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Best Printer Stand with Storage, Shelves and Drawers

A printer stand is an important piece of furniture and a great addition for both home and office but it’s so much more than a simple printer stand.

A printer stand contains a file cabinet, wheels, storage cabinet, and open compartments to keep and reach things very easily.

if you have a printer in your office or home, then you know sometimes it’s very frustrating to keep things close to the printer.

This is where a printer stand becomes very important for you to have. Some stand is only for keeping things close to the printer, some have extra storage and some have wheels to move things easily.

Today I will cover how to buy a printed stand, what things to consider and what things to avoid. I have included some of the best printer stands with storage currently available on sale. So, read the full blogs to know more.

List of Best Printer Stand With Large Storage
  • HUANUO Desktop Stand for Printer
  • eMerit Printer Stand Shelf with Storage
  • DYHOME Desktop Printer Stand with Storage
  • Y&ME YM Desktop Printer Stand with Storage Bag
  • X-cosrack Printer Stand

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Best Printer Stand with Drawers, Wheels and Storage

HUANUO Desktop Stand for Printer

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The HUANUO is a sturdy and elegant stand for your printer. Its sleek, modern and features a unique 2-tier storage design that’s perfect for holding office essentials and supplies like paper, toner, and more.

Weight Capacity – 44 lbs

Large enough to hold up to 44 lbs.

Design – 2 Tier

The top layer holds a printer and the middle tier holds office supplies.

Material – Metal, Wood

Heavy-duty Steel frames and wood boards add extra strength.

After buying this printer stand, you’ll be looking at a sturdy steel finish that’s able to support up to 44 pounds along with an anti-slip rubber pad that prevents your desk or table from slipping. The shelves are made from durable composite particle board and combine the looks of modern style from every angle.

The closest and the cheaper option is the VEDECASA Retro Desktop Printer Stand which will look more beautiful if kept in a modern home. While this HUANUO Stand is built solid, the VEDECASA is made with a V-shaped structure for more stability, and to hold up to 65lbs. The best part is that the stand comes with wheels and a height adjustments feature.

I was talking about the dual-tier design at first, the middle tier is for keeping office supplies and the top tier can securely hold a printer/desktop. The best part is the Z-shaped construction and neat edge banding that makes the double-tier stand look nicer, more elegant, and modern.

eMerit Printer Stand Shelf with Storage

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This eMerit Printer Stand is designed to fit on top of a typical printer stand so that you can use your printer without having to worry about it going tumbling down. Even better, it’s made out of solid MDF and can hold up to 33 pounds.

Weight Capacity – 110+33+11+20lbs

Top Surface and 3 Open compartments to keep everything conveniently nearby and organized.

Design – Double Tier Tray

Dual tier Tray and 3 different-sized storage to meet different needs.

Material – Wood+Paper

The wood file organizer is strong enough to hold a printer or monitor.

After you purchase the eMerit printer stand, you will be looking at a Shelf with Storage. You are getting a wood file organizer for storing documents, files, literature, books, magazines, notebooks, and other supplies.

The cheapest option is the SONGMICS steel printer stand which comes with 3 open compartments. The top surface can hold up to 110 lbs, and its 3 open shelves can hold up to 33 lbs together. Both stands look nice and there are no pros and cons to discuss.

Now the question what’s so special about this stand? Well, eMerit printer stands always adds an extra aesthetic look wherever it is being kept. At least you don’t have to worry about all the A4, A5 papers and big-sized books staying unorganized anymore.

DYHOME Desktop Printer Stand with Storage

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The DYHOME Printer Stand is a very practical and easy way to store your printer, scanner, and other office devices like fax machines and even a big monitor. It features two shelves surrounded by a metal frame that can easily hold a load of a maximum of 45 Pounds.

Weight Capacity – 45 lbs

The metal frame can hold a load of 45 pounds.

Design – Double Layer Design

The 2-layer printer rack has more space for things. It’s easy to put printers and fax machines on the upper layer.

Material – Particleboard + Metal

The home printer stand is made of high-quality particleboard and metal.

So, what are you getting from this stand? You’re getting multifunction storage that is very simple, yet sophisticated. The top shelf can be used as a printer shelf, bookshelf, storage shelf, and spice rack, which meets your multiple needs.

The closest and $10 cheaper option is Giikin Rustic Printer Stand with 2 Tier design and 3 open compartments to keep your things conveniently nearby and organized. Though it is not as high as the one we’re talking but capable of holding a regular-sized printer.

If we talk about the design, this simple piece of furniture is very functional and gives an aesthetically pleasing feeling. Two-tier design is very common and easy to operate, you don’t have to think about anything large-sized not fitting as these two trays are completely open. I became very disappointed to not see any wheel attached to this stand.

Y&ME YM Desktop Printer Stand with Storage Bag

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If you’re looking for a printer stand that can fit in a variety of different areas, Y&ME’s Desktop Printer Stand is here to solve your problem. This stand itself comes with a 2-tier design that also has a side storage bag for displaying files and papers.

Weight Capacity -44 lbs

The printer stand can hold more than 40 lbs.

Design – 2-tier Design with a Side Storage Bag

There is enough storage space on the shelves with a side storage bag.

Material – Heavy MDF board and Iron Frame

Heavy MDF board and Iron Frame were used to make it durable.

You’ll be amazed by the four adjustable anti-skid feet that keep the desk organizer stable. Beautifully built with strong iron Y-shaped frame construction give the stand a more sturdy and elegant look. The best part is the attractive side storage bag which adds a charming element to your home or office space.

In case you’re looking for something a little less, here is OROPY 2 Tier Desktop Storage Organizer for you. Though it does not have any storage bag, it is very much enough to make your job done. A regular-sized printer can be kept on top of this stand without any problem and the low tier is for anything you can fit.

Do you know the best part of this stand? It’s obviously the iron Y-shaped frame construction and neat edge banding. Because of the rustic and aesthetic wood grain and the black matte paint and a side storage bag, this printer table fits well with any decor and adds a warm charming element to your office.

X-cosrack Printer Stand

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The X-Cosrack printer stand can be used as an under-the-desk, desktop multi-purpose, and an under-desk scanner/fax machine. Ultimately the best desktop stand comes with a drawer, a low layer, and even wheels which include anti-slip mats for keeping anything stable and safe all the time.

Weight Capacity – 300 lbs

Thick planks and iron pipes can even bear 300lb of weight.

Design – Two-layer, Leather Drawer, and Wheels

There is enough storage space on the shelves with a side storage bag.

Material – Wood+Iron

The small printer table uses an iron and wood structure along with thick planks and iron pipes.

What can you expect from a Printer Stand? Large and Strong built? This one has it. A drawer with a very soft closing? You got that too. Wheels to move anything and everything without messing up? You are getting the wheels too. Now you’re thinking if the wheels have locked or not, It has locks too.

If you want to spend $1 less you’ll have to go with CADUKE Pinter Rolling Cart which doesn’t have a drawer to extend your storage. Besides, the wheels have two locks instead of four. So, why not spend $1 more to enjoy all the features?

The best part of this Cosrack Stand is the amazing iron structure and the strong pipes and the weight capacity. If I talk about the Drawer, it’s actually for keeping printing accessories like Ink cartridges, Paper, and Ink Bottles to be exact. They designed the product keeping in mind everything people wants along with a stand.

What Are the Dimensions of a Standard Printer Stand?

A printer stands upright on a table, and this is why the size of the printer can be measured by its height. However, the width of the printer should also be considered when determining the overall size.

Standard printers have a fixed length, so their width cannot change. This means that the most important measurement to consider is height.

A Standard printer stand can be 12 inches in Height, 17 Inches in Length, and a Maximum of 12 inches in Width. It’s always better to know your printer size along with all the other related equipment.