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Expert’s Guide to pick the Top Printer For Real Estate Agent

Real state agent printer

Nowadays, flyers, brochures, and even business cards have become popular. These are advertisement and marketing strategies, especially for a realtor and businessmen. Because they have to print colorful pictures to attract their client. But taking thousands of prints for multiple clients becomes costly. Therefore, they switch to printers. Now, the question arises here which one should we buy? So the best printer for a real estate agent is one that can print photos and daily office documents with ease

For realtors, the photo quality, as well as color accuracy matters a lot for their property and clients. For this reason, they should buy an inkjet printer that provides high-quality photos. On the other hand, if buying a printer is for document printing, the laserjet will be a better option; they work at their pace you should select according to your need for printing.

However, after assessing many popular printer brands in the market, I found HP the reliable brand for any agency, office, and personal use. I liked it because of its flexibility, connectivity, and user-friendly features.

The printers I am going to mention are very useful for producing the best color accuracy in real estate marketing. However, It’s not necessary to go with my choice. Moreover, read this article, examine your need, and purchase the one that suits you best.

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List Of The 6 Best Printer for Real Estate Agent
  • Brother HL-L3270CDW – Wireless | Color | Duplex | NFC | 25 Pages/m
  • Canon PIXMA Megatank – All-in-One | Wireless | 15PPM | 4800×1200 dpi
  • Epson EcoTank Printer – Color | All-in-One | Supertank | Duplex
  • HP Color LaserJet Pro – Wireless | Laser | Auto Duplex | Compact
  • HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 – Decal-Printing | Cloud Printing | 22PPM
  • HP ENVY 5055 – Wireless | All-in-One | Photo Printer | Works with Alexa

Top 6 Best Printers for Realtors 2023

Here’s the list of best printers for realtors which can help to scale the business:

Brother HL-L3270CDW Portable Laser Printer

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The HL-L3270CDW is a part of Brother, a fast, innovative wireless printing device. Its sleek design printer provides high-quality output. It perfectly matches your light-duty home tasks and is compatible with your top desk.

The Brother HL-L3270CDW is the best printer for marketing materials with its maximum duty cycle of 30000 pages/month and a suggested monthly volume of 1500. It has Wifi, Ethernet, and USB connections for your convenience, and it can print up to 25ppm, making it faster than its competitors such as the Canon LBP612Cdw and the HP M252dw. If you need even more speed, Brother also offers the HL-L8360CDW at 33ppm.

Users also like it due to its easy handling with its given home, back, and cancel buttons. So, this printer is excellent in printing quality with its super multi-device connectivity. You will be pleased to hear that its web connecting feature links the printer to the cloud and even social media. Whatever the printer has a low running cost, consumers will not be provided with multiple tray slots.

Canon PIXMA Megatank All-In-One Printer

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The low-running cost Canon PIXMA G3260 is the best printer for printing marketing materials. It’s a small and handy device that can easily fit into your micro office. People love purchasing this printer for its outstanding print quality.

Canon PIXMA G3260 is cheaper than its predecessor Canon PIXMA G3200. This printer is also faster at 10.8 ppm compared to its G3200. Comparing it with Brother MFC-J805DW and the HP Smart Tank plus 651 has an ADF feeder, but G3260 doesn’t have one. The Epson ET-2720 and ET-2760 will hold the 120 multiple papers similar to G3260. You can use it by passing commands from Alexa or Google Assistant.

People also prefer it for its budget-friendly cost as it uses ink bottles for printing that are cheaper than toner. I like it because of its connection with Wi-Fi, Ethernet or even USB. Connect it with your mobile, and feel free to use it.

On the other hand, the printer provides you with an archaic control panel. It’s not suitable for ADF. You will have to do it manually.

Epson EcoTank Wireless Printer Scanner

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If your home requires an affordable, long-lasting, easy-to-use printer, look at the Epson ET-2760. You will get excellent printing quality with a low running cost. Store your data on an SD card and then utilize it for printing. 

Like both the ET-3760 and ET-4760, the ET-2760 is inexpensive to use. But keep in mind that this printer is slower than its robust siblings. However, this compact and lightweight design take less desk space than Canon Pixma G6020, HP’s OfficeJet Pro Premier, and Brother’s MFC-J805DW. Therefore ET-2760 is the best home printer for real estate agents. With this printer, you will get a low print volume compared to other machines mentioned here.

The printer’s display is user-friendly, which helps consumers use it effectively. Moreover, the duty cycle is 1500/month, and the paper input tray is quiet enough to hold up to 150 pages. Overall this is the best printer scanner for realtors but doesn’t support an ADF feeder. It allows you to connect with Wi-Fi and USB but lacks Ethernet connectivity. 

HP Color LaserJet Pro Multifunction Printer

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Single-pass out-duplexing HP LaserJet Pro M479fdw is a wireless laser color printer. You will get connectivity options of Ethernet, Wifi, and USB with this printer. 

The M49fdw is a lightweight AIO that is a direct competitor of Lexmark MC2535adwe, heavier than HP LaserJet. It’s a two-sided multipage scanner and ADF, but another competitor, MF741Cdw, lacks this ADF feeder. Like many HP printers, M479fdw also contains an HP app for simple navigation. 

Using this printer, customers feel comfortable about the staunch security that HP mainly provides. Its wide and expandable paper input tray allows consumers to put over 850 sheets at a time. Its mind-blowing features are enough to purchase this superb printer with a duty cycle of 50000 pages/month. 

Whether the printer has significant features, but the running cost is high, which may not please you. But it has pleased a lot of people who were looking for best color laser printer for brochures and it met their expectations.

HP OfficeJet Pro 9015

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You can get fast, good printing quality and a low running cost with the HP OfficeJet Pro 9015. This AIO printer performs light and minor workgroup duties best for real estate offices and falls under the category of best printers for color flyers.

It is comparatively shorter and lighter in weight than HP OfficeJet Pro 9025 but similar to the Epson WF-4720. The HP 9015 comes with a 35 sheets auto-duplex ADF feeder like the HP 9025. On the other hand, the Brother MFC-J995DW and the Canon TR8520 have only an ADF feeder with 20 sheets. Speaking of paper, the TR8520 holds 200 sheets, while the 9015 holds up to 250 sheets.

Its attractive and elegant look will convenience you in buying this compact designed printer. You will also get a one-year limited warranty on it. Purchase this printer for an easy working assessment. You can even calculate its ink and paper cost. You get a control panel, but comparatively, it has no supporting buttons for easy use.

HP ENVY 5055 All-In-One Photo Printer

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HP ENVY 5055 is an all-in-one reasonable initial purchasing printer with wireless connectivity. Customers review that it gives a low running cost with high picture quality. 

The HP 5055 gives a high-quality photo output but is relatively pricier than the XP-7100 in ink cost. Moreover, Epson XP-7100 or Brother’s MFC-J995DW is also an AOI and ADF printer but bigger than the HP 5055. By the way, Pixma TS6320 comes with a touchscreen control panel Envy 5055 has a 2.2” monochrome display.

Overall, the printer has an attractive look and compact design, which can provoke you to put it on your desktop. You will also get different mobile connectivity options, including AppleAir print, Morpia, Hp ePrint, and HP smart app. 

This printer’s two-cartridge design is wasteful and can hold only four color inks. You will have to stay with only USB and wireless connectivity because it doesn’t support SD cards.  

InkLaserPrint’s Guide – How a Realtor Should Choose a Printer

Following are some features of a printer that a realtor, business runner, and personal printer user should consider before purchasing. So, what’s the best printer to buy is not the question, what to look for in a printer is the question.


The size of the printer matters a lot, especially when you are using it in a real estate office. Realtors have plenty of pages to print and a bundle of documents. So that is the reason they should buy a handy and compact size printer that can easily fit on their desktop. However, never compromise on the paper-holding capacity of the printer, whether the printer is small or big.

Speed of Printer

When you work as a realtor, you need fast and quality printing photos. For this purpose, you can buy a laser printer; they are relatively lively expensive than inkjet. Laser printers will fasten your work with 9 – 25 ppm of colour and black and white prints. On the other hand, buying an inkjet printer as a natural state agent will slow your work with a ppm of 5 – 18 pages. 

Printing Quality

First of all, determine what task you are going to perform. The realtors want a printer for making their outclass brochures and advertisements. To add better graphics to your work, you should look at the inkjet printer. It adds detail to your photo. But if your primary task is printing documents and text-based work, go for laserjet.


Whether the micro or massive office, people are running requires speedy work. Same in the printers here; purchase a high RAM printer if you want faster printing.  If you can buy a printer with low memory, it will take too much time to load your given task, and it will directly affect the printer’s speed.


For a realtor, this is the main feature to consider. Thousands of printers are available in the market, but all are not for you. Always buy a printer that allows you remote connectivity. Specially check the Wifi, cloud, USB, and Ethernet connectivity. If your printer is out of your office and placed in the corridor, you don’t need to step up there; you can print from your desk. 

Most Recent Queries

What is the best printer for real estate agents?

The best printer for real estate agents will vary depending on your specific needs. If you need to print large documents or photos, then an inkjet printer would be a good choice. If you only need to print text documents, then a laser printer would be a better option. If you need to print in color, go to the section of best color printer for brochures.

How much does a printer for real estate agents cost?

The cost of a printer for real estate agents will vary depending on the type of printer you choose. Laser printers are typically more expensive than Inkjet printers. However, they offer superior printing quality for documents and photos.

What are the benefits of using a printer for real estate agents?

A printer can save you time and money by allowing you to print documents and photos on your own instead of relying on a professional printing service. Additionally, a printer can help you generate high-quality marketing materials, such as flyers and brochures.

Besides printers, here’s a list of 15 amazing tools that realtors fundamentally use to scale their businesses. I would suggest you read the whole article.

Are there any special considerations I should keep in mind when using a printer for real estate agents?

Yes, there are a few you should keep in mind. First, you should always use high-quality paper to avoid any issues with printing quality. Additionally, you should avoid using third-party ink or toner cartridges, as they may not be compatible with your printer. Finally, you should regularly clean your printer to maintain optimal printing quality.

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