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Best Receipt Scanner for Small Business

Receipts are sheets of text and codes a scanner detects that code part. For this purpose, it is important to use a particular type of sheetfed or flatbed scanner rather than a drum scanner because drum scanners are specially designed for high scanning resolution of images. In contrast, flatbed scanners have the particular job of scanning documents. Moreover, the basic need document or receipt scanner is an automatic document feeder (ADF). Unfortunately, a drum scanner lacks this feature, but a flatbed has this basic and most useful feature. 

For these reasons, most business runners prefer using flatbed and sheetfed to scan loose sheets and documents. They will be limited if they use a drum scanner because this type of scanner requires a separate room for placing because of their big size.

List of 6 Best Borderless Printers
  • Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1600 Wireless Scanner
  • Raven Pro Document Scanner
  • Canon imageFORMULA R40 Document Scanner
  • Epson Workforce ES-580W Color Duplex Scanner
  • NADAMOO Wireless Barcode Scanner
  • Brother DS-640 Mobile Document Compact Scanner
  • Doxie Go SE – The Intuitive Portable Document Scanner
  • Brother (ADS1700W) Wireless Document Scanner
  • Canon imageFORMULA R10 Portable Document Scanner
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List of Top 9 Barcode and Document Scanners for Small Business

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1600 Wireless Scanner

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Business people who want to scan documents and look for a reasonable-priced scanner. They may prefer purchasing Fujitsu iX1600 with ScanSnap software that provides full technical support to its users. With this software, the usage of the device becomes easy due to the presence of a complete tutorial on using it.

However, another feature of OCR that is important in document scanners is that Fujitsu offers this technology. Compatibility options are versatile that allow you to use this device with any mobile. Thanks to its 6000 sheets duty cycle of scanning daily, these features altogether make Fujitsu the best document scanner for small businesses. The scanner is flatbed and automatic-duplexer of both sides in a single pass.

Now, if we turn our eyes towards comparison, Fujitsu launched the iX1500 earlier than iX1600, a faster device with all the drastic features. You will also find an optical resolution of ScanSnap 1200DPI, which is great enough to scan any desktop document. One thing about Fujitsu is Ethernet connectivity. You will have to compromise because the device lacks it.

Raven Pro Document Scanner 

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Fast scanning and Accurate OCR are sarcastic features a scanner should contain. Therefore, I choose Raven Pro because it has both of these qualities. The connectivity options of this outclass scanner are robust, and you find both wireless and wireless connectivity features, including USB compatibility.  

Similar to Canon imageFORMULA ScanFront 400, Raven has 8 inches tablet-style screen that allows you to operate functions from start to end. A good thing is you don’t need to connect it via PC for operation. Raven has a better scan than Fujitsu, which can scan legal-size pages at 600DPI optical resolution. While the Fujitsu iX1600 scans at 1200DPI optical resolution. The Fujitsu iX1600 and Raven Pro have an automatic document feeder (ADF). 

Additionally, 8 inches of user-friendly interface adds weight to Raven. Therefore, it weighs 9.2 pounds which is 3 pounds heftier than Canon imageFORMULA DR-C230. Yes, the scanner is full of demanding features, but its accessories are costly.  

Canon imageFORMULA R40 Document Scanner 

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Canon image FORMULA is a document sheetfed scanner with fast scanning properties and an entry-level easy-to-use device with its compact built. Its users are businessmen and office carriers with small workgroups. 

Similar to the other top-class scanners such as Brother ADS-2700W, Canon is limited to USB connectivity. Weighing 6.2 pounds, Canon is 3 pounds smaller than the Raven Pro document scanner. When you open the scanner completely, the device’s length increases. Here is the feature that provokes me to purchase this scanner: Canon’s 60 pages automatic document feeder. Additionally, the daily duty cycle is 4000 sheets which are only 2000 sheets less than Fujitsu iX1600. 

As I mentioned above, R40 has only a USB connection that is only compatible with a PC, and there is no option for mobile compatibility. Similarly, Fujitsu and Alaris scanners also entertain consumers only with USB connectivity.  

Epson Workforce ES-580W Color Duplex Scanner

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Epson contains an accurate OCR feature to convert images into editable digital form with a moderate duty cycle and fast scanning. However, it’s a piece of ideal equipment for home users and micro-offices. 

Epson is more accurate than many entry-level sheetfed scanners like Fujitsu. Close similar to the Canon R40, Epson WorkForce ES-580W also weighs 8.2 pounds with all its trays closed. The main feature to consider that how many ADF sheets a scanner can bear. So, here Epson goes with 100 sheets of automatic document feeder (ADF).

On the other hand, most scanners at this level and class hold only 50 sheets for ADF. Advantageous, this Epson is capable of automatic duplexing. There is only one power button on the device rest of the commands you have to handle via 4.3 inches of wide color touch screen. With a maximum legal page scanning area, Epson lacks Ethernet connectivity support.   

NADAMOO Wireless Barcode Scanner 

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NADAMOO is a wireless barcode scanner with transmission technology that can transmit from 400m in an open year. You can connect it to your PC and laptop without any data cable and wires—an ideal barcode scanner for small businesses. 

Doxie is also a rechargeable scanner with a battery to scan 400 documents. Similarly, NAMADOO also contains a battery that lasts for 2000 barcodes. A big advantage of using this device is the storage of 100000 barcodes in offline mode. You can use this data when you are out of transmission range. 

Additionally, NAMADOO has two operating modes. You can use it via trigging button, but it takes a little time and energy. On the other hand, you may switch to an automatic scanning mode that functions without pressing any button. It’s a fast and quick method. The device does not show any compatibility with Bluetooth.  

Brother DS-640 Mobile Document Compact Scanner

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Brother is a compact and small device that can fit into your backpack. Most consumers and small businesses prefer using it for fast scanning and processing. Like Fujitsu, Canon, and Epson, Brother also has an accurate OCR feature. It’s an easy-to-use device with USB compatibility options, making it more versatile.  

Fujitsu iX1600 and Brother DS-640 allow users to scan the maximum area of 8.5 x 72 inches, equivalent to legal page size. With a maximum of 1200pixels of optical resolution, Brother entertains its users with high-quality output.   

Like a lamination machine, Brother DS-640 provides limited device controlling power, including only one power button. Just place your desired document, and you are done. No LCD or display options are available. A big disadvantage is that scanner has single-side scanning. It lacks an automatic document feeder. 

Doxie Go SE Portable Document Scanner

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Dozie GO SE is an intuitive portable document scanner with a Li-ion rechargeable battery lasting 400 scanning papers. The scanning speed of GO SE is adorable. That can scan a color page of 300DPI in just 8 seconds. So the maximum Doxie can scan 7 pages per minute which is an ideal speed for office use.   

Additionally, it has a storage capacity of 8GB SD card, which is capable of storing 4000 scanning documents. All these features together make the Doxie a portable device. You will find here the flexible scanning options of multiple formatting that include A4, A5, card, letter size, and up to 8.5″ x 30″. Like Canon imageFORMULA R10, Doxie also lacks an automatic document feeder (ADF). Therefore, I never recommend this scanner for large-scale usage. 

Brother (ADS1700W) Wireless Document Scanner

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I found Brother a fast scanner with text recognition properties and accurate OCR. Moreover, there is a strong software bundle that allows easy usage and helps in handling the entire device. With its color touch screen, you explore the entire scanner deeply.

Get ready for Brother’s professional feature because it has a high scanning yield with sheetfed scanning. Those who have commercial-level of workers prefer using Brother ADS-1700W because of its high volume. Thanks to its lightweight design of only 3.2 pounds, I took it out of the box individually without any helper.

Moreover, many scanners with similar features are heftier, like Epson WorkForce ES-580W weighs 8.2 pounds. Like Visioneer P15, Brother ADS-1700 scans 20 sheets ADF on a single pass with a daily duty cycle of 1000 pages. The only thing about Brother that irritates me is that it lacks a battery. That’s why it losses portability. 

Canon imageFORMULA R10 Portable Document Scanner 

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With better technical support and easy to use scanner Canon imageFORMULA R10 has a CaptureOnTouch app. Moreover, the Accurate OCR makes its working easier and more demanding. This light and compact machine have all the rich features with a relatively low initial cost. It is a special design for home users and office runners with a small workgroup.

Canon imageFORMULA provides you with a maximum optical resolution of 600PPI. While the Brother DS-640 has 1200pixels of maximum optical resolution. Moreover, both Fujitsu and Canon have a total scanning area of the legal page size.

This Canon model, unfortunately, lacks an automatic document feeder (ADF). Instead, it has a manual document feeder that can scan one side of the paper in a single pass. This handy device is lightweight and compact that weighs only 2.2 pounds. You cannot use this Canon imageFORMULA R10 out of a power source because of the lack of a battery that could make it portable. 

Importance of receipt scanner for small businesses

There are several benefits of using a receipt scanner, some of which we will discuss below. 

  • One of the biggest benefits is that the receipt scanner reduces clutter. If you have a bundle of images or receipts with this technology, you can identify each stuff separately. 
  • It makes your Tax preparation much easier when all the receipts are in place or software. It is easy to calculate and examine them.
  • A hard copy of the receipt is a big risk for fraud; anyone can use it for personal use. When the receipts are digitized, you are the only owner of that stuff, and only you are the author to customize them.
  • When you digitize all your receipts, you can easily reach them with one click instead of searching your data in piles you can easily find through the software.

Buying Guide: 

Receipt scanners are special devices that only scan receipts. You need to consider multiple factors before purchasing them. With great research and effort, I have concluded the following guidelines. 


Resolution is counted in dots per inch (DPI). When the rate of DPI is high, it means the clearer image. Purchase a scanner that can produce an image of around 300DPI to 600DPI.

Scanning Speed

This factor matters a lot when you are scanning a bulk of receipts, then you need to be very fast. A good scanner will scan around 10 to 15 minimum receipts.

Automatic Document Feeder

Without an ADF, a scanner is nothing but useless. The automatic document feeder (ADF) says that a single-pass scanner scan two sides of the paper without manual effort.