5 Best Printer For Etsy Sticker Shop 2024

In the vibrant world of Etsy sticker shops, where creativity knows no bounds, finding the right printer can make all the difference in bringing your unique designs to life. Whether you're a seasoned sticker maker or just starting your Etsy journey, investing in a reliable printer is key to producing high-quality stickers that will captivate your customers.

Etsy sticker shop is a hub of designs, art, and variety, but for all these, it requires a printer to print all the latest designs. You have to choose between inkjet and laserjet printers.

Stickers are special papers. If you use them with a laser, then they will melt by the laser heat. Moreover, inkjet uses water-based ink, so there is less chance of ruining your sticker.

Additionally, stickers and artworks have mostly colors and pictures like stickers. So in this situation or with this need, you cannot use any usual laser printer because they are made for document printing. At the same time, the inkjets are special units for images. All these reasons together make an inkjet printer for the Etsy business.

After great research and successful business at Etsy, I found some top-class printers compatible with stickers. One of them is HP the reason behind selecting is not only quality output but its free ink subscription program. This program lowers the running cost.

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Best Printers for Etsy Sellers

HP LaserJet Pro M454dw

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HP provides a high quality of output similar to laser technology. You will also find it compact and can place it in small spaces. There are robust mobile connectivity options available with HP Color Laserjet Pro M454dw. Moreover, it is ideal for a professional sticker printer because LED beams emit on the paper and provide better quality stickers.

M454dw HP model is a single-function printer, and there is no scanner or copier in the unit. There is 2.7 inches color touch screen for configuring security and other printing functions. Robust connectivity of HP Pro M454dw includes Ethernet, USB, Wifi, Wifi-direct, and peer-to-peer connectivity options. With HP M454dw, you will find 300 sheets of capacity that are split into two.

The main drawer holds 250 sheets, while another rare paper holder tray for envelopes and photo papers. Moreover, Brother and Canon LBP664Cdw also hold the same paper capacity. Whether the device is single function but still weighs 41.7 pounds which is 6 pounds heftier than canon imageClass LBP664Cdw.

WorkForce WF-7210

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Epson WorkForce WF-7210 is a wide format printer with a high-quality output of super tabloid size (13 inches by 19 inches). You also find an option of tabloid size (11 inches by 13 inches) of prints. Therefore you can print different sizes of stickers and artworks. However, consumers consider this printer for stickers and art prints. 

Connectivity options are also measured part of printer, thanks to Epson that provides Wifi-Direct and NFC networking. With 32 pounds of weight Epson is a heavy printer and requires a separate room to place. Epson’s total paper handling capacity is 250 sheets, while the Canon Pixma iX6820, another single-function printer, holds 150 sheets only.

You will also find a small 2.2 inches monochrome screen to navigate the printing functions. However, the unit lacks a USB thumb drive.  

Canon Pixma Pro-100

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Canon Pixma is a wireless color inkjet printer to get a better experience with stickers and artwork. Most Etsy prefers using it for its robust photo and colorful output. Advantageously with all the valuable features, you will find Canon at a lean price. Moreover, the fast printing speed of Pro-100 will also save you time.

Eight ink tanks provide the high-definition image sticker output, which is why this printer is on my top list. You will also find two input trays with one rare paper tray that holds glossy papers, envelopes, photo papers, CDs, and DVD printing.

All these features together make Canon Pixma Pro-100 a professional printer. The printer takes a little more space on the desk than an entry-level Epson Stylus Photo R2000.

Epson EcoTank ET-3830

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Epson EcoTank ET-3830 is a wireless device with all-in-one features of the scanner, copier, and printer. It’s an entry-level unit with a robust printing output and fast printing speed.

Epson EcoTank ET-3830 entertains its users with auto-duplexing for printing. But it lacks an automatic document feeder (ADF). It can handle a maximum of letter size paper for printing, and the scanner is flatbed and scans A4 size papers. The Epson WorkForce WF-7210 and ET-3830 can hold 250 sheets in their drawer.

You will find multiple wireless connectivity options like auto-Wifi, Wifi-Direct, and Ethernet. It also lacks automatic duplexing. For this reason, you have to flip the paper for each scanning side. This thing consumes a lot of time.

Canon PIXMA MG2522

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Canon is capable of Google Cloud Printing, an advantageous feature for cloud users. However, you will also find it compact, so you can easily place it anywhere in your room. Operating Canon is quite simple, with multiple connectivity options. However, the printing output is robust with high-quality graphics and text.

This printer is worth buying for low-duty printing and can be ideal for home printing. Canon Pixma MG2522 holds only 60 sheets in its paper input tray. At the same time, the HP Laserjet M454dw holds 250 sheets in two drawers.

An XL ink cartridge lasts long, and you find a low running cost. Unfortunately, once the cartridge ends, its refilling costs a lot then you probably find it an expensive unit.  

What to consider: Best printer for prints, stickers, & vellum

Consider the following factors before purchasing a printer for Etsy stickers and labels.


High-quality photos and output matter a lot. There should be at least 300 DPI of printing output. High printing resolution means better quality.

Printing Speed

Your printer should print with great speed when you print bulk stickers or labels for Etsy or any other business. Because business time is the key factor, try to purchase a printer with a speed of printing around 10-20 sticker sheets per minute. Printing speed is available on all the printers and counts in pages per minute (ppm).

Paper Type

Both the laser and inkjet printers use specific stickers for printing. So, when you purchase a printer, never forget to match its compatibility with the printer.   

Why do I need a Printer for Etsy?

You can enjoy four key benefits by using a printer as an Etsy.

Save Time

Being an Etsy, you find multiple artworks to do in this hotchpotch you don’t find enough time to complete all the tasks on time. Therefore, most Etsy use printers and save most of their time. We all know that machines and devices no doubt save users’ time.

Saves Design

If you are an Etsy, you may design the same artwork or sticker for multiple consumers. Doing this job alone takes a lot of time, and you don’t find the same result. But for this purpose, once you create a design, you can save it for later use.

Reduce Chances of Error

When you do handwritten work, there are high chances of mistakes, and maybe you have to discard your entire design for one mistake. But when you use a printer, it provides you a preview option through which you can edit the mistake on the spot before the final results.

One Time Investment

You purchase a lot of stationary for handmade stickers and artwork like pencils, erasers, colored pencils, and markers. All the time, you have to collect these expensive items to maintain your work quality, and it costs a lot. But purchasing a printer for all these tasks costs only once, and then as per your use, it requires maintenance. Moreover, it is more inexpensive than the bulk of frequent stationary items.

Laser vs. Inkjet Printers: Which is best suited for running an Online Business like Etsy?

Sticker printing as an Etsy means you are using colorful artworks. For this purpose, you require something incredible like an inkjet printer. Because inkjet provides a variety of colors in the form of liquid inks, your final output becomes robust and more valuable. However, a laser printer is ideal for document printing and text-based stickers. I still suggest an inkjet because sticker quality matters greatly in sticker printing.

If you place this sticker in a laserjet printer, it will melt because a laserjet uses heat for printing. So it will never be an ideal job to use a laserjet for sticker printing or artwork as an Etsy. However, if you still want to purchase a laser printer for sticker printing, then consider special laser-friendly stickers for printing.

How to Print the best Sticker for Selling On Etsy?

Create a simple step-by-step process on how to make stickers easily.

Following are the steps you can use for printing stickers on Etsy.

  • Step 1) First, select your design and make all the possible editing you want.
  • Step 2) Select the suitable sticker as per your printer.
  • Step 3) Print your final design.
  • Step 4) Use a Cricut machine to cut your design.
  • Step 5) If you sell labels, then prefer using label-making printers.
  • Step 6) This way, your design is ready for selling on Etsy.

What Other Things do I Need Along with a Printer for Etsy?

For running your business on Etsy, you require a Cricut machine, sticker paper, Logo Designing, and label printer. Below, we will discuss why you require all these things for Etsy.

Cricut Machine

Cricut is a special machine that cuts your printed logos, design, and printing output. If you don’t use this Cricut machine for cutting your design, your artwork will seem unprofessional, which is not ideal for your business.

Logo Design

You would require some logo and other design apps to add creativity to your artwork. These apps have thousands of pre-designs which you can use with a little editing without copyright issues.

Label Printers

Along with the stickers, your work may require labels for printing. Always consider using special label printers for your design because label papers are sensitive and have a specific size. Therefore it is ideal to use those printers for your customer’s labels.

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