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How to Pick the Top Bluetooth Label Printer

 With a Bluetooth label printer, you can print labels wirelessly from your computer, smartphone, or tablet. It is one of the best investments you can make for your business. With the Bluetooth connection, you can print labels from anywhere, and the wireless label printer eliminates messy cables from your office or home.

Besides printing labels, you can also print text, logos, images, and stickers on a Bluetooth label printer, which may surprise you.

Today, a label printer is a must-have product for your business to keep track of your product and let the customer know about its specifications. Sometimes, it takes a lot of time and money to print labels from a printing press. Bluetooth label printers are therefore a great option in this situation because they allow you to print customized labels anywhere you want using Bluetooth technology. 

Top 5 Bluetooth Shipping Label Printer

  • Brother P-Touch – Best for Quick in-Office Use
  • Phomemo D30 – Best Handy Little Label Printer
  • JADENS Bluetooth – Compatible With Major Mobile Devices
  • Phomemo M220 – Best Label Maker for Barcodes
  • NiiMbot Bluetooth – Best Easy-to-use Label Maker
  • Jiose Bluetooth – Best Printer For Light in weight, fast initial setup, prints VERY fast

Best Shipping Label Printer

1. Brother P-Touch Cube: Bluetooth Label Printer for iPhone and Android

Connectivity: Bluetooth | Technology: Dot Matrix | Special Feature: Wireless | Best Uses For Office | Maximum Print Speed: 5 | Max Monochrome: 20 ppm

With its easy control device, you will not only be able to use the device to label kitchen equipment, complete school projects, and take notes while making labels, but you will also be able to use your voice to correct spelling and create sentences while making labels with the Brother P-Touch Cube.

Brother P-touch Cube printers do not connect with PC or laptops, not even wirelessly, compared to the QL-820NWB printers and Dymo upfront label printers. As an alternative to the DYMO label printer, you can use the Bluetooth label printer for printing on your iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. The P-Touch Cube weighs half as much, but is as powerful as the DYMO. The plus is the Brother P-Touch Cube uses the same AC and battery as the LW-600P and P-Touch PT-700.

 In addition to having a power jack and a button at the back of the printer, a window for viewing the remaining tape, and a manual cutter on the front of the printer, the printer also has a manual output slot. In addition, with its connectivity, you can make its usage more simple with its Brother P-touch Design&Print app, which is portable to carry and easy to handle to take anywhere in your bag.

Comparison Between:

Brother PT-1230PC Vs. Brother P-touch CUBE

Brother PT-1230PC
Brother P-touch CUBE
Smartphone EnabledVia Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity
PC / Mac ConnectablePC Only
Uses Brother TZe Durable Laminated Tape
Max Label Width~1/2″ (12mm)~1/2″ (12mm)
Max Print Per22
Tape CutterManualManual
UsageHome / Home OfficeHome / Home Office
AC Adapter NoYes* (AC Adapter only included in U.S.)

2. Phomemo D30: Portable Bluetooth Label Printer

Connectivity: Bluetooth | Technology: Thermal | Special: Bluetooth connection in Print | Model: D30 | Printer Output: Monochrome

This printer is one of the best mini Bluetooth label printers that can be easily connected with Android or iPhone via a smart Master app which can be downloaded from the app store. The printer works with stationary, school materials, stickers, as well as bins. 

With a weight of just 160 grams, the D30 printer is a smaller and lighter device than a smartphone. You can carry it anywhere you go. Once it is fully charged, it prints 34 rolls of paper quickly. D30 printers can be connected to smartphones, but the MUNBYN Label Printer Maker can be connected to a Mac. As a point-to-point printer, Phomemo Label Maker prints at 203DPI, just like Memoking Label Maker. Phomemo and Memoking are also similar in printing at 60mm/second.  

With our printer, transparent label tape is already available. You will have little trouble connecting it to your printer for use at home or in your small business.

Comparison Between:

D30 printer Vs. D30 printer

D30 printerD30 printer
Compatible withD30 6-15mm/Continuous paper6-15mm paper
Weight0.35 LB6-15mm paper
ConnectionAndroid 5.0, for IOS 9.0 or aboveAndroid 5.0, for IOS 9.0 or above

3. JADENS Thermal Label Printer: Best For 4×6 Wireless Print

Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB | Printing: Thermal | Special: Wireless | Printer: Monochrome | Max Printspeed Monochrome: 72 ppm | OS: Windows, Mac OS, Chrome OS

JADENS is a portable Bluetooth label maker which uses thermal technology. It prints 4×6″ labels for eBay, Amazone, ShipWorks, and many merchants use it for personal printing labels. It requires a Shipping Printer App to operate. It can be connected to Windows 8, Android, and iPhone via Bluetooth.

A JADENS thermal shipping printer series provides 203DPI resolution. It uses heat-resistant thermal paper. At the same time, a Phomemo thermal shipping printer uses a ribbon to print.

With the help of the U-disk, you can quickly learn how to use this thermal 4×6″ label printer. The printer is compatible with many OS, but if you want to communicate with Mac, you will need a USB drive.

Compare JADENS With Price: 36.99 USD

Compatibilityios & Androidios & Androidios & Android
Connectivity TechnologyBluetoothBluetoothBluetooth
Suitable ScenariosLabel MakerLabel MakerLabel Maker

4. Phomemo M220: Mini Bluetooth Label Printer

Connectivity: Bluetooth | Printing Tech: Thermal | Special Spec: Portable | Print media
Labels | Scanner Type: Portable | Compatible Devices: Smartphones, PC

A tape roll is included with the Phomemo M220 to print 4×6″ monochrome labels for QR codes, Barcodes, and OCR forms. Bluetooth is only compatible with iOS and Android, and USB is only compatible with Windows 10 and Mac OS X.

While both the M220 and D30 are 203DPI printers, one complete charge of the M220 prints 36 labels and one complete charge of the D30 prints 34 labels. 

As a result of its innovative automatic shut-off feature, the printer’s battery life is extended. Its eco-friendly nature of printing without ink and toner makes it unique among consumers. In order to operate it, you simply need to change the printer roll. With Chromebooks or Linux OS, M220 is not compatible with your devices.

Comparison Between:

Phomemo M220 Vs. NetumScan Label Maker

Phomemo M220NetumScan Label Maker
CompatibleSmartphones, Tablets, PadPC, Laptops
Recommended ForOfficeOffice

5. NiiMbot D11: Cheap Bluetooth Label Printer

Technology: Wireless, USB | Special: Rechargeable,Portable,Wireless | Printer Output: Monochrome | Maximum Print Speed (Color): 30 ppm | Max Printspeed Monochrome: 30 ppm

By connecting NiiMbot to a USB port, you can use it as a wireless portable printer. You can use it to tag jewelry, stationery, bins, school items, stationary, and more. With this printer, you can print your desired designs from a smartphone, PC, and laptop via USB.

The battery lasts almost two months after one full charge. In contrast, its competitors, the M220 and the D30, last for 36 printing rolls and 34 printing rolls after one full charge. Unlike JADENS printers, it does not use ink for printing; instead, it uses thermal technology.

With its App NiiMbot, you have many editing options, which also allow you to print QR codes and barcodes. The printer is useless without this App.

Comparison Between:

NiiMbot D11 Vs. MakeID Label Maker

NiiMbot D11MakeID Label Maker
Compatible DevicesPC, Laptops, SmartphonesSmartphones, Tablets
Connectivity Technologywireless, USBWireless
Printer OutputMonochromeMonochrome
Recommended Uses For ProductOfficeOffice
Special FeaturesRechargeable,Portable,WirelessCorrect label sizes in APP to avoid printing mistakes.

6. Jiose Bluetooth: Best Thermal Shipping Label Printer

Technology: USB | Printing Technology: Thermal | Special Feature: Thermal printer | Recommended Uses For: Office, Warehouse, Small business, Home | Printer Output: Monochrome | Max Printspeed Monochrome: 72 ppm | OS: ChromeOS, MacOS, Windows

Using the LePrinter App, you can make monochrome sticker labels for eBay, Amazon, USPS, Shopify, etc. 

The Jiose thermal printer is similar to the Jadens. This printer prints 162 mm/sec whereas other models, like the D30, print only 60 mm/sec. This printer comes with a USB drive that lets you save your documents for easy printing. A print detection feature, like Phomemo, is also helpful. 

An eco-friendly printer saves you a lot of investment in toner and ink. Jiose is compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows but does not work with Apple Computers.

Comparison Between:

Jiose Bluetooth Vs. NetumScan Label Maker

Jiose BluetoothNetumScan Label Maker
CompatiblePC; Laptops(except ARM Processor)PC, Laptops
Connectivity USBBluetooth
Size4×6 inches
Recommended ForHome, Office, Warehouse, Small businessOffice
Special FeaturesThermal printerPortable,Compact

How To Install Paper in Bluetooth Label Printer?

Mini Bluetooth printers use rolls instead of paper sheets for printing labels, stickers, and barcodes. You can fill the roll in a unique way.

  • Place the printer on a flat surface without turning it on.
  • Bluetooth connects your host system to your printer.
  • Press the top of the printer head to open it. In some printers, it is on the side of the printer instead of the head.
  • Remove the label roll and groove from the printer. 
  • Place the roll inside, printing side up.
  • Pull the paper from the roll and move it towards the arrow pointing towardutlet.
  • Depending on the paper’s size and the roll’s diameter, it must be adjusted.
  • Again, place the groove inside the printer and shut its head rightly.
  • You are doing a good job if the light blinks when you press the paper feed button.

Advantages of Bluetooth Label Printer

A Bluetooth label printer has several advantages. I will discuss some of them below. It will give you a better idea of the actual value of Bluetooth label printers.

  • This device eliminates messy wires that cost a lot and consume more power than some wireless devices.
  • By connecting your printer to your mobile device, you can print remotely.
  • There are different connectivity options, such as Android, Apple, and PC.
  • Bluetooth provides a faster connection speed of 24Mbps compared to infrared.
  • Bluetooth devices are easier to use.
  • After a single charge, these printers can be taken outdoors for long-term use.
  • In comparison with large printers, they are more cost-effective.
  • The thermal and direct thermal printing technology they use prints quickly.

Disadvantages of Bluetooth Label Printers

While label printers have some advantages, they also have some disadvantages. Below, we will discuss those disadvantages.

  • Unlike color printers, monochrome printers print in black and white.
  • The printing of tickets and labels on these printers does not last very long.
  • More heat will cause the label paper to burn and leave only black ink behind.
  • After a long time of use, the printer will produce faded prints.

Wired VS Wireless Label Printer: Which one is Best for Small Business?

Consider the most critical factor when selecting a printer: connectivity. Some printers provide wired connectivity that allows you to connect to only one PC or system. Wireless connectivity, on the other hand, comes in several varieties. Below you will find details about wired and wireless connectivity to help you choose the one that suits your needs the best.

Wired Printer

  • There is easy connectivity with wired connections. Because your system will quickly identify the printer and connect easily.
  • You need to place these printers in a particular place. Otherwise, the connectivity may cause a hurdle.
  • You need special wires to make connectivity possible.
  • If you want to connect these printers with multiple devices, you need to make settings for the particular device every time.

Wireless Printer

  • Wireless printers allow you to connect with their app. Use it. You need to install the app, and then smoothly, you can use themPrinters can be placed anywhere. They can be kept in your pocket or in your hallway.
  • Bluetooth, USB, and WiFi can all be used to connect them.
  • There are multiple connectivity options, including smartphones, PCs, laptops, iPads, and tablets.

You should purchase a printer that is compatible with your system. Both printers print at the same speed. Once you command them, they will fulfill your commands immediately. For example, if you wish to use the printer through your wireless network, but you have a slow wireless network speed. Because the wifi speed directly affects the command you pass to your printer, I recommend using a wired printer.


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