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Best Sticker Printer Machine for Small Business

Stickers in small businesses are important, but you must know what kind of printer you are choosing and what you would need to run it. Can I use label printers to print stickers for small businesses? Yes, you can use it for printing stickers, but the size of the sticker will bind you. You can print a maximum size of 10 inches width of stickers. Whether with an inkjet, you will find variety in size like you may print later and legal size of stickers as well.

Printers with label technology are not ideal to use for stickers. Because they rarely can handle the sticker thickness, which is an important part of sticker printing. Thus I will recommend you use an inkjet for sticker printing. Another obvious reason is the sharpness of stickers that you may find with the vibrant colors of inkjet ink bottles. Well, a laser printer lacks the option of providing sharp colors.

I also recommend using HP printers for sticker printing as it provides extensive connectivity options. Its instant ink program is ideal for running a small business.

List of Six Best Printers for Making Stickers
  • Canon Pixma TS3320 Black
  • Canon TS5320 Inkjet Printer for Stickers
  • HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 Printer
  • Brother VC-500W Versatile Color Label and Photo Printer
  • Epson WF-2750 Color Printer
  • HP Envy Inspire 7955e Color Printer 

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Canon Pixma TS3320 B07W7FF8QQ

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This Canon model is for people who want to add charm to their sticker printer business or use stickers to enhance their business. Moreover, you will find the latest technology of smart voice activation, which is useful for Alexa or Google Assistant users. 

However, this inkjet printer for labels and stickers is ideal due to its compact design and wireless connectivity, while most inkjets are not compact. Let’s discuss its other features. Both Canon TS9521 and TS3320 contain a black photo cartridge. AS I DISCUSSED, Canon TS3320 provides the best text quality because of the black photo cartridge. Color cartridge clarifies the text-based stickers, which are the most important thing to consider. Canon TS3320 holds 20 sheets of 4 x 6 inches and 10 inches of photo paper, similar to the Canon TS5320.

Whether the printer is perfect for sticker printing, the printer has a high per page. Why do I call it best for stickers? The reason is that Canon Pixma TS3320 has five color ink bottles that add the details to the stickers. 

Canon TS5320 Inkjet Printer B07WL4JNH7

In sticker printing, print quality matters a lot. Therefore, I always consider reviewing high-quality output printers. Thus, Canon TS5320 has tremendous printing output, which makes it one of the best printers for sticker printing. Its borderless printing technology adds detail to the stickers. Even the printing engine is also auto-duplexing now. You can print both sides in a single pass. 

Without getting into a debate, let me tell you that Canon’s TS Series’ previous versions had only one (print only) option, but now the TS702 series has all-in-one printing options with a scanner, copier, and printing. However, the scanning is auto-duplexing which is my favorite feature of any sticker printer. Additionally, you can print wide formats with Pixma TS5320 like scrapbook size stickers and many more. 

Ink cartridge for a better sticker matters a lot, and thank Pixma TS5320, which contains six ink bottles just like Canon TS3320 to add sharpness to the sticker colors and text. One disadvantage you will find in Both Canon TS3320 and TS5320 is higher running costs. Still, I purchased it because I wanted quality on price. 

HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 B07QPWKYG9

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When you do a sticker printing business or want stickers to add to your business, the printer’s speed matters more than a lot. Because sticker printing does not mean you will print 1 or 2 stickers, a bulk of stickers are waiting for you to print. Fortunately, I found HP and concluded it was perfect for my sticker printing because of its high printing speed and low running cost. Let’s dig HP OfficeJet 8025 further.

Like the Canon TS5320, HP Pro 8025 entertains its users with letter size of borderless printing, whether a sticker or any other document. Most printers like the Canon TS series provide the customer with auto-duplexing, but the HP  8025 allows 35 sheets of manual-duplexing.

Another reason HP attracts HP is its low running cost with high-level sticker printing. Moreover, it’s not only about stickers; the HP Pro is also the printer for color labels. It means a 2-in-1 printer with all-in-one print, scan, and copy features.

Brother VC-500W B07KWW7RH6

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Consider Brother for high-quality color labels with reasonable printing speed on various label pages. Moreover, you will find a choice of 4 label widths with Brother VC-500W. Here is the Zero-ink technology Brother uses for printing high-quality labels. Similarly, the most demanding HP Sprocket photo printer also deploys this printing technology.

The compact printer weighs only 1.5 pounds, with software bundles for better technical support and operation. The basic difference between Brother and Sprocket is app support. Brother VC-500W supports P-touch Editor, iPrint&Scan. P-touch is vast and allows the users to print through Word and outlook for an easy and better experience. 

You will find the relatively high running cost with Brother, but one can compromise the cost for the better quality of labels and easy printing. However, my preference for Brother is its quality output and affordable printing speed. 

Epson WF-2750 B01DME4JBG

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Epson is nothing but an excellent choice for sticker printing because of its bulk ink supply. Epson is one of the best options for running a sticker printing business because of the very lean printing cost, and it’s just because of the ink bottles and various ink colors.

Like many other Epson models, WF-2750 is an all-in-one printer with a printer, scanner, and copier. This thing adds multiple options in sticker printing because you may avail yourself of one device for scanning and copying your original sticker design. Moreover, the printer is available with 1.8 inches non-touch screen with buttons available for controlling multiple tasks. While the HP Envy contains 2.7 inches of touch screen.  

Extensive connectivity is available for the Epson WF-2750, including Wi-Fi, USB, and peer-to-peer connectivity, which adds variety for the user. However, with all its capabilities and features, the printer’s initial costs are high. 

HP Envy Inspire 7955e B09BBLN72F

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Running a business, especially for sticker printing, costs more than the printer’s front price. I prefer HP Envy Inspire because of its low running cost and solid overall printing output. The lean running price is the HP Instant ink subscription program. Most consumers prefer availing of this offer. 

Moreover, HP is a multifunctional printer with copy and scan, which is suitable for better scanning and copying your stickers. You can also use it for document printing in homes and offices. HP offers a manual duplexing of 35 sheets, while the Canon TR8620 will entertain its users with only 20 sheets of scanning. Moreover, Epson XP-7100 30 sheets of automatic-duplexer. 

The printer is also available with 2.7 inches color touch screen through which you can handle your sticker printing and scanning tasks. Hp Envy WF-2750’s cyber security is the modest feature that provoked me to purchase it. Due to its security, you may eliminate malware from your confidential documents. Whatever the features are but the initial price of the printer is higher, but you may compensate for it with the printing price. 

Buying Guide:

The buying guide is the most important thing for new buyers because a printer has many factors and features that are important to consider. Therefore I have selected 4 things you need to focus on before purchasing any printer for making stickers. 

Ability to Print Color 

Sticker printing requires high-definition details in output. For this purpose, you should select an inkjet printer. Inkjets are versatile in adding colors to the picture because you may add as many color bottles as you want. Inkjet printers with 6-8 colors mean they can print documents as well. For example, if your sticker content depends on text, consider purchasing an inkjet with a black cartridge. You may choose cyan, magenta, yellow, and black ink color printers for color stickers and images.

Wireless and Connectivity

It’s an era of handy devices like mobile tablets and laptops with multiple compatibility options. Like some prefer using Mac OS, Windows, Android, or iOS. Remember they all are different from each other, and therefore purchase a suitable printer for your device. Like most HP printers, make a better connection with Mac OS.

Fast Printing 

When you print bulk stickers or purchase a sticker printer for small businesses, the printing speed matters a lot. Because you cannot wait for the printer to print steadily, it requires some magnificent speed. 

Long Lasting Printer

The printer which you use for some business it must last for long. Because if you purchase one with a high running cost or low life span will be very costly for your business. For this purpose, HP printers are the best option. They last around 7-8 years. 

What kind of printer do I need to print stickers?

There are two types of printers you can use for sticker printing. One is an inkjet printer, and the other is a laserjet printer. Both have different features and techniques of working. Below, we will discuss both in detail for better understanding.

Inkjet PrinterLaserJet Printer
Printing Technology
It uses ink bottles for adding colors and details to the printing content like stickers and photos. It uses toner cartridges for printing stickers or documents. 
Printing Media
Inkjet can print thicker papers easily, like stickers and envelopes.It will print on plain and photo papers easily.
Initial Cost for Small Business
It will offer a low initial cost. You will find a high upfront cost.
After Cost/ Running Cost
For the lower duty cycle, it’s the best option with inkjet with low running cost.Laserjet is more economical than inkjet for the higher running cost.
Printing Speciality
The special feature of an inkjet printer is to print photos.If you want to print high-quality documents, then no doubt laserjet will be the best option.

Overall I concluded that an inkjet would be the best option for printing stickers because the sticker media is a little thicker than plain paper. Another reason for choosing an inkjet is its high-quality printing photo output. If the sticker content mainly depends on photos, then the inkjet is just a perfect match. Otherwise, for text-based stickers, a laserjet will be better to select.

What is the Overall Cost of Printing Stickers?

The printer model and printing paper play an important role in determining the cost of your custom stickers. If you print 1000 stickers with any custom printer, then it will cost 0.08$ per piece. Overall the total price will be 76.44$. However, with 11ml of ink, you can print 220 pages of stickers. Remember that the cost of stickers depends on the printer type. Like HP and Epson, printers cost lower than other models. Similarly, printing technology also plays a vital role.

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