you can use it with Windows and Mac OS with its high printing resolution of 4800 x 1200DPI, equivalent to Canon Pixma MG3620. 

As for paper holding, the print has 60 sheets of the input tray. The HP Deskjet 2622 is light in weight at only 7.5 pounds. While the HP Officejet 3830 weighs 12.4 pounds which is heftier than HP Deskjet. Wireless printing is available with AirPrint compatibility. Its paper-supporting capability provides you with the choice of printing. You can also print on plain paper, broucher, and photo papers. 

HP 2622 has an automatic document feeder that allows two-sided printing at once. But it lacks auto-duplexing that allows one side scanning at a single for another side scanning. You need to flip the paper. 

HP OfficeJet 3830 Wireless Printer

HP is well-known among its users for its least initial price, low printing cost, and tremendous photo printing output. A rich-featured printer with all the features a professional photographer would like to purchase. Its low running cost is its Instant Hp ink subscription program.

HP is an entry-level inkjet printer with all the above-class qualities. It’s a professional program for business runners with a compact design and light weight of all 12.4 pounds. While the Canon TR8520 is almost similar to HP in features but slightly heftier than OfficeJet 3830. HP 3830 holds only 60 sheets at a time which is meager than many smaller AIO devices. On the other hand, Canon TR8520 holds 200 sheets in two different input trays.

The printer has 35 sheets of automatic document feeder (ADF), but it lacks auto-duplexing. The exciting thing is that you rarely find any printer with the ADF feature at this meager price. 

Canon Pixma MG3620 Inkjet Printer 

With quick and wireless connectivity Canon Pixma MG3620 is a compact design that saves space on your desk and provides a high-resolution output of 4800 x 1200 DPI. Moreover, the printer has multiple compatibility options with iPhone, Android, or tablets.

The printer’s price are least that attracts most consumers to purchase it. Most students and home offices prefer using this outclass printer. With excellent photo scanning, you will find auto-duplexing of two side scanning by a single. While another relative, Canon iX6820, lacks an auto-duplexing feature. As for printing speed, Canon prints 6.4 pages per minute which is acceptable for students and home use. On the other hand, Epson WF-7010 prints only 4 pages in a minute.

Regarding the printing cost, Canon’s color printing takes 10.6 cents for black and white printing and 24 cents for color printing. On average, it will become 17.3 cents per page printing. 

Canon SELPHY CP1300 Photo Printer

Canon Selphy CP1300 is a wireless, compact, and portable device with Wifi, USB, and SD card printing. The printer is the upgraded version of its predecessor Canon CP1200 with better features that I will discuss soon.

The printer will entertain you with wallet-size printing outputs, and the size of the printer is also tiny that you can fix it in your pocket. As for printing technology, Canon uses Zero Ink (ZINK) which most of its class printers use, like HP Sprocket. Like HP, you will find an app to control printing photos and their editing. SELPHY CP1300 is light in weight at only 3.1 pounds with its cartridges.    

The printing output is tremendous as the printer uses dye-sublimation through which the photo passes through 4 stages. As for printing speed, it takes around 1 minute and 2 seconds from SD card printing. As for printing from multiple options, you will find a USB port, but it lacks a type-B wire for connectivity. You need to purchase it separately.

Canon Pixma iX6820 Business Printer 

Canon Pixma is a wireless device with the single functional property of printing. Its compatibility with mobile printing is impressive. Moreover, you will find the least initial price with moderate printing output. However, the device prints wide format types of printing of 13″ x19″.

Canon comes with a single duplexer. For this reason, you need to flip the paper while scanning. Pixma iX6820 has a single paper tray, while the printer can hold tabloid and super-tabloid size papers. For passing commands and handling devices, Canon gives you buttons panel and lacks the LCD. Canon iX6820 prints with a speed of 2.9 pages per minute, while the Epson WF-7010 prints 4 pages per minute. Remember that Epson is an expensive device to purchase.    

Canon’s text output is below-par, while its photo output is remarkable. Most consumers prefer using it for their business needs and large font printing. 

What kind of Printers do Photographers Use?

For photo printing, you need to purchase a particular type of printer. All printers cannot print on photo paper except some. 

Dot Matrix Printer

It’s an old printing technology, and now rarely can you find it locally. Its low printing price and initial cost make it a great photo printer. It uses dots for printing photos and text instead of printing with LED or another method. It has a particular cartridge that lasts for long and costs meager as compared to other technologies. You will find a low maintenance cost with this Dot Matrix Printer. In this modern technology printer era, you will rarely find this printer. A few are in production now.

laserjet Printer

LaserJet is a big name in the printer market for its large volume of document printing with multiple connectivity options. Most big organizations prefer it using for its high yield and fast printing. Most expensive laser printers are ideal for printing above-par photos with LED technology. They have laser beams that melt toner powder, becoming ink and exhibiting tremendous long-lasting output. Additionally, they are very compact and have fewer-weight printers so that you can place them anywhere in your office or desktop.

InkJet Printer

Inkjet is the latest technology for photo printing. With its above-par output, you will find it tremendously popular among photographers. It uses droplets of ink and ink tanks for reversing ink that it uses for printing. It is popular in the market for its fantastic photo output with high running costs. You can compromise your demand output if its printing output is slower than laser printers. 

Color Photo Printer VS Black and White Photo Printer: Which one produces Better photos?

Both the color and black and white printers have their cons and pros. You must determine your need for printing and choose the right printer.

Cost of Monochrome and Color Printers 

There is a massive difference between initial and after costs in monochrome and color printers. Color printers are high price printers compared to the black and white ones. However, color inks and toner also cost more than a black one. 

Cartridge Effect on Environment

Both the colors have similar physical appearances, but the black and white ink impacts less than color ink on the environment because it uses less ink for printing and landfills.  

Printing Yield

If you require fewer outputs and don’t demand so far, a monochrome printer will be ideal for your office. If your work mainly depends on document printing, then without any doubt, purchase a black and white printer. However, it would help if you looked superb at color printers for high yield and color photos.

Buying Guide

Black and white photo printers are in significant demand among home users. Most students and home users don’t know which type and featured monochrome printer they should purchase. For this reason, I have outlined features to help you determine your best choice. However, whenever buying any monochrome photo printer, consider purchasing inkjet technology, as I mentioned above. 

Pots of Ink

Find out how many black and grey ink pots are available in your printer. Black and white printers rely on black and grey inks as much as ink pots you place in the printer as sharp printing output you will find. For this reason, at least there should be three to four ink pots. 

Pigmented inks

Pigmentation tells that with how sharp printing output your printer will entertain you. In the market, low pigmented inks are also present that provides fade output. If you want a professional output with grace, purchase a highly pigmented ink printer. For this reason, always purchase pigmented monochrome ink. 


For photos, the resolution is a pivotal factor to consider. We calculate resolution in DPI, determining how tremendous its output will be. Purchase a monochrome printer with a resolution of a minimum of 300DPI. If it is less than it, never think of buying it. 

Paper Compatible with Printer

Every paper is not compatible with black and white printing. Because all have the capability of absorbing ink, therefore all ask for different papers. When purchasing a monochrome printer, check out whether your paper is comfortable with your printer or not. Paper size also matters. It’s not necessarily important that the printer you purchase will be compatible with the paper size you are using.

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