5 Best Printer Compatible With Dell Laptop in 2024

For seamless compatibility with Dell laptops, the Brother HL-L8360CDW stands out as the best printer choice. Its plug-and-play functionality and wireless connectivity make it effortless to set up and print directly from your Dell laptop. With reliable performance and a compact design, the Brother HL-L8360CDW is the ideal companion for hassle-free printing at home or in the office.
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Dell is the most popular and reliable brand for laptops and PCs. Consumers use a Dell printer and Dell laptop simultaneously. But do you really need it? No, not necessarily because the driver makes the printer compatible with a Dell laptop.

Almost all the printers have drivers for various brands of laptops whether it is Dell, HP, or any other. For example, if you don’t find any built-in driver for your device (Dell) then you can install it from the respective printer website.

In enlisted printers, I have added printers with vast wireless and wired connectivity options that can be installed with a Dell laptop. For example, if you run out of internet, you can use USB or SD card printing. In short, you don’t need any special Dell printer.

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Best Printers for Dell laptops

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Brother HL-L8360CDW

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If you want an overall excellent printing quality with a comparatively low running cost, consider looking at Brother HL-L8360CDW. Moreover, it is compatible with the Dell and makes a great connection with it. Those who want printers for home use must consider looking at this model of Brother.

All-in-one units are famous for their heavyweight; therefore, Brother HL-L8360CDW weighs 48.1 pounds with a scanner, copier, and printer. On the other hand, Brother L8360CDW out of the box weighs the same. If unsatisfied with the 300 sheet input capacity, consider expanding Brother HL-L8360CDW to 1050 sheets. While the HP M452dw is only expandable to 850 sheets.

The Brother HL-8360CDW and HL-83260CDW have similar connectivity options, including Wifi, USB, and Ethernet. Brother HL-L8360CDW also supports NFC; therefore, I consider it the best wireless printer for dell laptops. There is an average photo output.

Epson EcoTank ET-2750

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Out of the box, there is an abundant ink supply with Epson EcoTank ET-2750. Therefore the unit has a lower running cost. Well, if you find difficulty in connectivity with Epson, you can use SD-card printing and wireless connectivity. For these vast connectivity options, I say Epson printers are compatible with dell Chromebook, PC, and laptops.

Epson EcoTank can print, copy, and scan and is available with 120 sheets of the tray with a bulk of ink. Therefore, it weighs 13.2 pounds which is lighter than Brother HL-L8360CDW. Four buttons surround 1.8 inches of non-touch to control the entire panel.

Each ink bottle includes enough ink to fill up the ink tank, and a full ink reservoir can print 7500 pages which is good enough for home use. An automatic document feeder (ADF) is the most demanding and valuable feature, but Epson ET-2750 lacks it.

HP OfficeJet 3830

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Fortunately, you will find lean upfront and printing costs with HP OfficeJet 3830 printer. It is the best choice for business use. Moreover, the printer is compatible with dell Inspiron laptops because of Hp’s vast connectivity options.  

The printer will handle 200 sheets in two drawers out of the box and weighs 12.4 pounds. However, the unit is close in size and girth to most inkjet printers like Canon TR8520. On the other hand, Brother MFC-J985DW will hold only 100 sheets in its input tray.

An automatic document feeder (ADF) is the most critical feature, and thanks to HP, you will find it will 35 sheets of ADF, but it lacks auto-duplexing.

Therefore two-sided scanning, you have to flip the paper manually. HP 3830 has a high running cost without an ink subscription program. With this offer, you will get six months of free ink. I added it to my best printer list for its inks and compatibility.

HP OfficeJet Pro 8035

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HP OfficeJet Pro 8035 is a 4-in-1 printer with a scanner, to copy, print, and fax. Therefore most office consumers prefer purchasing it. Its cloud printing is also robust and can print through almost any device; therefore, I consider this printer compatible with dell Inspiron.

Take advantage of the HP smart app, which makes it compatible with almost all operating systems, including Android, Mac, and iOS, and even you can print through the cloud. With 225 input capacity and 20000 monthly duty cycle, enjoy HP 8035 for heavy-duty printing. At the same time, the Epson Pro WF-4820 will entertain the users with 250 sheets of the input tray.

I chose HP OfficeJet 8035 for its one-year extra warranty and 12 months of free ink. You will find slow printing as compared to most competitors.

Canon IP8720

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Photoenthuist who want to print robust photos with all the details can purchase a Canon iP8720 all-in-one printer. Thanks to its super tabloid (13 by 19 inches) printing, photographers can print wide format images.

Its wireless PictBridge includes it in dell Chromebook compatible printers. Moreover, there is also a Wifi connectivity option for remote printing. You can even print high-definition optical discs with Canon.

Canon Pixma iX720 is an inkjet printer similar to its predecessor, Canon iX6820. Its ancestor comes with the five ink colors cyan, agents, yellow, black, and photo black.

In contrast, the latest version has one extra gray color, which adds sharpness to the photos. Canon iP8720 can hold 150 sheets in its input tray and 20 sheets for special photo papers. This paper tray might look meager, but enough for regular use.

Are all (HP, Canon, Brother, Epson) Printers Compatible with Dell Laptops?

If you are an office runner. Then you must know that all printers are compatible with a Dell computer. Because in offices, all users have different devices and various compatibility options. Remember that almost all printers, whether it is Epson, Brother, Canon, or HP, are compatible with Dell laptops for the following reasons.

USB Connection

All printers and laptops have a USB port, whether Type A or Type B. Therefore, if you find any difficulty in connectivity, you can easily use it for any Dell laptop. In addition, there are four USB port connections for connecting Hewlett Packard printers.

Wireless Connectivity

Consider buying the best wireless printer for a Dell laptop because when there is a wireless connection option, you can easily connect it with it. Moreover, Wireless connectivity is an option that can make Dell laptops to any printer.

Operating System

Its the most important factor to consider for compatibility. Because some printers work with only Mac and others with Windows OS, most latest and newest printers are now comfortable making connections with both.

Driver of Printer

A driver is something like the software of any printer that lets the printer talk with the computer or laptop. Most HP, Canon, Brother, and Epson printers have drivers for Dell.

How to Connect any Printer with Dell Computer?

A printer is a device that we can connect wirelessly or via Bluetooth. At a time, multiple devices are running on Wifi and Bluetooth. If we don’t ensure which device we want to connect to, it can be connected by any other device. Therefore steps for connectivity are necessary. Another reason is the driver. Sometimes printers don’t find the compatible drivers, and without this software (driver), a printer is useless with your unit.

  • Step 1) Switch on your printer and the Dell laptop. Choose your connectivity options, whether it is Wireless or wired.
  • Step 2) Click on the start or windows button to reach the control panel
  • Step 3) In the control panel, a device and printer click on it.
  • Step 4) Click “Add Printer,” and your printer will run and add to the Dell laptop.
  • Step 5) Choose your printer from the printer list and add it.

Inkjet Vs. Laser: What Type of Printer is Best and Easy to Use with a Computer?

You find two types of printers in the market one is inkjet, and the other is laserjet. When you see two types, you must ask. Should I use an inkjet printer for dell computers or a laserjet? Remember, these printers are the best for Dell laptops, but the basic selection depends on your need.

For example, consider buying an inkjet if you are running an office and have a small space. It is comparatively lighter and compact than a laserjet. If you purchase a device for printing photos and graphics, then nothing is better than an inkjet because a laserjet will only print tremendous documents.

Most inkjet printers are good for connectivity because they have many ports for USB, embedded Wifi, AirPrint, and many more. Because these printers have vast use in multiple fields like graphics, sublimation, and many more. Therefore, manufacturers focus on their connectivity. Some laser printers like HP and Brother also have good connectivity options.

Buying Guide – 4 Features to Look For While Buying

Purchase an updated and latest featured printer for your home office or small and larger workgroup. However, some latest features are below trying to find a printer with all these features or at least two or three at a time.

Voice Activation

It’s the most advanced and used feature that makes your work easy, and you can print easily and save time without getting close to the device from your desk.

Cartridge Free Ink

Replacing a toner is a headache and comes with a large amount so consider buying cartridge-free inkjet printers. So you can easily refill ink through bottles without any printer service at the shop. Moreover, ink bottles are also inexpensive to replace.

All-in-One Printers

With a multifunctional device, you can enjoy printing, scanning, copying, and faxing with a single device without any headache. They don’t take up extra space on your office desktop. However, you have to pay a good amount for it, but this price is less than purchasing single devices separately.

Auto Duplexing

If you want to save time and improve output, consider keeping your eyes on an auto-duplexing printer for dell’s laptop. As it can scan on a single pass without manual interaction, this thing saves you a lot of time. At one pass, it can scan two sides of the paper.

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