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Brother Printer Drum Light Flashing – How To Fix?

We all know that Brother printers are long-running devices and don’t need heavy tuning. Good care will increase their shelf life. You may find a little issue with its drum as sometimes it starts irritating with its orange light indication. You don’t need to spin your head to this little issue because you can resolve it yourself without any guidance or help from any technician.

How can I stop the Brother printer error light from flashing? You need to troubleshoot your problem by rebooting it. Believe me or not, simple rebooting is the basic solution. Read the entire article for more details, reasons behind this orange light blinking, and solutions. You will find your respective solution regarding your Brother printer drum light flashing.

Why is the drum light flashing on my brother’s printer

Multiple things provoke the brother printer drum light to flash. Before going to any solution steps, you have to figure out with which problem your printer is exactly suffering.

Brother Printer’s orange light flashing means it has a toner-related error such as no toner, or low on toner, and its most probably indicates that the cartridge should be replaced.

To figure out more on this query, I have listed multiple possible reasons behind the printer flashing orange light,

About to Empty Drum

It blinks with orange light when you print many pages with one drum without refilling. Remember to refill your printer drum with proper when it ends.

Recently Refilled Drum With Ink

When you refill your Brother printer drum, you must reboot your unit before printing it. Otherwise, you will receive an orange light response from your printer.

Outdated Printer Driver

The printer driver needs to update after every latest feature included by the company. When your Brother HL-2240 drum light stays on, you need to look at that. You have to reinstall the respective driver from the printer manufacturing site.

Unstabled Cables

Check properly that you have made your cable connection thoroughly. Because sometimes wires and cords are not tight enough to fit the outlet. They start creating glitches with the printer, and in the end printer blinks with orange light and indicates something is wrong with your unit.

How To Stop Brother Printer Drum Light Blinking?

Finding out the solution for Brother printer drum light flashing is not rocket science; therefore, you also can do it by yourself. You have to follow all the steps carefully. Let’s troubleshoot this drum light error with the following given solutions.

Reset the Drum Into Your Printer

If your Brother printer drum light blinks, then consider resetting it. Follow the steps to rest it.

Step 1: Turn on the Printer and Open the Cover

Ensure the printer is switched on before resetting the drum. Push the cover head and open it.

Step 2: Push Go button

Press the Go button into your printer until four lights blink. Once it is done, release the button.

Step 3: Close the Cover Restart

Now close the cover head and restart the printer. This may resolve the error related to orange light blinking.

Clean the Corona Wire of Your Brother Printer

Corona wire in your printer is a thing wire that passes the electrons to the drum to complete the printing job. When debris or dust is on this metal wire, the drum does not find a positive response for printing. In this situation, your Brother unit starts blinking with orange light. There are steps to clean your Corona wire.

Step 1: Open the Cover and Take out the Toner

Open the printer cover by pushing it upward and gently take out the Toner

Step 2: Slide the Wire

There is a corona wire cleaner and a green or blue bar. You have to slide it right and back almost 6-7 times.

Step 3: Make sure the wire is in right position

Let the corona wire cleaner return to its original position, an extreme right corner. If you don’t place it properly, you will always find an issue with white lines appearing on your paper.

Step 4: Clean with other Cleaning Equipment

If you think cleaning is not done, use a cotton bud to clean it properly. You can even use Acetone, which is especially used for cleaning this wire. It’s a metal wire, so don’t worry. None of the chemicals will ruin its quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does the Brother Printer Blinking Light Indicate?

Any light blinking on your Brother printer head indicates the printer status and what it is doing. Sometimes it indicates only printing and which is the green light. The rest of the lights blink when there is anything fishy.

How Often Should I Refill the Toner Cartridge of Brother Printer?

It’s not necessarily important that you refill the toner frequently. When you find a blurry printout, I recommend you refill it with genuine ink only. Because the third-party ink also raises these blinking light issues in Brother printers.


At the end of the conversation and guidance, I suggest you replace your cartridge with the original one. If you use a third-party cartridge, be careful with its quality because low-quality cartridges are also a reason behind this orange light appearance. However, Brother printer orange light flashing is also common when poor take care of units. Consumers don’t focus on the cleanliness of corona wire which is another reason behind these lightning problems.