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Best Wireless Label Printer

Wireless connectivity means Bluetooth and Wifi networks featured in a printer. They both sound similar but have a little connectivity difference. Bluetooth connectivity requires equipment to function, but most Bluetooth doesn’t support Apple. In contrast, the Wifi can be connected via router or mobile data. Don’t worry; many wireless label printers provide connectivity that supports Bluetooth and Wifi networks.

Label printers are fast workers because they use Thermal Transfer technology; therefore, the first need for e-commerce sites and organizers is for merchants. I could suggest regular Inkjets or laser for label making, but that’s not ideal because they will print big labels and cost a lot for cutting and arranging them. Moreover, the best wireless label printer will boost your shipping business because your shipment will be messy without a label. Because USPS requires the key details of your carrier from the start destination to the end destination.

By examining the key features of multiple brands, I found the ASprink my first choice. Including ASprink, there are many other exciting brands to consider according to the need for printing. 

List of Top Six Best Wireless Label Printers
  • Rollo X1040AirPrint | Monochrome | Thermal | Wireless
  • JADENS Bluetooth – High Speed | Wireless Print | 4 x 6 Labels
  • FreeX WiFi SuperRoll – Wireless | Compact | Monochrome | Super Roll
  • ASprink Label Printer – Portable | Fast Printing | Monochrome | 150mm/s
  • JADENS Label Printer – Wireless 4×6 | Thermal | ChromeOS | 4×6 Labels
  • Phomemo M110 – Portable | Monochrome | Inkless | Fast Printing

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Best Wireless Label Printers

Rollo X1040 Wireless Label Printer for Shipping

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Rollo is one of the best label printers designed for small businesses and shipping labels. Its wireless connectivity makes it unique, which is preferred for printing connectivity. It’s not only a printer but works for you as a shipping manager and handles all the shipping 4×6 prints from one place.

X1040 users keep 7 inches of space behind the printer to put the paper holder that can handle sticker tools, stack labels, and roll labels. It’s not only a 4×6″ printer but a wide-format device that can handle any thermal label from 1.5” to 4”. Make a connection with your Wifi and connect your printer with a PC, tablet, or smartphone for printing labels. 

X1040 will provide you with the black and white high-resolution labels. The company did not provide any Rollo app for editing labels or fonts, and it would be better if there were an application for tech support.

JADENS Bluetooth Thermal 4×6 Wireless Label Printer 

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People who prefer using wireless 4×6″ USPS-approved label printers purchase JADENS thermal Bluetooth label printers. The printer setup is simple and can be ready in one minute. An easy app named “Shipping App” will provide technical support for controlling this Bluetooth printer.

JADENS is a thermal label printer; just like Rollo, it can handle multiple shapes of labels circular and stack labels. Similar to Rollo, JADENS also prints multiple sizes including 2×1″, 3×2″, 3×3″, and 4×6″. High-resolution labels provide 203DPI x 203DPI, which is enough for printing labels for eBay, Amazon, and USPS approval.

You will find the Bluetooth and USB connectivity, unlike the Rollo printer, lacks wifi connectivity. JADENS is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS. Connect your printer with your smartphone for remote use. In comparison, the X1040 can be used with a PC as well. Here is one year of warranty and 24/7 technical support. 

FreeX wifi SuperRoll 4×6 Wireless Thermal Label Printer

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With USB and wifi connectivity, FreeX is an ideal printer for 4×6″ of eBay, Amazon, Shopify, and many other e-commerce platforms. This is a wireless label printer for Mac, Windows, iPhone, and Android. Avail of this compact and portable device for boosting your accessible business.

Unlike JADENS and Rollo, FreeX only handles 4×6″ of label size. A driver is needed for running this device, but JADENS will not be entertained with the editing App. Rollo asks for a separate room for its papers, while the FreeX’s 600 label roll is inside the printer, which you can examine from its transparent body. For fanfold labels, there is only a space of 500. 

If you need barcode printing, you must make an early PDF of your design. Because of the lack of an App, you cannot edit any pre-design. While it has many features similar to its upline members, you will have difficulty connecting your printer with Wifi.

Bluetooth ASprink Thermal Shipping Label Printer 

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ASprink is a wireless label printer for eBay, Shopify, USPS, ShipStantion, and other 1″x4.6″ labels maker. Connect with Bluetooth and USB like JADENS and use it with Android, iOS, smartphones, and tablets. Keep in mind Bluetooth connectivity is only compatible with Android and iOS. At the same time, the USB connection is for Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Print 4×6 of the label with a high speed of 150mm/s, which is good enough for any merchant to boost their business. It means it can print 72 labels in one minute only. This printer uses direct thermal technology, saving you money on ink and expensive toners.

Bluetooth ASprink provides lifetime tech support via email, WhatsApp, and live chat. The ASprink app printer used for printing and editing labels will start teasing you after some time. 

JADENS Bluetooth Wireless Thermal Label Printer

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JADENS prints high resolution 203DPI of eBay, Shopify, Shipping labels, and barcodes which you print by connecting your PC and laptops. With its high printing speed, this Bluetooth printer makes merchant and stickers maker’s life easy.

Like many printers mentioned in this article, JADENS also prints 4×6″ labels with its thermal label technology, which prevents the users from ink cost and its mess. JADENS Bluetooth can print 1.57″x4.1″ of labels which is a bit smaller than paper (1.57″x4.6″) than ASprink. JADENS can hold only 350 sheets, while FreeX, a broader printer, will handle 600 labels.

Similar to Bluetooth ASprink, JADENS is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. In comparison, a PC connection asks for USB, which is already available with the printer’s installed drivers. These drivers allow printers to be compatible with multiple devices whether the printer has compatibility with multiple OS but does go with Windows 10.

Phomemo-M110 Thermal Label Maker

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Desire to place a Mini label maker in your accessory, then look at the Phomemo-M110Thermal Label maker. You will find 20mm x 40mm of tags for jewelry, stationery, barcodes, area tags, price tags, and many other smallest labels.  

A proper label maker, unlike the ASprink, is the only printer that cannot make labels. It can only print your pre-designs. But the Phomemo will allow you to make and print your design of labels and tags. Don’t forget you will be entertained with only black and white labels.

M110 has an auto label detecting feature that detects your designs and prints according to them without wasting and gaming the paper. A unique feature I will define is that OCR-Optical Phomemo will detect the text in your photo and make it editable. Consider M110 your assistant for different occasions, Halloween and Thanksgiving tags. You cannot use this Phomemo model for making your shipping tags.

Is a Wireless Label Printer Good for Shipping? 

Yes, wireless label printers are handy for making shipping labels because for shipping labels, most merchants use mailing labels. Wireless printers have a speed of 104Mbps. Therefore, they print fast 5-60 labels in a minute which is an ideal need for any merchant or consumer. Hence, wireless printers are portable. Therefore, you can print anytime and anywhere.

Wired VS Wireless Label Printer

You will find many categories of printers when looking at the label printers. Some are wired, and others are wireless and Network printers. They all have mind-blowing features that can provoke you to bring them home. Before going next, let me tell you, here I will let you know the difference between wired and wireless connections. It will surely help you determine the best one for you. Both the wired and wireless printers are portable.

Wired ConnectivityWireless Connectivity
Many wired printers use a USB connection to bridge the computer and printer. It’s almost identical to a network printer, but instead of cables for making connections, it connects via Wifi. 
You will see a fast speed availability with USB. Wireless connectivity is also fast. 
In a USB case, the computer and printer quickly make connections with each other without the need for any drivers. Like a network printer, you require a password and driver to make it ready for print. 
Sending the documents to the device will face difficulty during printing if the PC shuts down. All data will wipe out. It keeps your data safe whether the printer is shut down during prints. It allows users to share the files for printing.

Wifi is the best way to print from a mobile phone or a laptop having a Wifi connection. It’s convenient, and you don’t need to carry any other equipment.

Buying Guide 

These mini gadgets fulfill all your home and school organizing tasks. Even label printers fulfill the label requirements of your business. There are multiple categories of label printers available in the market. You only need to find out the best one according to your needs. Moreover, the bottom line is they all are determined by some features you need to know before adding any printer to your cart. 


Printers with Wifi, Bluetooth connections, and battery-operated are best considered portable devices. If you want Wifi printer, then make your mobile or Laptop. You are going to have a robust bandwidth of between 11Mbps to 140Mbps. This signal strength will be perfect for printing your labels. Consider a printer that works on the same bandwidth.

Printing Technology

There are two types of thermal and direct thermal printers. Both have different uses. When you want to print Addresses or shipping labels, Wristbands for indoors, tickets, and receipts, consider buying a label printer with direct thermal technology. On the other hand, thermal technology fulfills the need for Assets, products, Wristbands outdoors, shelves, and waterproof labels. 


It’s a critical factor that needs to examine carefully. If you want to print barcodes with your label printer, it should provide you with a print resolution of 200DPI. Although for label printing, the resolution will lie between 20-300DPI. If you purchase a printer with a lower DPI, you will have difficulty scanning QR and barcodes, and the label’s readability will decrease. 

Wireless Label Printer Not Working (How to Fix It)

Sometimes wireless label printers suddenly stop working. It is possible that the printer changed its dynamic IP address through a wireless router. There is a tutorial step by step to fix this issue.

  • Make sure that the green light on the Wifi is not blinking; instead, it’s glowing properly.
  • Reset the network router from the printer to the PC or any device you use. You can even try turning it ON and OFF.
  • Let the wireless router be active and press the CUT button until the green light flashes. 
  •  If it does not work, then change the IP address.
  • Remove the printer from your device and reconnect it for better results.