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Best Pigment Ink Printer

There is a comparison between pigment and DYE ink. Their advantages and disadvantages depending on your need. If you love printing photos, then pigment ink is the best choice. Because it provides the most vibrant and detailed colors to the photos compared to the dye ink. Moreover, this ink is ideal for photo papers while the dye ink disperses on this particular paper.

Most professional and semi-professional printers are compatible with pigment ink. You will find the best pigment ink printers at offices, and some home users also don’t compromise on quality, so they also use them. Let’s discuss the reason behind its compatibility.

Because of the size, structure, and complexity of pigment ink molecules, it is light, moisture, and oxidation resistance ink. It does not dry on the nozzle; therefore, this ink is ideal for photo papers and photo printers because it does not smudge the paper and entertains your professional look.

If we talk about my observation and choice, then I will personally go with the Canon. Although there are many Canon printer models below, you can select anyone.

Top List of Printers that Use Pigment Ink

  • Canon MX922 Color Printer for Photos
  • Epson Stylus C88+ Pigment Ink Compatible Printer
  • Canon Pixma iX6820 Inkjet Color Printer for Photos
  • Canon IP8720 Wireless High-Quality Photo Printer
  • Canon PIXMA MG5520 Inkjet Photo Printer 

Canon MX922 Color Printer for Photos

A close cousin to Canon MX522 is a wireless pigment ink printer for artists with its AIO features of print, scan, fax, and copy. Canon MX922 has all the features of being worth considering a printer. Interestingly, it has a better photo quality due to its ink pigmentation. Let’s discuss more!

As I mentioned, both the Canon MX522 and MX922 are close to each other. Therefore, their features are also strictly similar. They are most compatible with the PC, Ethernet USB, and Wifi for all the featured jobs. Moreover, they have 3 inches of LCD that previews the printing photo. A fantastic quality you will find in most AIOs of this price is that they contain an automatic document feeder with an auto-duplexer for scanning.

One little difference between these relative models is Canon MX922 has 35 pages ADF which is higher than Canon MX522. Whatever the printer is, you will have to suffer from its slow printing speed.

Epson Stylus C88+ Pigment Ink Compatible Printer

Epson is the name of photo printing. It’s among the photo printers that use pigment ink and found an entry-level printer with all-in-one features with wireless connectivity options. Because you will find a 576 x 1440 DPI of photos with Epson Stylus C88+.

With Epson, you will find the fastest borderless photo printing of 23 pages per minute without hassle. You rarely see this printing speed with any other printer I reviewed here. There is an advantage of ink in that every ink color contains an individual ink cartridge that makes easy replacement when a color runs out. Whether all the features but the printer’s running cost will be high.

Canon Pixma iX6820 Inkjet Color Printer for Photos 

Canon Pixma iX6820 is an inkjet printer for fine art prints with wireless connectivity options available at a low initial price. Photographers can even place it on their desks for better color photo output.

Canon Pixma iX6820 is almost similar to the Canon iX6520. There is a little difference between them: printing speed, printing quality, and many significant features. Canon has one more direct competitor, and that is Epson WF-7010. Comparatively, Canon betas the Epson with its Wifi connectivity and clod support printing AirPrint through Canon’s free app. To avail of mobile printing features, you need to connect the printer directly to a network. The printer has only one paper holder with a total capacity of 150 pages.

Moreover, the Canon iX6820 is a large format printer for fine art photography that also supports letter-size printing but lacks auto-duplexing. Therefore you need to flip the paper after one side of printing.   

Canon iP8720 Wireless High-Quality Photo Printer

Canon iP8720 is a wireless printer for pigment ink and an entry-level device, especially for those who can not purchase expensive rich-featured Epson R2000 and R3000. It fulfills the need to print large-format photos in monochrome and color.

Canon iP8720 is closely similar to Canon iX8620 in many features. The difference is all about the number of colors of inks. Canon iP8720 holds 6 colors: cyan, magenta, yellow, black, photo black, and gray. Again, both the Canon models mentioned above are the same at a printing speed of 2.7 pages per minute. In comparison, the 4×6 snapshot photo takes only 59 seconds. 

While the Canon iX6820 lacks this gray color which gives the photos and documents a different look. If we look at the paper handling capacity, the Canon iX8620 and Canon iP8720 are on the same page with a single paper holder of 150 plain pages and 20 rear pages. 

Canon PIXMA MG5520 Inkjet Photo Printer 

For its high-quality, detailed photo output, Canon Pixma MG5520 is included in pigment ink photo printers. It’s an all-in-one printer with robust wireless connectivity.

Weighing only 12.1 pounds with a total 120 papers holding capacity, it also bears rear photo papers in its input tray. With Canon’s 2.5 inches non-touchscreen and button panels, you can control the printing, scanning, and cloud maintenance without previewing the printing output. Similar to Canon Pixma iX6820, Canon MG5520 also supports the mobile printing of AirPrint and is compatible with computers and PC as well.

Both the Canon MG5520 and iP8720 have a similar printing speed of 2.7 pages in a minute. On the other hand, Canon MX922 prints 2.4 pages per minute, and Epson XP-600 prints 4.9 pages in a minute which is the fastest printing speed among all these competitors. The Canon Pixma MG5520 lacks the card reader for printing.

How to convert from DYE ink to Pigment ink 200W

Converting DYE ink to pigment ink in a printer is quite simple, and you can do it at home. For doing those, you require some essential things. Let’s first discuss the needs.

Necessary Things to Convert DYE Ink Printer to Pigment Ink 

  • Brand new printer.
  • Syringes according to the number of ink colors in your printer tank.
  • DYE ink bottles.
  • Reservoirs according to the number of ink colors in your printer tank.

Steps of Conversion

  • Open your tank reservoir with the help of a screwdriver.
  • With the help of syringes, empty the pre-filled printer’s ink cartridge.
  • Save the ink in reservoirs for later use in another printer, or you can also waste it.
  • Now open the “Pigment ink” bottle and refill the tank reservoir bottles. All the ink names are on ink bottles, so fill them accordingly.

What is the difference between Pigment and dye Printer Ink 200W

Following are the differences between Dye and Pigment ink.

DYE InkPigment Ink
Dye ink substances completely dissolve in ink. Pigment inks have color particles present in ink and don’t completely dissolve. 
These vibrant colors, but you can use them on specially coated paper to avoid a smudged look. This ink is water-resistant and long-lasting. 
It is specially designed for indoor use. Whether it is indoor or outdoor, feel free to use pigment inks. 
Most individual customers prefer purchasing dye ink. On a commercial level business, people prefer pigment ink for outdoor use.

Can I Use Pigment Ink on Sublimation Paper? 

There are two situations while using pigment ink with sublimation paper. If you use this link for mugs, ornaments, and other decorative arts, then it’s OK. In this situation, it will last longer and give better results even under UV lights, whether there is another situation when you are using pigment ink for sublimating t-shirts. In this way, it’s a bad idea to go with it. Because when you wash a t-shirt, most of the color vanishes out whether the pigment ink is water-resistant but does not fume with the t-shirt’s media.