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Best Printer for eBay Labels In 2023

Label printers are an essential piece of equipment for anyone who sells on eBay. Running an online business without a label printer is just a very unprofessional way of doing business. A good investment in a label printer can save you time and money by printing your labels directly from eBay and keep you running your business.

Though I am talking about printing eBay labels, that doesn’t mean you can only print labels for eBay. You can use the same label printer while printing labels for Amazon, Shopify, or other platforms to reduce the cost of overall printing. I’ve kept everything in my mind and written these product reviews.

A thermal label printer is absolutely worth it and highly sufficient for labels because of providing 5-6 times faster printing speed as compared to laser printers. It is also more cost-effective than laser printers and has become the first choice for small business owners.

I have discussed here some factors that may help you find one. After testing many brands of label printers, I consider Rollo my first choice. Because it uses Thermal Transfer heat which does not require any ribbon or toner for printing, it directly fuses with the thermal paper. For this reason, it costs less and provides worthy and high-resolution eBay labels for your business.

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List of the Best Thermal Printers For eBay Shipping Labels

  • Polono PL60 – 72 Labels Per Minute | FedEx | Etsy | eBay | Shopify
  • Zebra LP 2844 – Monochrome | Thermal | USB | 4″ x 6″ Labels
  • Rollo X1038 – 150mm/s | Commercial Grade | Ideal for 4″ x 6″ label
  • DYMO 1755120 – 53 Labels Per Minute | DYMO FSC Certified | Shopify

Top 5 Label Printer For eBay Sellers (Fastest Shipping, More Profit)

Polono Thermal Printers For eBay

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If you want a small, compact, and fast printer for your 4″ x 6″ labels, you have come to the right place. Polono found a cheap label printer for small business printing on eBay, Amazon, and many other e-commerce platforms. A perfect match for upgrading your business.

The series of Polono Thermal printers are fast, with a printing speed of 72 labels in a minute. Polono and its compatible printer MUNBYN are point-to-point similar in printing 203 DPI of labels. There is only one difference between them MUNBYN is a postage label printer for eBay that can connect with ChromeOS, but Polono can’t do this.

People think about it for its multiple OS connectivity with Mac and windows. Its consumers are pleased to see a perfect paper holder of 500 pages which is enough for your one-time shipment. The primary thing is that you have to download the driver from the given USB or through the internet to use it.

Zebra LP 2844 Shipping Label Printer

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Zebra is considered the best label printer for eBay and amazon because it prints high-resolution labels and provides fast printing. LP-2844 is a compact design that can be fitted anywhere on your desk or even under your desk. It is a thermal printer that can last for almost 4 years.

The best thing related to Zebra – 1755120, you don’t need any extra paper tray to hold your labels because its internal label location is similar to GC402d. At the same time, the Rollo has an external paper tray outside of the printer. Relatively both the printers, as mentioned above, take up small space compared to the Rollo. The printing speed is also similar to both the Zebra CD420d. The exciting thing is they are label printers compatible with eBay with a printing speed of 102mm/s.

It requires driver connectivity for performance. Otherwise, it will not work offline. Setting up this printer can be tricky. It takes time for the first time and then works smoothly for its entire life.

Rollo 4×6 Shipping Label Printer

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Rollo is a fast and wireless label printer for eBay used by many professionals for printing. It’s not only eBay but many other labels, including private labelling for products you will ship. It has a printing capability of 4 x 6 inches of paper. This printer has an overall printing yield of 650,000 labels. 

Some brands like DYMO work with a particular brand of label rolls, unlike Rollo-X1038, which is compatible with all labels. Like DYMO, The X1038 uses Direct Thermal heat to print the labels. On the other hand, Zebra ZD620 uses Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer. The core size, which is 1″ or one fold, is equivalent to the Zebra and DYMO. The Rollo printed a 203DPI of eBay and other labels, more minor than DYMO and Zebra. However, X1038 is comparatively cheaper than other brands and is suited to many users.

Rollo has all the features of good medium-size and small-business compatibility, but you will have to purchase the paper tray, unlike many other brands of printers.

Dymo 4×6 Thermal Label Printer

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DYMO is a thermal printer that can print 4 x 6 inches of labels. It is compatible with eBay, Amazon, and Estay labels. This a fantastic gift for multiple merchants for making their shipping smooth. 

The initial price of DYMO is comparatively less expensive than Zebra. 1755120 prints 300DPI of high-resolution labels, while the Rollo has only 203DPI resolution. Dymo label printer eBay has a printing speed of 120mm/s while the Rollo and Zebra have 150mm/s.

Online sellers prefer DYMO fDYMO’ sprinting of 53 standard 4-line address labels. If you want the best performance, use DYMO Writer for the large and extra-large sizes of barcodes, bulky mailing labels, and shipping labels. It would help if you used only particular expensive labels for printing.

Do I need a label printer to sell on eBay?

No, you do not need a particular printer to sell on eBay. You can print your label for eBay using an ordinary printer. But if you are printing enough and have a more considerable need, I recommend you purchase a new label thermal printer to perform the e-Commerce function professionally.

Thus, It will not only provide a professional look to your label but will give you the best product and price-saving solution to your printing demand. The label printer will help print 7.4 x 4.5 and 3.675 x 3 eBay Shipping Labels without the hassle and will fulfill your order for label printing at the highest productivity rate.

How to set up label printer for eBay (Step by Step process)

Setting up the label printer is not difficult. Whether you are using it for eBay, Amazon, or Shopify labels. Here for your ease, I’ll guide you step by step throughout the process, and you will be able to understand the complete process of label printer setup for eBay and other sites.

Step-by-step guide:

  • Position the printer in the right place.
  • Connect the printer to the power source
  • Turn on the printer after connecting the power source carefully
  • Install the printer driver required by following instructions from the manufacturer
  • Note: For education, you can find the USB, CD, or DVD in your printer box, another way to find an accurately updated driver is on the manufacturing website.
  • Place the media in the paper tray or label the cartridge in your printer carefully
  • Connect the printer to the correct port
  • For Example:
  • For USB Model, Connect the printer to your PC or Laptop through a USB port before installing the driver
  • For Ethernet Mode, Connect the printer to your PC or Laptop through Ethernet Cable before installing the driver
  • For Wireless Model, Connect the printer with your mobile phone or intelligent devices through wifi connectivity built-in printer.

Many users have experienced issues printing ebay labels with their label printer. Here’s the solution in case this happens to you.


All these steps are the same for setting up a label printer for eBay label making. But you might find any difficulty connecting and setting up the label printer. Then you will have to follow the instructions provided in the box by the manufacturer or supplier.

How much does eBay shipping label printing cost?

Shipping label printing is of fundamental importance. It costs a small amount to print shipping labels. But it varies and depends from printer to printer.

The eBay shipping label printing cost approximately 5 to 10 cent per label generally if you’re printing that on specialized thermal label printers explicitly designed for making and printing labels. Therefore direct thermal label printers are also called label writers.

The main benefit of printing and making shipping labels via direct thermal printers is it saves money and is a cost-effective and time-saving solution to your label-making.

Thus, using a label printer for shipping labels is cost-effective.

Benefits of using eBay labels

Using a printer for printing eBay labels can be beneficial for various reasons. Although using tags for eBay shipping is essential and valuable for the branding and marketing of your business.

  • It provides an impressive and professional look to your business.
  • eBay, Amazon, and Shopify labels will help your business in marketing and branding.
  • It gives an appealing look to your package.
  • It helps buyers understand and provides accessible reading business information printed on labels.
  • It helps in printing the tracking information on labels.
  • It is cheaper to print labels, but it gives an appealing look to your shipping label instead of handwritten labels.