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Pick the Best Color Laser Printer Under $200 In 2023

Considering that color printers are faster than black and white printers, they are ideal for small businesses that print a lot of color documents. However, they are also quite expensive at the same time. For under $200, you can get a color laser printer that you don’t have to replace every few years.

Investing in a quality laser printer for your business is a smart investment. If you want to make sure you get the best quality, you need to look for some features. In order to get the most out of a printer, you should check its printing speed, duplex printing, and wireless capabilities.

After testing and observing customer reviews, I’ve noticed that color laser printers are becoming more and more affordable, and the Brother HL-L3270CDW is one of the best options on the market. This printer has great reviews for print quality, speed, and reliability. It’s also very affordable, making it a great option for small businesses or home offices.

List of the Cheap Printers Under 200

  • Brother HL-L3270CDW – Duplex Color Laser Printer
  • Canon imageCLASS – Smartphone Ready Laser Printer (iOS+Android)
  • Brother HL-L3290CDW – Portable Laser Printer For Home Use
  • Canon imageCLASS – Best For Printing High-Quality Photos
  • HP Color LaserJet Pro – Wireless Printer For Small Businesses

Top 5 Multifunction Laser Printers under $200

1. Brother HL-L3270CDW

Duplex Color Laser Printer

The Brother HL-L3270CDW is a digital, compact, and intelligent choice for micro-business, home, and even indoor and outdoor. This multiple-paper holder printer can print your cards, envelopes, and even different paper sizes. Its touch screen of 2.7” provides better handling on the printer.

Brother HL-L3270CDW has a high speed of 25ppm, which makes it unique from HL-L3210CW, which has only a printing speed of 19ppm. This high-profile HL-L3270CDW owns different connecting ports, including Wifi, USB, and NFC(3), while its native model connects with only Wifi and USB.

The exciting thing is that it comes with one year of warranty with free call service to increase the life of your innovative product. You can use this printer with different media, like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneNote, etc.

2. Canon LBP113w imageCLASS

Smartphone Ready Laser Printer (iOS+Android)

In addition to wireless printing, the Canon LBP113w can be used with multiple media, including Apple Air Print, Google Cloud, and Canon Print Business. Consumers prefer to use it with their mobile devices. The printer’s energy saver can save customers up to 4 watts of energy while it’s in sleep mode, according to customers.

The  LBP151dw can hold only 100 papers in its printer while the LBP113w holds 150 pages. LBP113w provides you with a 1,500 printing volume that is similar to the LBP151dw and WF-M5299. But this volume is less than the HL-L2370DW, 2000 pages. Whether the printer is highly featured as compared to its other siblings but it is not a budget-friendly device.

There was nothing particularly disappointing about my experience with this printer. However, you won’t be entertained with an automatic duplex function. You’ll need to adjust the paper manually to make it work.

3. Brother HL-L3290CDW

Portable Laser Printer For Home Use

The Brother HL-L3290CDW is a space-saving device with multifunctional tasks-performing capability. It’s a wireless printer that can be used in small workplaces, even in schools, offices, and homes. Customers reviewed it as a convenient product that can be used everywhere.

The HL-L3290CDW is similar in printing capacity to MFC-L3710CW. But Its LCD Display is more competitive than HL-L3230CDW but similar in input paper capacity. Moreover, you can consider HL-L3290CDW a better option than Brother HL-L8260CDW because it’s an all-in-one color laser printer with a scanner, printer, and copier.

At last, I would love to recommend this printer because of its high printing speed with high-quality results. You don’t need to switch its paper manually. Its duplex feature will do it automatically for you.

4. Canon imageCLASS LBP6230dw

Best For Printing High-Quality Photos

The Canon LBP6230dw is an auto-duplex wireless printer available with a USB. With its fast printing speed, you can get relief from its frequent refilling of toner. Most of the customers or students use it with multiple OS.

I loved Canon LBP6230dw more than Canon LBP6030w as it provides a fast printing speed. In terms of memory, it is better than LBP6030w of 64MB, which is more suitable for holding your assignments and other office tasks.

It is the most affordable color laser printer for offices and homes that has a capacity of 8000 pages per month. Customers really love to purchase it. Moreover, you can consider the Canon LBP6230dw a better option than the LBP6030w due to its all-in-one laser printer (scanner printer and copier) features.

At last, I would really recommend this printer because of its high-quality output. This budget-friendly printer will provide your desired outcomes.

5. HP Color LaserJet Pro M255dw

Wireless Printer For Small Businesses

The LaserJet Pro is a wireless printer that provides a high-quality output of your documents. Users close to this printer can operate it from any corner of their house by connecting it even with Alexa. Consumers make their work 50% faster than any other manual device with this outclass printer.

The HP LaserJet M255dw provides you with the auto duplex printing feature with a high printing speed of 22 ppm, while M182nw will not fascinate you with dual printing, and even its printing speed is also 17 ppm.

You can make your work smarter by connecting it with the free HP app. The era of cybercrime can attack your critical data, but you don’t need to take any headaches with M255dw because it secures your data. If you want an authentic printer for your workplace, then this is the best one you can purchase.

Laser Printer Types and Uses

Laser printers are used to produce high-quality copies of documents from computer files. There are several types of laser printers available today, and most of them are designed to work with different materials. Here are some types of laser printers available on the market.

Color Laser Printers

The color laser printer adds high-quality colors to your picture. Compared to the black and white printers, they are slow in performance and are present at high prices. The color printers print up to 30-40 pages per minute. But the most important thing about this printer is you can save money in the printing house.  

Multifunction Laser Printers

The color laser printer with fax features, high-quality pictures, and copies are called Multifunction printers. You can find them with wifi and Bluetooth connectivity that you can control from your mobile, tablet, or iPad. They are more expensive printers than other types of colored printers. But the advantage of buying these printers is that you don’t have to invest in multiple devices.

Personal Laser Printers

These types of printers are small, compact, and slow. You can use them by connecting with only one computer. They are the simplex form of printers. These types of printers can hold approximately 100 sheets on a paper tray. Moreover, their printing speed is four pages per minute. Printers contain a serial port to connect with a computer or your laptop.

Office Laser Printer

These printers are larger comparatively, personal printers. Their printing speed varies to 4-8 pages per minute with 250 paper holding capacity. You can share them with your small office team. But if one handles it individually so their life can increase. However, they are also compact, small, and easy to use. They usually contain a single paper feeder. You can also find the double paper feeder printer, but it may vary in price.

These office printers occasionally use Centronics parallel and serial ports as standard for building a connection. An office printer can also be connected to several computers so that multiple users can be entertained with them.

Highlight Laser Printers

They are produced by a well-known production market called  Xerox Corporation. They work on highlight color technology, a unique design that allows two different toners to work together. It is the best color laser printer for graphic designers because of its high picture output quality.

What is the Best Brand For Budget Color Laser Printer?

If we’re talking about color laser printers, I must say the Brother MFC series stands out. There are several reasons why I am suggesting Brother printers for color printing and I have tried to explain the full expression of myself.

  • The Brother provides us with the Duplex performance that saves my time of switching paper.
  • You can find this brand budget-friendly and convenient.
  • Provides you with a large paper tray to adjust more papers at once.
  • You will get wireless connectivity with this brand and a USP port for better use and performance.
  • Brother gives you a high resolution of the picture for better understanding.
  • Some of their brands provide you with a warranty and app support to increase the printer’s life.

Quick Shopping Guide – What To Look For While Buying The Best Laser Printer?

Laser printers are compact, fast, quiet, and reliable. They are also reasonably priced, and they can produce high-quality images and documents. But if you want to get yourself the best color laser printer, there are some things you must consider.


When you make a good investment in a printer, you should first check how long the toner will last for your selected printer. A printer is good enough if it prints 2500 to 4000 pages. It’s approximately 3-4 weeks if you take frequent prints. When you get a lighter print, it indicates that your toner is running out. It would help if you refilled it immediately.

Wireless and Scanner

If you don’t want to give your cabin a messy wire look or want to use your printer by connecting any wireless device, then you choose a Wi-Fi printer. Whenever you purchase any wireless printer, check if it provides Bluetooth connectivity. Suppose it gives, then it’s good for you. Another thing to consider is the display of the printer. A comprehensive display panel will provide you with a better preview of your document and graphics.

Input Tray Capacity

People who don’t want to waste their time arranging the papers on the input tray should consider this feature thoroughly. Always consider buying a printer that provides you with a tray size of a minimum of 250 pages.

Printing Speed

Speed matters a lot for the color laser printer for small businesses because these printers are preferred just because of their printing speed. I suggest selecting the Color Laser Printer Under $200, which provides almost 30-40 pages/ minute.

Cost Per Print

You can find the cost of a page per print by dividing the cost of toner by the pages you maximum get. It should lie between 12-15 cents. It is better and more affordable for any type of user.

Operating System/ Working Media

Finding the media for operating your wireless printer is crucial because some wifi printers support most operating systems, including Mac, Windows, and Linux. But choose the one according to your OS; otherwise, it will be useless. For checking the media, you can read the printer instruction.

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