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Best Label Printer For Small Business

Now labels are most common to increase interaction, so small businesses use them to vast their ideas labels. Sometimes you require colored and sometimes black and white labels. Some people are still confused and ask Can I print a colored label in my label printer? Of course, you can do it quickly. But remember, you cannot print colorful labels. If you fill your ribbon with red, you will find red output. The same goes for blue, orange, yellow, and other colors. Unfortunately, none of the label printers will support colorful labels.

There are two technologies consumers mostly use for a shipping label printer that is thermal and direct thermal printing. They both work at their best, but a thermal printer has a longer shelf life than a direct thermal printer. Another reason for supporting thermal technology is label life because it does not use cartridge-based ink or powder; therefore, it can bear the harsh environment like UV rays and water.

List of 7 Best Printers for Small Business Labels
  • Logia LOGLP300 – Commercial Grade | Portable | Speed 127 mm/Second
  • POLONO PL60 – 150 ppm | Portable | Monochrome | Auto Label Detect
  • Brother QL-800 – Quick Printing | Wireless | 40 PPM | Monochrome
  • iDPRT SP420 –  Small Business | Shipping Package | Built-in Holder
  • K Comer RX416 – High Speed | 4×6 | 150mm/s | Monochrome
  • MUNBYN P941PK – 4×6 | Business Label | Chrome OS | Portable
  • DYMO 1752264 – Great for Labeling | 51 PPM | No Ink Needed

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Best Label Printer For Small Business

Logia LOGLP300 Thermal Printer

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With its direct thermal technology, LOgia LOGLP300 has extensive use, so that you can use it for small to massive businesses. Whether you have Mac or Windows OS, you can easily use it for any device.

Create various labels from 1.57 inches to 4.1 inches wide on multiple papers advantageously as long as your label is not restricted to printing. Its printing speed is beyond your expectation, and it can print 127 mm/second. Its stunning 300 DPI resolution is higher than the K Comer label printer in our list that can print 203 DPI labels.

With Logia’s direct thermal technology, you don’t need to waste money on purchasing expensive toners and cartridges. Out of the box, you will find a full unit of label holder, Roll, USB cable, and a power adapter. To print the shipping labels, you must save your design as a PDF for smooth printing.

POLONO PL60 Direct Thermal Printer

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POLONO PL60 is a direct thermal shipping label printer for small businesses as it can print 72 labels in one minute, which is close to the K Comer RX416, which can print 86 labels at a similar time. Moreover, it is also suitable for warehouse labels as well.

Like the Brother QL-800, POLONO is compatible with the Mac and Windows OS. To add convenience to your business, purchase this versatile printer that can print from 1.57 inches to 4.65 inches. POLONO PL60’s print head lasts for 160000 standard label printing. You have to change the ribbon.

You can use it for USB printing, while the Brother QL-800 has multiple connectivity options, including Wifi, Ethernet, wireless, and USB. You will also find monochrome labels with the POLONO, which is most common in thermal labels. If you still want color labels, jump to the inkjet or laserjet printers.

Brother QL-800 Printer

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For the fast and HD printing output, there is a Brother QL-800 device. You can print excellent labels with its lean initial price. With this device, you can print 0.5 wide 1 inches long labels. In short, you can use it well as a thermal label printer for small businesses.

With 2.5 pounds, Brother QL-800 is still the same size as its predecessor, Brother QL-810W. You will only find a USB connectivity option for printing through your Android, Mac, Windows or iOS. At the same time, its ancestor Brother QL-810W contains a Wifi, wireless, USB, and Direct-Wifi.

If you are still unsatisfied with connectivity options, purchase Brother QL-820NWB. It offers Wifi, USB, Wifi-Direct, Wireless, and even Bluetooth for printing labels. All the Brother QL siblings work similarly and produce 100 DPI to 600 DPI resolution images. Moreover, you will find a high running cost with this unit.

iDPRT SP420 Thermal Printer

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If you have a printer for small business labels, consider looking at the iDRPT SP420, which can hold up to 5 inches in diameter roll t a time. Brother QL-800 was printing 0.5 to 1 inches of labels.

But if you want a print of 2 to 4.65 inches wide labels, look at the iDPRT SP420. It is the most suitable shipping label printer for small businesses for fast printing. You can even print 4 by 6 inches professional labels with this printer. Similarly, the FreeX Wifi Termal printer also prints wide format labels with fast printing speed.

In weight and girth, iDPRT is similar to many competitors like FreeX and Zebra. Moreover, they are all lightweight and compact. The printer style and features are good, but you will have to compromise with the technical support, which is poor.

K Comer RX416 Shipping Printers

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K Comer RX416 is a thermal label printer, so you don’t need to waste ink cartridges. It works with thermal ink, which directly prints through the ribbon. The device has an adjustable width of 1.57 to 4.3 inches, equivalent to the MUNBYN P941PK. Fast printing means directly saving your business hours.

Fortunately, you can print 86 sheets of labels in one minute with K Comer. At the same time, the DYMO will print 51 labels. For clearer and crispier designs, there is 203 DPI resolution printing. But with MUNBYN, you will get 300 DPI of labels.

With K Comer RX416, you can enjoy 1 year of exchange warranty. But if you find some old Mac OS and you are it with then get ready for getting a headache because it is not more suitable with the old version of Mac.

MUNBYN P941PK Printer Maker

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MUBYN is a product label printer for small businesses with a wide printing format. It can print on label stocks 1.57 inches to 4.3 inches of business labels. While the Brother QL- 800 can only print 0.5 inches to 1 inch of labels.

You will enjoy using it because of its vast compatibility options; therefore, you can use it with Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS. A label printer with a good resolution is like a gift from the manufacturer. Thanks to MUNBYN P941PK that you will find here 300 DPI printing. This high resolution is still less than Brother QL-800, which offers a DPI from 100 to 600.

With a connectivity option USB, MUNBYN is again similar to the Brother. Like the Brother and iDPRT SP420, you can print 4 by 6 inches fanfold labels. Moreover, you will not find any labeling program out of the box.

DYMO 1752264 Direct Thermal Printer

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In business, speed means everything because you can save time on printing with a fast printer. However, DYMO 1752264 is one of the fast-label printers that can print 51 labels in one minute. Like many upline label printers, you can use this unit for printing 4 by 6 inches labels.

Like the Brother QL-800, DYMO is a compatible device with Mac and windows OS. But Brother also prints with Android and iOS. You are allowed to create 60 types of labels, with the DYMO app being versatile with the designs you can create your own.

It’s a lightweight unit and takes up a little space on your desk with its 5 pounds of weight. In contrast, the Brother is half the weight of DYMO. With its 3000 DPI resolution, similar to the MUNBYN, you can create great HD labels. If you treat it harshly, it will start jamming.

What is the best label printer Brand for small businesses?

Features mean what the printer is, how efficient it is and for which purpose you can use it. There are three best label printers. I am listing their features and which one you should purchase. I will also suggest it.

 DYMO 1752264Brother QL-800POLONO PL60
Resolution300DPI100 DPI to 600DPI300 DPI
Printing Speed51 labels in a minute93 labels in a minute72 labels in a minute
ConnectivityUSBWifi, wireless, USB, and Direct-WifiWifi, Ethernet, wireless, and USB

So, we discriminated against three main features a printer must have. If you want the best of all, I would suggest Brother QL-800 thermal label printer. Thanks to its lean price among our list of best shipping label printers for small businesses, Brother is one of the lower-price printers.

How Does a Label Printer Help While Operating a Small Business?

There are several benefits of using a color label printer for small businesses. I will discuss this below for your better understanding. Stay tuned to get to know more.

Desirable Printing

When you have a business at home or in an office, you always want a pace for printing your design, color, quantity, and considerable printing margin. But when you outsource your labels, you will be bound and wait for your turn for a job done.

Confidential Data

If you are a company, you probably launch new products requiring labels for printing. Your new launch must be confidential, and you don’t want to outsource that. In this situation, a personal label printer in your office will be your best companion as it prints your own without leaking your data. Latest technology label printers are available with built-in spyware and cyber-attack security for your data.


When you go shopping for a pointing job, they choose labels to offset their own, whether it is expensive or cheap. They also take their margin and profits from your pocket for your brands. You can get rid of it with. When you purchase any thermal label printer for a small business, you can also buy your desired quality paper and don’t have to pay extra.


Whether a business is massive or small, time management matters a lot. If you find a hobbyist to do this first, you must make an appointment and wait for your job done. Even you schedule your routine according to the label printing. But with a label printing machine for small businesses, you don’t have to suffer all these. You can print anytime, anywhere, and in fact, any design.

How long Does a Label Printer Last?

Per my calculation, if you print 20 address labels daily for a year, your Dymo label printer will last for 68 years without being worn out. If you still want to increase the shelf life of your device and want a better result, then consider the following tips for extra take care of it.  

Regularly Clean the Unit

This advice seems obvious, but most massive offices and organizations don’t love focusing on it. They probably don’t find time for it. But cleaning a printer, its head, platen, and toner is as essential as cleaning your teeth twice a day. Because the debris and dust in the environment clog into the device and spoils its sensors, it may get you trouble with high maintenance costs.

Silver Plate

When you purchase a barcode printer, you probably see a silver plate. Most consumers consider it a part of the packaging and throw it away with the other useless items out of the box. Then compel of thinking that manufacturer fraud with them and set a scrap. But it’s not a fact. This silver plate reflects the light on the barcode, and the printer prints it accurately. So, never garbage anything if you are not apparent of that.

Use Right Media

Always consider using the correct label for printing. If some papers are not comfortable with your unit so never try to bother it for printing. If you do so, it will ruin the quality of the device. Another thing is manufacturer parts. Never think of your aftermarket parts to preserve maintenance or replacement costs. Use genuine material so it cannot damage the warranty of your product.

Print Head

Never misbalance the print head because the manufacturer measures it and then sent to you. If you increase the pressure on the head, it will decrease the shelf life of your unit. In case you require fast printing, then you can occasionally increase it. While some consumers reduce this life, considering it will increase the device’s life span. But that’s not the fact. In this case, your output will ruin, directly affecting the inner parts of the printer because they will not be receiving moderate pressure.  

Can I print labels with a Laser printer?

Unlike inkjet, laser printers use a toner with a unique powder made of organic matter. This powder melts with toner heat and fuses ink on the label. Label printer is comparatively cost-effective for the bulk of titles and printing jobs. Moreover, it typically has a high upfront cost. One important thing is that you will never receive quality labels like inkjet printers with LaserJet. But if you are printing a bundle of tags, you can use it because of its fast printing speed and low running cost.

Can I print labels with an Inkjet printer?

Yes, your business can easily use an inkjet printer for high-quality printing labels. Inkjet sprays CMYK ink to the title, and this way, it produces high resolution and colorful labels efficiently. Dye ink of inkjet is more sensitive to UV and water. Therefore, consider looking at pigment ink if your business uses tags that face a harsh environment. However, color label printers for small businesses work well with pigment ink instead of Dye ink.

Buying Guide – 4 Must-have features to buying a label printer

When you are running a business and producing your labels, you must take of the quality and productivity of it. It’s not easy to find the best one from the sea of label printers to create your labels; therefore, there are multiple features to consider. However, in the following, there are four most important features to consider before shopping for your label printer.

Connectivity Is the Key Feature

Connectivity is a measure feature to consider when you find variety in connections. You don’t get stuck anywhere and smoothly go with your work. For example, if your Wifi is out of the package, you can switch to USB and Ethernet connectivity. Therefore, consider extensive connectivity for a  vast business.

Resolution is the Backbone

Yes, it’s a fact that resolution is the backbone for any shipping label maker for small businesses. Because when the resolution is high, you will also find a clear and professional-looking output which is essential to upgrade your business. When there is a low resolution, then high that your text will be blurry and maybe not clear to your customer.

Printing Speed

You have a lot of labels to print, but you don’t find a way, and your previous printer was printing 400 labels in 4 to 8 hours. Then don’t worry. Before purchasing a new device for your business, consider looking at the speed, and a regular printer should scan 6 to 12 inches of paper in a second. However, the printing speed of all the printers is mentioned on the box so consider looking at that before selecting any unit.

Label Size

If you are running a vast chain of businesses, then it’s possible to print multiple sizes of labels. Some printers support 4 or 8 inches broad tags, while others go for printing 12 inches. So, if you find only one size, then directly ask for it from the hobbyist; however, if you say that I want a printer that can print multiple labels, consider purchasing a label machine with a paper size of 12 inches so you may also print small labels.