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Pick the Best Color Laser Printer for Mac In 2023

If you are looking for the best color laser printer for mac, this article is worth your time

Color Laser Printers are great for printing high-quality color documents faster at affordable running costs. These laser printers are faster than inkjet printers and available with the latest technologies to wirelessly connect with a mac, windows, and any smartphone.

Note: You cannot expect your printer to work with your mac when your computer is missing a connectivity feature or a driver that you can use for connecting.

But anyway, if you own any Apple computer that has Bluetooth and all the other essential features to connect with a wireless printer, then you don’t have to worry about printer compatibility with a mac. By using a laser printer, you can print documents directly from your computer without any extra setup.

While researching printers for use with mac, I found Brother HL3140CW Laser Printer to be a very good choice for mac users who need to print large quantities of color documents at busy offices or homes.

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Top 5 Laser Printer For Mac 2023

  • Brother HL-3170CDW – Best wireless color laser printer for mac
  • Brother HL3140CW – All-in-one Color Laser Printer for Mac
  • Lexmark C3224dw – Portable Laser Printer For Mac
  • HP Color LaserJet Pro M283fdw – best airprint color laser printer for mac
  • Xerox Phaser – best home office color laser printer for mac

5 Best Multifunction Color Laser Printer For Mac Reviews

Here we have listed mac compatible color laser printers for you.

1. Brother HL-3170CDW

Best wireless color laser printer for mac

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You will find many connectivity options with this fast printer, including Wifi Direct, Ethernet, and Wifi. Moreover compatible with tablets, smartphones, and Mac OS. Mostly this device is preferred by the micro-offices and workgroups.

The Brother HL-3140CW is a point-to-point similar printer in connectivity to HL-3170CDW. Having a higher speed Brother HL-3170CDW with 6.8 pages per minute is much faster than the HL-3140CW with 6.7ppm, a bit slower. They both are significantly faster than the Samsung CLP-415NW with a speed of 6.0 ppm. 

Overall, the printer provides you with printing with the duplexing feature. With all the printing features, this printer can print good text quality. You will have to compromise the photo quality, which is a little sub-par.

2. HP Color LaserJet Pro M283fdw

All-in-one Color Laser Printer for Mac

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A highly demanding best multifunction color laser printer for mac with wireless connectivity. HP Color LaserJet is the choice for all office users, and small home users. People who want to print photos prefer having M283fdw on their desks.

HP is an all-in-one color laser printer compatible with Mac. It is more powerful than its other sibling, M255dw, the only single-function printer. The recommended monthly volume is also similar to M255dw, 150 to 25000 pages. Another model of HP M182nw is multifunctional but lacks a fax feature.

Another difference is that M182nw completely lacks dual printing. M283fdw will entertain you with this. M283fdw has a 2.7″ color touch screen for handling printing matter. An upgraded model with all the above features is a 4.3″ color screen but higher in value.

In the end, think about its high-quality features, which beat all its competitors, but you will have difficulty running its HP software.

3. Brother HL3140CW

Portable Laser Printer For Mac

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Brother HL3140CW is a color printer with a compact design that fits on the desktop of any micro-office and workgroup. A printer with different connectivity options, including Wifi, Ethernet, and Wifi Direct. The most exciting thing about Brother is that it is compatible with smartphones, tablets, and even Mac OS.

A better thing to consider is that HL3140CW is faster than its competitor Samsung CLP-415NW. The brother has a good paper capacity of 250 sheets. HL3140CW comes with an LED printing technology that seems laser printer but is much heavier than laser printers weighing 37.5 pounds. The printing speed is notably faster at 19 ppm, similar to the CLP-415NW and the Brother HL-3045CN

Unfortunately, the printer has no auto-duplexer. You will have to manage it manually. Consider buying this Brother model for your home for its high resolution of 600 x 2400 dpi.

4. Lexmark C3224dw

best airprint color laser printer for mac

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If you want a budget-friendly wireless color laser printer, consider looking at the Lexmark C3224dw. Compatible with the Mac OS and provides a high rating volume. You can easily use it for your micro and home office. Never compromise over security, as this C3224dw provides high-security protection.

The black and white printing runner cost of C3224dw is almost twice of Brother Printers. The color printing output is similar to Brother. This single-function Lexmark is compact and lightweight, 35.5 pounds smaller than the Brother HL-L3270CDW. This printer is closer and identical in weight to the Canon’s LBP622Cdw. On the other hand, the C3224dw is a simple monochrome device with a two-line LCD and buttons to navigate its printing functions. 

At the last talk, I suggest this printer to people who want low running costs for color printing. It’s providing you with high-volume ratings. You will lack with the Wifi Direct and NFC connectivity.

5. Xerox Phaser 6510/DNI

best home office color laser printer for mac

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Xerox is considered a high monthly yield printer with 50000 pages. Therefore it costs less and is ideal for small and middle offices. Also compatible with mobile, laptops, and PC. 

Xerox 6510DNI is providing you higher page yield than its other colors’ standard capacity models. You will find a higher printing capability of 30 pages per minute than its predecessor. Phaser 6510DI is the last model of Phaser 6510, which includes all the wireless connectivity, Auto-duplexing, and Ethernet connectivity. On the other hand, 6510N and 6510 DN don’t contain all features. For Xerox, you will find the printing cost of 2.2 cents for monochrome and 13.4 cents for color printing.

Xerox has a 733MHz processor with 1GB of non-expendable memory. Good connectivity options are available with Phraser 6510, including USB and Ethernet connectivity. Overall, the paper holding capacity is 850 pages with a printing output of 150 papers.

Inkjet Vs. Laser: Which One is best for Mac?

Inkjet printers are generally better for macOS than laser printers. Laser printers are more likely to have problems with driver installation and compatibility with macOS, and they also typically require more frequent cartridge replacements than inkjet printers. Additionally, laser printing is a bit slower and noisier than inkjet printing.

In addition, inkjet printers are typically easier and faster to connect to a Mac than laser printers. Many laser printers require you to use a USB connection, while inkjet printers usually have both USB and wireless connectivity.

Inkjet and Laser printers both became the basic need of today’s offices and workgroups. Even most photographers also use them to show their skills. I have described the major difference between these two types of printers and it’s up to you which special feature you’re in need of.

Inkjet PrinterLaser Printer
Printing Technology
An inkjet uses ink cartridges to print. A laser printer uses laser beams to print.
It is used by people who require simple text-based printing and photos. High-profile offices and teachers use it for high-quality text production and images. 
Printing Paper
Inkjet has the quality of printing on different types like glossy papers. This printer can print only recommended papers by the manufacturer because the laser’s heat can tear out sensitive papers. 
Printing Volume
You will find a low printing volume here. Try using a laser printer if you want a high volume of black and white and color prints.
Inkjet printers provide you with low printing speed. You will find a higher printing speed with laser printers.
Inkjet & Laser Printer Comparison

Quick Shopping Guide: Best Laser Printer For Mac (Things to Consider)

No, not all printers work with Mac. There are a few different types of printers, and each of them is built differently and comes with different features that stop them to connect with a printer. As far as specific brands go, most major brands like HP, Canon, Epson, and Brother have printers that work with both Windows and macOS.

However, there are still a few models from each brand that don’t support macOS. So it’s better to check the specs and connectivity features before buying a printer.

Depending on your printer’s connectivity type, you can use iCloud Print or AirPrint to print wirelessly from your Mac but if your computer is old and does not support AirPrint or iCloud Print it’s actually your problem. Another reason your printer cannot communicate with your mac is that the wireless feature has broken or it is a cheap printer that can only connect via a wire.

The main difference between Mac and Windows is their drivers. Due to this reason, some printers don’t recognize Mac and deny connecting with it. But most popular printers like HP, Brother, Xerox, and their latest model of printer can easily connect with any Mac OS. So, I suggest you buy a printer for mac after you see that it can actually connect with a mac.

How to Improve the Print Quality on a Laser Printer?

There are a few things that can be done to improve the print quality of a laser printer. First of all, make sure that you’re using the correct type of paper for your printer as it affects the print quality and also the brightness and sharpness of your prints.

You can also try adjusting the brightness, contrast, sharpness, and saturation levels of your prints according to your printing needs. Lastly, you can try cleaning your printer‘s imaging drum as it is responsible for transferring toner to the paper, and if it becomes dirty or clogged your prints may get damaged. Here are some tips about how I keep my printer clean.

  • Clean the debris and dust particles regularly from your printer to clog them in your toner cartridges and make your printing bad.
  • They are storing the toner cartridges in their particular packages given by the manufacturers. Keep them in clean and safe places as they can be damaged easily.
  • I always advise you to avoid lower-resolution images. Instead, I prefer 11472 x 6429 dpi for printing better-quality images. You can adjust this resolution from the image and printer settings.
  • Try using the paper quality and thickness suggested by the manufacturer.
  • Go to the printer settings and manage the printing speed. When the saturation of color is high, then higher the speed is. If the printer is giving low print quality of image, then lower the printing speed.
  • Avoid placing your printer close to heat-producing and radiant devices. They can also damage the printing quality.
  • Don’t let your printer get in touch with the humidity and moisture.
  • Use the updated drivers and firmware in your printer provided by the manufacturer.

Note: In some cases, the printer gets stuck and starts showing errors. Please refer to the expert’s guide if your printer is also having problems communicating with your mac.

Cost of Printing on a Laser Printer

The cost per page of the laser printer is lesser than the inkjet printer. The average monochrome printing cost is between 5-8 cents. The color printing average cost is between 12-15 cents. If you want the higher color photos, it may cost more than 60 cents.

You can use different ways to increase the quality of your printing, but it will increase the overall printing cost. So, never use your printer for printing unnecessary documents. When you don’t need colored documents do not use the color function, this way a lot of colors will be saved. Here I’ve discussed how I save on my printing cost.

  • Stop turning your on and off your printer. Some printers take up a high ink when they are getting started. Instead of switching it off, keep your printer on standby mode to avoid this matter.
  • Avoid unnecessary printing pages. Some people aren’t habitual of looking at previews and taking out the wrong print. It seems a minor problem but can give you a high printing cost.
  • Use a higher-quality paper. If you think that lower-quality papers will save you money. A low-quality paper jam in the printer gives you a high cost of maintenance and paper cost.
  • Mainly, the printer with high upfront costs will have low printing and maintenance costs. Whether you invest once but invest in a good product.
  • Always place a compatible cartridge in your printer. I know it will give a high printing cost, but you can save the printer maintenance cost with it.
  •  Suppose you use a color printer but need to print in black and white. Then it’s time to switch your printer setting to black and white printing. In this way, it will measure low printing costs.
  • When setting your page layout, always select it to narrow margins. In this way, it will take fewer papers with full-page coverage. 

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