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Best Printer for Printing Checks

If you are concerned with the checks, then visiting an ordinary shop for a typical inkjet printer is useless. Because a check requires a special magnetic ink that is possible only with a MICR toner printer only. For this reason, a special MICR ink printer is necessary. Why only a MICR ink printer for printing checks? Let me explain to you.

Checks have special codes and bank details hiding in the MICR line or at the bottom of a check which you cannot print with a regular printer. It’s a special code that you can print with only magnetic ink. The checks printing with MICR is important; otherwise, you will not be able to boost your check security with the regular inkjet printer.

Now, when you purchase a printer for the check, find out whether it is compatible with magnetic ink and prints high-security checks as per MICR standards. Consider looking at HP laser printers as they come upon all the standards of check printers.

List of 6 Best Borderless Printers
  • HP OfficeJet Pro 6978
  • HP Envy Inspire 7955e
  • Canon Pixma MG3620
  • HP DeskJet 2755e
  • HP ENVY 6455e
  • Brother HL-L2350DW
  • HP LaserJet Pro MFP M428fdw

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My List of Best Printers for Printing Checks

HP OfficeJet Pro 6978 Printer

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A wealthy featured HP printer for printing checks is an ideal choice for most business people. It is a popular trend to print checks. Therefore HP 6978 is there to help you print high-quality checks and other office documents with great printing speed.

Weighing only 17.9 pounds, HP is lighter and small than its direct competitor Canon Maxify MB2720 which is heavy, up to 26 pounds. In addition to the paper holding field, HP holds 225 sheets in cassette, while Brother MFC-J985DW has the capacity of only 100 pages at a time. 6978 has an auto-duplexing 35 sheets ADF which many of its competitors lack at the same price. While again, Brother MFC-J985DW can duplex 20 sheets in one turn.

Comparing the monthly duty cycle, 6978’s total yield is 20000 while the suggested duty is 400 to 800. On the other hand, Brother MFC-J985DW comes with the suggested duty of 1000, and the maximum duty is the same as the HP printer we mentioned here. With multiple connectivity options of Ethernet, Wifi, USB, and wireless direct HP’ the running cost is high, but if you avail ink subscription, this cost will drop.

HP Envy Inspire 7955e Color Printer 

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HP’s 7955e is an AIO printer with color output and a special design printer for printing checks from Quickbooks. The printer is available with its advanced features of high photo-quality printing. You will enjoy the low printing cost with HP’s ink subscription plane.

Envy is larger than other photo-grade AIO printers such as Canon TS8320 and Epson ET-8500. The Inspire is bulkier because of its 35 pages manual ADF with the scanner. On the other hand, Canon TR8620 has a manual ADF of only 20 sheets. HP Envy also has a 2.7″ touch screen panel that allows printer control. Epson 7955e can handle 140 papers in its input tray with 1000 monthly duty cycles. While CanonG620 only holds 120 sheets.

With HP’s robust compatibility, you can connect it with Wifi, USB, SD card, and Ethernet. With the gift of the high-speed printer for your desk with 10 ppm of color and 15 ppm of monochrome prints, you will have to compromise over its initial price.

Canon Pixma MG3620 Wireless Color Inkjet Printer 

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Canon is a wireless multifunctional AIO printer for those who want to print extraordinary checks with high-quality printing. It’s also for those who want a printer with a low initial cost. 

Canon MG3620 has the advantage that you will find a duplexer for easy two-sided printing, but no ADF feeder for copying and scanning is present. Its two swings input tray is capable of holding letter-size papers at ease. Canon will entertain you with a maximum printing speed of 16 ppm color and 9.9ppm monochrome. At the same time, HP Inspire in this list will print 10ppm color and 15 ppm monochrome. 

One thing lacking in Canon, like many printers at this cost that you will, lack an LCD control panel. Instead, you will have to manage through the buttons on the control panel.

HP DeskJet 2755e Wireless Color Printer

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HP is a wireless inkjet printer with Bluetooth, Wifi, and USB connectivity options. Comparatively good for consumers who want to print high-quality checks with better color accuracy. The printer has robust compatibility options with Smartphones, PC, and laptops. 

HP replaces the input tray with 60 pages of the rear feeder. Instead of using its small LCD screen, I suggest you print through its 7 buttons for printer commands. Get 700 pages of monthly duty cycle which is comparatively very lower than its upline member HP Envy Inspire.

Hp Smart App provides you with technical support, and its 6 months ink subscription increases the printer’s life and decreases the printing cost per page. The printer does not provide automatic two-sided printing with an average printing yield.

HP ENVY 6455e Wireless All-in-One Color Printer

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Taking the review of HP Envy 6455e is the latest version of HP Envy Pro 6455e with the 6-month ink subscription. It’s an all-in-one wireless printer best gift for check printing.  

Envy’s 35 pages manual document feeder makes it stand out from the queue of similar AIO printers that you will find in a few printers at this price. While Epson XP-6000 lacks this ADF and Brother has only 20 pages feeder. In addition, HP has 140 sheets of capacity in its input tray with the rear envelope and photo papers with a total 1000 monthly yield. Look at Epson HP’s competitor holds up 120 sheets only. 

Like many HP models, HP 6455e is also compatible with the USB, Wifi, Bluetooth, and Wifi-direct. With all the updated features, this HP model is slower, with a speed of 7 colors and 10 monochrome printing pages.

Brother HL-L2350DW Monochrome Laser Printer

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Brother is an entry-level printer similar in price and quality to Canon LBP151dw. Whether the printer’s initial cost is lean, Brother HL-L2350DW did not compromise on its speed. A perfect gift for the home-based business and a high-quality laserjet printer for printing checks. 

Apart from any nonsense feature, Brother weighs only 15.9 pounds with a paper input capacity of 250 sheets and 1500 pages monthly yield. Many Brother’s competitors are similar in weight, only varying a few inches or a little in weight. If we look at Dell’s S2830dn, its paper holding capacity is higher, which is 350 sheets with 25000 monthly duty cycle. HP M102w’s paper input capability is only 150 sheets with a 5000 monthly yield. 

The connectivity options of HP are robust enough that you will find compatibility with USB, Wifi, and Wifi-Direct, but no Ethernet options. Brother has a special third-party protocol that supports iPrint&Scan for email and attachments printing.

HP LaserJet Pro MFP M428fdw Monochrome Wireless Printer 

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M428fdw is a unique Hp model of HP with multiple connectivity options of fast USB and Wifi options. A bulk-in feature printer ideal for high-quality check printing. 

The HP printer’s 4000 monthly page yield is comparatively higher than Brother HL-L2350DW. Like the HP Envy, MFP has a 2.7″ color touch screen, which you can use to operate your printer’s multiple tasks, including printing, copying, and scanning. HP has 250 sheets of the input tray, similar to the Brother. 

Avail of this superb printer with 50 sheets of ADF. Moreover, manufacturers also provide you with 24/7 HP web support for easy use. Use this printer with wireless options because its wired options will tease while connecting it.

Check Printing: Laser VS Inkjet – 300 – 400w

There are huge differences between an inkjet and a MICR Laser printer. We will mainly discuss the volume of printers, printing speed, cost, size, and many more, so stay tuned to find out the huge differences.

 InkJet Printer for CheckLaser Printer for Check
MICR Ink VS MICR TonerMICR ink is a type of magnetic ink that is the main component in an inkjet printer. It is comparatively cheap than a toner cartridge.MICR toner is found in the laser printers to print the checks’ details. Its initial cost is high, but it’s a better option in the long run as it lasts for a long. 
Printing SpeedSpeed matters a lot on a large scale, especially in a printing business. The printing speed directly affects the printer’s functionality. Relatively a MICR inkjet printer prints 16 pages of checks per minute.If we look at the speed of the MICR laser printer so you will find the fast printing speed of 38 to 55 pages of checks in a minute.
Printing YieldVolume determines how many numbers of prints a printer will provide you in the given time. If your business is small and you want a low yield of printing requirement, then better for you to choose an inkjet printer. As it prints a lower printing volume of around 200 to 300 pages of checks in a week. Large requirements of businesses use laser printers. These printers have the highest yield of printing 1000 per week. 
SizeIf you have a small business, you will consider inkjet printers; they are already lighter in weight and can fit into your desk easily. In addition, large-scale businesses have large spaces in their offices. So, it does not matter for them that the size of laser printers is big as it is the need of their office. 
Initial  CostCost matters a lot when you step out to purchase a printer, especially for check printing which secures your business terms. Never merge the upfront cost and printing cost. They both are different. The initial cost of an inkjet printer is comparatively lower than a laser printer which is between $60 to $300. At the same time, its printing cost is higher than a laser printer which is 20 cents for color and 7.5 cents for monochrome printing. Laser printers will provide an initial cost of $200 to $2000 and more. In addition, it has lower after cost, which is 5 to 8 cents for black and white and 12 to 15 cents for color printing.

Other Facts to consider – 200w

There are some ANSI X.9 Banking Standards upon which you should work. The size of check which your printer should print, paper specification, and all.

Check Size

Your MICR printing should be printing the check of 6 to 8.75 inches in width. It should not increases this size. On the other hand, the height of the check must be between 2.75 to 3.66 inches.

Specifications for Check Paper

For a printer, paper is an important part to consider. For check printing, there are specific papers that the ANSI must approve. The check paper must be 20 pounds, and paper moisture must be between 4.7 and 5.5%. Otherwise, your printer will not print as it should, and your important document can ruin or delay the process. 

Fonts for MICR Printing

ANSI has some standards for check printing fonts. Your printer should be capable of handling this demand. Checks have mainly two types of fonts one is E-13B, and the other is CMC-7. These are official banking check fonts used in USA banks.