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Best Poster Printer

let’s see which printer type you can choose for poster making. If you are going on a professional level, remember that poster papers are glossy and slippery. You cannot use an inkjet for printing this type of paper because it uses ink that is incompatible with the posters. Now the next option is laserjet, this printer uses toner and laser beams which become part of the paper, and this way laser printer becomes ideal for poster making. 

Look, poster papers are wide formate, and your regular printer can print maximum legal-size paper, which is not enough. For this reason, you can not use these printers, and poster makers ask for special wide-formers that can handle 13″ to 24″ of posters.

There are 3 brands of Poster printers I have reviewed, but I consider the HP best from the below-given list. I was hoping you could read the complete article to explain my selection.

List of Top Poster Printers

  • HP OfficeJet Pro 7740 Wide Format Printer 
  • Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000 Color Printer
  •  HP Designjet T210 Large Poster Printer 
  • Epson Workforce Pro WF-7840 Wide-Format Printer
  • Canon imagePROGRAF TA-20 Large Format Inkjet Printer

HP OfficeJet Pro 7740 Wide Format Printer 

HP OfficeJet is a wireless all-in-one device with above-par photo and text printing quality. You will be amazed to see its initial price, which is very low compared to the features we will discuss soon. OfficeJet has multiple connectivity options, including Wifi, Ethernet, and Wifi-Direct.

HP 7740 is a wide-formate device with a weight of 42.9 pounds and maximum paper input of 500 sheets. The more valuable thing is its tabloid size (11 x 17 inches) of paper printing capability that acts as a poster printer for schools. With a maximum duty cycle of 30000 pages, it recommends you print 1500 pages monthly.    

Moreover, like an advanced technology device, HP entertains you with an auto-duplexing feature of 35 pages. The Brother MFC-J5720DW also contains a similar scanner as HP 7740. OfficeJet has a higher running cost of 2.1 cents for monochrome and 8.1 cents for color printing. At the same time, Brother MFC-J5720DW has 1.7 cents for mono and 7.6 cents for color documents.

Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000 Color Printer

You are searching for a commercial poster printer to print photos in super tabloid size (13 x 19 inches). Then Epson XP-15000 is an ideal model for you. As its first choice of photographers for its borderless, high-quality output. Not only super tabloid, but it can also handle a snapshot size (4 x 6 inches) of photos.

Like the Canon Pixma iP8720, Epson XP-15000 is a single-function printer without any copy or scanner. As the printer is a single function, therefore, weights very low, only 18.7 pounds which are very easy to place on any desktop. The total paper handling capacity of XP-15000 is 250 sheets divided into two cassettes. In the central drawer, there are 200 sheets, while the rear feeder holds 50 sheets of snapshots and other sizes of photos Epson can also handle mobile compatibility withs.

With multiple connectivity options of Wifi, Ethernet, USB, and Wifiibility. The printer has a high running cost.  

 HP Designjet T210 Large Poster Printer 

HP Designjet T210 is a large format printer for poster and line art printing. In seconds, you can use this printer for high-resolution map printing, technical drawings, and poster printing. It’s an ideal piece of worth for engineers, architecture, and the printing press.

HP Designjet is a commercial poster printer with thermal ink printing technology that supports printing 24 inches of large poster paper. Canon TA-20 also publishes 24 inches posters. You will also find a high printing speed of 22 x 33 inches of paper in 45 seconds. Similar to Canon TA-20, HP also prints with a resolution of 2400 x 1200 DPI.

In contrast, like many other brands, Epson and Brother, you can connect it wirelessly with smartphones and tablets. Whether the printer is a heavy-duty or large format, it can not entertain you with any scanning feature because it lacks a scanner. 

Epson Workforce Pro WF-7840 Wide-Format Printer

With a low purchase price and borderless tabloid and super tabloid printing, the Epson WorkForce Pro WF-7840 is an outclass printer. A tremendous device with all-in-one features and fast printing output. An ideal deal for poster printing presses. 

The Epson WF-7840 is the latest model with multiple features. Epson holds 250 sheets in its main cassette with a monthly printing yield of 50000 pages. Like its predecessor, Epson XP-15000, Epson WF-7840 contains 200 sheets in the central drawer and 50 rear photo papers in its rear tray. While the OfficeJet 7740 includes 500 sheets in two drawers.

Brother MFC-J6945DW can only entertain you with a monthly duty cycle of 30000 pages, which is significantly lower than Epson WF-7840. Epson weighs 45.4 pounds which is only 3 pounds heftier than HP 7740. If we look at auto-duplexing, Epson WF-7840’s 35 pages auto-duplexer only supports tabloid-size paper. Whether all the features but Epson has a high running cost.  

Canon imagePROGRAF TA-20 Large Format Inkjet Printer

Canon imagePROGRAF is an inkjet laser printer with a high-resolution image output of 2400 x 1200DPI. Its printing output is also wide formate of 24 inches paper, which is enough to print a poster. Canon supports Ethernet, Wireless LAN, and USB printing.

Whether the printer’s diameter is small enough to place on a table, it weighs 119 pounds which is the heaviest printer we have reviewed yet. It has a moderate printing speed of printing 104 posters in one hour. Moreover, with this printer, you will also find a free poster creation app to add variety to your artwork. 

An interesting thing is you will get a free ink of almost 200 dollars worth. The printer requires a stand, but you must purchase it separately.

How to Print a Poster With a Printer?

A poster has become the number one choice for advertising any object. Its printing is also simple and asks for some steps, which we will discuss below.

Step 1)  Power on your poster printer.

Step 2) Open the file where your poster design is saved.

Step 3) Now press “Ctrl+P” a dialogue box will open and preview your poster’s final output.

Step 4) Select the “Preference” or ” Printing Properties” from this dialogue box. 

Step 5) Time to select your poster size or “Page Layout.” Whether it is 2″ x 2″, 4″ x 4″, or any.

Step 6) There is a final step to hit the “OK” button and then press “Print.” 

Which Printer Brand is Best for Poster Printing – 200w

I have discussed Epson, Canon, and HP in the above article. All the brands are the best at their position. But I liked HP the most as we all know the name HP which is all known among the printing world for its above par qualities and features. Here I will discuss the essential components of HP which provoke me to select it among all the brands. Here you go!

  • HP has a high-resolution printing output of 2400 x 1200 DPI, enough to print any poster with above-par quality.
  • If we talk about the printing speed, roller posters print in seconds, while the flatbed can give you a printing speed of 35 or more pages in a minute.
  • Most HP printers at this price in this article come with auto-duplexing ADF and high monthly duty, which is the most demanding feature in any printer.
  • An exciting thing about HP is its free ink subscription which minuses the printing cost per page. With this feature, most HP printers are ideal for commercial use as they can generate valuable revenue from the printing business.

Buying Guide – 300w

there are multiple factors to look at in a poster printer. Because they are not like an ordinary printer but something different. Therefore, I have scratched a helpful buying guide for better shopping support. Following this guideline, you will enjoy some great shopping. Let’s begin here.

Laser or Inkjet Printer for Poster 

Poster paper is glossy and slippery, requiring a printer that can infuse with the poster paper. If we talk about inkjet, it uses ink that will not be compatible with the poster paper. On the other hand, a laser does not use ink. Its laser beam penetrates the paper and becomes part of it.

Paper Thickness Capacity 

How thick paper a printer can handle matters a lot when purchasing a poster printer. Because a poster’s thickness is around 170 GSM to 700 GSM, choosing a printer with less thickness holding capacity will ruin the poster, and the output will fade.

Resolution of Output 

Posters mainly have pictures and high-resolution text. All the printers have a standard resolution of their output. You will find some printers with a resolution of 300DPI and less. But for, poster printers require 2400 x 1200DPI of production.