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Best Laser Printer for Cardstock

Are you finding the best method for printing cardstock? The laser printer for cardstock is a perfect match because they use high heat to melt the ink in the toner that perfectly sits on cardstock and photo papers. On the other hand, inkjet ink takes a long time to absorb in cardstock. The laser printer can handle metallic and reflective cardstock and photo papers. This is a special paper for printing photos on cards and cannot be handled by inkjet printers.

The biggest and the most crucial thing is that a laser printer is a professional choice. Laser printers use the electronic digital printing method which is fast and makes higher quality of lower cost documents as compared to the InkJet printers.

I have selected printers that can handle the thicker media of at least 60lb and are capable of printing enough cardstock finishing with high-quality ink. Of all those, I selected the Canon for handling glossy and matte cardstock.

List of 5 Laser Printer for Cardstock
  • Brother MFCL2710DW – Laser | Multifunction | Card Printing
  • HP M479fdw – Color | LaserJet Toner Cartridges | ADF | 28PPM
  • HP LaserJet M110we – Decal-Printing | Cloud Printing | Instant Ink
  • Brother HLL2395DW – Auto-Duplex | AirPrint | Low Noise
  • HP M110w – CardStock | Labels | 21PPM | Smallest Laser

Best laser Printer for Printing Cardstock

Brother Laser Printer for Cardstock MFCL2710DW

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Brother MFCL2710DW is a wireless all-in-one printer with a scanner, copy, and fax. A better printer for the office, school, home, and workgroups. People get desired its monochrome printing quality, which is a bit better than other AIOs. Overall, the compact and space-saving design of the printer sits anywhere on your office desk. 

Similar to many AIOs of this entry-level, Brother MFCL2710DW has a paper handling capacity is 250 sheets, including cards, envelopes, labels, and other off-size media. Brother provides you with the 15000 monthly duty cycle and recommended 2000 prints. HL-L2390DW MF249DW and Canon have point-to-point similar paper handling and monthly printing yield. The Brother MFCL2710DW comes with an ADF feeder that is enough to hold 50 pages for printing, scanning, graphics, and photos. 

With this updated printer, you will find different connectivity options, including Wifi, Ethernet, Wifi-Direct, and USB. On the other hand, the mobile connectivity options are Brother iPrint&Scan and Apple printing. There is an ADF feeder but not auto-duplexing.

HP M479fdw for 110lb Cardstock

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HP color laser is a wireless all-in-one printer used for office, school, workgroup, and home. Because it’s not only 80lb but also prints 110lb of Cardstock. A better for your next business meeting.

You will not only find the HP a robust device but also has many drastic features. It has an auto-duplexing ADF feeder that can hold 50 sheets simultaneously. On the other hand, its competitor Canon MF741Cdw will not entertain you with it. An expandable paper tray is also available that can hold 250 to 850 papers. A higher and good enough 50000 monthly duty cycle is waiting for you with recommended 4000 prints.

Like many other HP printers, you will get a 4.3″ intelligent touch screen to handle your printing status with your fingers. Here it also supports the HP smart app to find good technical support in the future. However, the upfront cost of the printer is low, but the maintenance and printing cost is high.

HP LaserJet M110we for Cardstock

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HP LaserJet M11we wireless monochrome printer is considered the world’s smallest smart printer in its class. This printer provides you with black and white form and document printing with a fast speed. An interesting that is not negligible is that M110we comes with six months of free ink.

This office, business, and school printer are point-to-point, similar to its updated version M110w, but it is less expensive, lacking only faxing features. Whatever we say, it’s a better choice than its predecessor, M15w, in terms of printing speed, connectivity options, and user-friendly features. 

People consider placing this compact device for its better looks and high demanding features. You can take advantage of HP’s smart app for better connectivity on the cloud and printing emails and google cloud.

Brother Compact HLL2395DW for Heavy Cardstock

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Micro-office runners and home office users prefer HLL2395DW monochrome for its high-quality text and image printing. It is an all-in-one device suitable for all office desks with multiple connectivity options, including Ethernet, Wifi-Direct, USB, and Wifi. 

It is an excellent feature of combining buttons with its screen for handling printing features like many AIOs. Regarding paper handling, Brother can handle up to 250 sheets with a monthly yield of 12000 pages. This auto-duplexer has a letter-size flatbed scanning feature and can handle Cardstock for printing. All these features are strictly similar to Brother’s model HL-L2390DW. The laser printer for card-making HLL2395DW has NFC connectivity at 32 ppm. At the same time, Brother HL-L2350DW lacks NFC and prints only 32 ppm.

You may feel free to buy this superb business card-making printer with sharp graphics and blunt text documents. One must notice that Brother compact HLL2395DW does not contain a fax feature.

Wireless HP Laser Printer for Cardstock M110w  

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HP LaserJet M110w is a wireless and monochrome printer for office, school, business, and home users. A compact device with multi connections of Wifi, Ether, and USB. Connect M110w to HP’s smart app for better technical support and guidance.

Comparing HP M110w is somewhat similar to its modest version HP M110we in high printing, 21 pages per minute. They both are monochrome printers but better than their old version, M15w, which has only a printing speed of 19 pages per minute. M15w also lacks the Ethernet connectivity option. Also, it does not contain an auto-reset functionality. 

When you print with this, it resets itself to help you save your printing cost. You will also find cloud, Decaled-printing, and many others. An HP smart account and internet are a must for running this printer. Otherwise, it’s a piece of garbage.

Laser vs Inkjet for Cardstock

I highly recommend checking printer specifications and how much width your desired printer can handle. If you are looking for card printing, you would not like to select any printer that cannot handle metallic paper. For this purpose, a laser printer is the best choice. It will handle a variety of your desired paper and cards.

InkJet Printer for CardStockLaser Printer for CardStock
Inkjet is the most common type of card printer for homes. It sprays out the ink on the given card or paper to print. This ink dries out and provides a good quality image. Inkjet requires paper that can absorb the ink. Glossy paper and silky paper would not be suitable for inkjet printers. If you use this type of paper, the ink will smudge it. Laser printers use powder toner for printing. The heat produces in the toner and powder treats like ink for the printing. It makes a waterproof ink that deposits on the paper and can be used on any paper, like glossy or metallic. 
Inkjet printer provides a high quality of image colors. The laser printers form a plastic-like look and thin coating on paper. 
Talking about the paperweight inkjet can handle cards easily. You will have to check if it can handle your or not your Cardstock.
It would be best if you waited for the ink to dry out on paper. It does not require time to absorb ink and dry out.

How to Print Business Cards?

Following are some best guidelines for purchasing and printing Cardstock. Follow this guide to find the best results ever.

Card Selection

Before purchasing any cardstock, first of all, find out whether it is compatible with your printer or not. Some printers are good at printing 80lb of paper, while others can print 110lb of cards. Especially when using a laser printer, it’s compulsory to look at the width of the card.

Cardstock Finish

Color laser printer for Cardstock will be incompatible if the paper is glossy. Inkjet will prefer printing coated cardstock. Use a suitable ink that is not faded; otherwise, it will not be suitable for the coated papers.

Pre-scored Card Size of Card

Always check the standard size of the card. All the countries have their card standards I have discussed in the following.

  • United States (US) (51 x 88mm) 
  • Europe 55 x 85mm which is equal to (2.12 x 3.37″).
  • China 54 x 90mm which is equivalent to (2.13 x 3.5″).

Printing Cardstock

Follow the steps for printing cardstocks.

  • Now prepare your design according to your needs. 
  • You can use Microsoft Publisher for printing your card. It is specially used for designing graphics layouts. Open publisher and select the card-making option. It will help you design your specific size of card. Select the print option and get your printed card.
  • If you are uncomfortable with the MS publisher, choose MS word instead.

How Much Does it Cost to Print on Cardstock?

The cost of regular paper printing is different from cardstock printing. There are different sizes of cards available in the market. All these cards vary in price and printing according to their size. Some cards are big, take an extra amount of ink, and cost more than the small ones. It also varies according to the number of prints you take. 

Purchasing a paper of 8″ x 11″ will cost around $0.62 per print of 250 cards. In the same way, if you print 2000 or more, then per print will cost $0.33. The more you print, the less you will cost. 

Standard Cardstock vs. Premium Cardstock

Your business card is like your handshake to your client. Therefore you need to find the best one that suits your business and events.

Standard CardstockPremium Cardstock
This paper prints photos of school projects and office documents. These papers are considered the fancy papers for the invitation.
This paper is a bit thinner than premium paper having a thickness of 16pt. It is considered thicker paper than standard paper. It has a thickness of 20pt to 30pt. Most people consider buying premium, which is 2 x even 3 thicker than the standard page.

How to Print Photos on Cardstock at Home?

Here are some steps to print Cardstock at home. Follow the complete tutorial for a better experience. These card papers are also suitable for drawing images. Because they absorb the ink from the marker, you use for drawing.

Step 1) Select a good-quality printing paper. When I looked for the paper for printing at home, I found Red River Paper. Therefore I selected it. This paper is glossy and metallic. You can use the paper in different sizes 4″ x 6″ or 5″ x 7″.

Step 2) Prepare your printer by plugging it in.

Step 3) Adjust your printer tray according to the paper size. Make sure it fits precisely in the printer. If it loses, the paper may jam in the printer and give you a headache.

Step 4) Close the flap given in the printer to fix it accurately.

Step 5) Now, look at your printing display screen and what paper it is showing. If it shows the paper size you put, it’s okay. Otherwise, change the paper size.

Step 6) Select the paper type, whether plain paper, lustre, metallic, or glossy.

Step 7) Take the printer tray from where the paper will come out after printing.

Step 8) Give the command “Print.” After a little wait, your print will come out.

Step 9) Print only one card from the printer and copy them for the rest of the quantity. If you have an all-in-one printer with a copy feature.