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Best Printers For Greeting Cards

If you want better communication and trigger positive conversations through greeting cards. The most suitable printer for this purpose is Inkjet. Because the inkjet printers provide the best blend of colors, well-defined printing pictures, and cost-effectiveness.

They easily carry card thickness, but What kind of paper is needed for printing greeting cards? The normal card thickness is available at around 300 to 400 GSM. An inkjet printer can print 350 GSM paper ideally. While a laserjet can only print 80 to 100 GSM paper.

You may wonder: can we use a regular printer on cards? You can print cards with almost all brands of regular inkjet printers. They are compatible as they provide robust photo printing output. As compared to the laserjet, the inkjet provides better graphics printing results due to its ink reservoirs.

In this article, you will find many cool printers for greeting cards. Among the best printers list, the Canon brand is my top choice because of its wide format printing and robust printing output.

List of 6 Best Printers For Greeting Cards
  • HP ENVY Photo 7855 Photo Printer
  • Canon Pixma iX6820 Wireless Business Printer
  • Canon PIXMA PRO-200 Professional Color Photo Printer
  • HP OfficeJet Pro 8035 Wireless Printer
  • Canon IP8720 Wireless Printer
  • Canon TR8620 All-in-One Printer for Home Office

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Top List of Best Printers for Photos and Greeting Cards

HP ENVY Photo 7855

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HP Envy is a vast 4-in-1 device with a copier, printer, scanner, and fax. Therefore, this device is an all-in-one printer with above-par photo quality. You may use this device for different artworks, like consider this printer for the greeting card business. However, connectivity is also tremendous, including Wifi, USB, and Ethernet printing.

HP Envy 7855 is a handsome multifunctional device with 17 pounds of weight that anyone can easily handle without any helper. Out of the box, only there is HP Envy 7855 that contains a USB thumb drive, while the HP 7100 and Envy 6200 lack this connectivity.  

Additionally, you will find 3.5 inches of titled display with 125 sheets of the input tray. However, 15 photo paper tray is also available. HP Envy contains robust scanning and therefore provides you with auto-duplexing. If you purchase an individual cartridge, you will find a high ink cost, but one can compromise on price for better quality.

Canon Pixma iX6820

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Canon Pixma iX6820 is an inexpensive option in the printing field. Moreover, it offers wireless and wireless devices for wide format printing of super tabloid size (13 inches by 19 inches). However, a full compatibility option includes the mobile print capability of Android and iOS.

Canon Pixma iX6820 is a moderate version of the Canon Pixma iX6520 Inkjet printer. There are a few differences between the siblings, like the fast printing speed of 2.9 pages per minute (ppm). You will also find a better photo output but lean text printing. But it’s OK because you purchase this printer for birthday cards and other breeding cards.

Most consumers also prefer it because of its inkjet technology which is ideal for photo printing. You can use it for a small duty cycle with a single input tray of 150 sheets which is ideal for home printing.

Canon PIXMA PRO-200

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If you want bulk printing or a professional greeting card printer, consider looking at Canon Pixma Pro-200. It’s a wide format device with all the handsome features and high-quality output. The printer is advanced; therefore, you will find an automatic clog deduction feature that saves your time and money on maintenance.

The maximum standard sheet size is 13 inches wide and 39 inches long. While the Canon Pixma iX6820 almost similar printer provides a maximum sheet size of 13″ by 19″. Canon weighs 32 pounds, 15% smaller than its predecessor, Canon Pro-10 and Pro-100.

Multiple things in this AIO device attract me to it, including its low running cost and grayscale output, which is valuable for photo or card printing. Moreover, it crops up the unnecessary borders of the image and provides you with a borderless professional photo.

HP OfficeJet Pro 8035

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HP Officejet is similar to HP Envy Photo 7855, a 4-in-1 device with copy, scan, print, and fax features. However, the last one is a mixture of copy and scan. Cloud printing of HP is a most admirable feature because you can print any device remotely.

You will find a maximum printing output of legal size paper. On the other hand, Canon Pro-200 is a wide format device. But fortunately, HP is ready for auto-duplexing and will entertain its users with an automatic document feeder (ADF). With a 20000 monthly duty cycle, you will get a 225 letter and legal paper holder. With these features, you can use an HP printer for printing greeting cards and running your business successfully.  

So far, Officejet Pro 8035 has great compatibility with Mac, Android, iOS, and Windows. Most consumers say they prefer purchasing HP for its instant ink subscription program that lowers the running cost of printing. Thus without the ink subscription, its printing cost is out of budget.

Canon IP8720

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Photo enthusiasts and those who want a printer for Christmas cards must keep an eye on Canon IP8720. Its wireless connectivity is tremendous with Wireless PictBridge and Wifi options. Not only for greeting cards, but you can also use them for printable optical discs. Similar to Canon Pixma iX6820, Canon IP8720 is also a wide format AIO device.

The Canon IP8720 and Pixma iX6820 are similar in many features, but there is a big difference in ink colors. Pixma iX6820 contains five ink color bottles, while the Canon IP8720 contains additional gray ink that adds killing sharpness in photos.

You will find all these remarkable features in a single device at a lean price. Again Canon IP8720 and Pixma iX6820 are available with a single input tray with 150 sheets capacity. Moreover, there are also 20 sheets of photo paper tray.

Canon TR8620

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With an excellent photo output and rich features, Canon TR8620 is an entry-level printer. Canon AIO fulfills all the requirements of photo printing because it has two black and ink reservoirs that add details to the photos, and you find sharp images. Therefore, you can use this Canon printer to make cards. Bluetooth and Ethernet connectivity options for wireless printing.

However, the Canon TR8620 is a lightweight, compact, all-in-one device weighing 17.5 pounds. While the Canon Pro-200 weighs 32 pounds. Canon TR8620 holds 100 sheets in its main drawer and 100 papers in upfront cassette, and 20 sheets of automatic document feeder (ADF) are also available. Remember, there is only ADF but not an automatic duplexer.

The monthly duty cycle also matters a lot when you purchase a printer for business. Fortunately, you will find a monthly yield of 5000 pages with Canon.

Four Factors to Consider to Buy a Printer for Greeting Card Business

There are four factors I will explain below you should consider before purchasing any printer for greeting cards.

Compatibility with Smartphone

When you run a greeting card business, you need to add multiple design factors to a card. You can do it with different mobile apps. Therefore consider a printer compatible with Android and iOS so you can directly print your card from your smartphone.

Printing Speed

You should select a printer that can print 10 to 16 cards in one minute. You can purchase a printer that can print with more speed, but those printers are expensive to buy.

Monthly Duty Cycle

In a business, monthly printing yield is crucial because higher duty means you don’t need a frequent refilling of the reservoir. Consider purchasing a printer with a minimum of 5000 printing pages/ month.

Paper Size

Greeting cards are available in different sizes sometimes. You need a legal card, sometimes an A4, and many other paper sizes. Therefore, purchasing a super tabloid (13 inches by 19 inches) paper size printer would be best. This way, you will find a variety of paper printing in different sizes.

Do I need a Special Printer for Printing Cards?

There are two printing technologies in a printer inkjet and laserjet. People mainly use these two types of printers for printing greeting cards. But remember, these two types have considerable differences. Let’s discuss them in detail to find a final result on which one is best for your business.

Paper Width (GSM)

A card width starts around 300GSM. All the printers cannot bear this paper width. However, an inkjet is ideal for it and can print. On the other hand, a laserjet is capable of printing 80 GSM of paper.

Quality Photo Output

When we ta;k about greeting cards, we are talking about the photos and graphics. A laserjet is a specific printer for better document output. In contrast, an inkjet is a specific technology for robust photo output because an inkjet has a wide range of ink reservoirs with different colors, which adds details to the photos.

Low Running Cost

For a business, a low running cost matters a lot. If you find a higher running cost printer, you probably do not find a profit in your business. Because you frequently refill the cartridges. Therefore, an inkjet will be an ideal choice because its ink bottles are less expensive than a laserjet toner cartridge.

How to Print Business/ID/Visiting/Index Card at Home Using a Printer?

Describe the easiest way to print these cards in a printer. Also, explain what type of printer is best for card printing.

Step 2) You can add a pre-design of a card, or if you want to create a new card, there is also the option of creating a new one.

Step 3) Create a new file with a format of Microsoft Publisher on your PC or Laptop.

Step 4) Remember to set the size of your design. There are different sizes of business cards, greeting cards, ID cards, and Index cards. Before setting the card size you need to check the paper size on which you are going to print.

Step 5) Create the front side of the design and save it as a PDF. Then create the other side and also save it in PDF format.

Step 6) Print both sides of the designs with an automatic document feeder (ADF) printer.