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Brother Printer Printing Black Pages – How To Troubleshoot

You found a Brother printer in your office that worked smoothly for around two to three years, and suddenly you see that your Brother printer prints black pages. I know it spins your head when you find this issue. You are probably thinking about the solution and how to resolve it.

Before going deep into the solution, first, determine what the actual problem is. Once you understand the reason behind Brother Printer printing black pages, you will easily reach its solution. It usually happens when your unit’s drum is dirty, or you find some outdated diver.

Don’t worry about the solution. It’s a piece of cake, and you can resolve it yourself. Remove the drum and clean the corona wire by moving the blue tab on the drum. For more details, dive into the article; you will find reasonable solutions and related reasons here.

Why is my printer printing black pages?

There are several reasons behind your Brother Printer printing black pages. Each solution depends on each problem. 

The main problem behind this issue is improper cartridge installation, dirty drum, or low ink. Below I’ve explained the possible reasons behind your pain and solutions for them.

Improper Installation of Cartridge

When you replace the old cartridge with a new one, then be careful. Because when you don’t fix it properly, you may find your Brother printer black pages prints.

Dirty Drum

Your drum and cartridge also need to be clean. If you don’t do so, you will face that Brother printer printing solid black pages.

Low Ink in Cartridge

When the cartridge has no ink or less ink, you can face the same issue of black page printing.

Confirm Issue

Before going to the solution, confirm the issue. Before doing anything, print a printer settings page by pressing the Go button 3 times. Each time press it for 2 seconds. Ensure that there is only black color appearing on the page. No image or text appears there. If this is the case, follow the steps to resolve this problem. This solution is not for you if you find a grayscale or horizontal r line vertical line.

Solution 1: Clean the Drum and Toner

Before cleaning the drum, ensure to wear a face mask and gloves, so you don’t get in contact with carbon disposal in it. If you spill the carbon, you must wash it immediately with cold water. Never use hot water; otherwise, carbon will activate. To clean the drum, you have to follow the given steps. These are simple steps to follow but be careful while working with them.

Step 1) Turn off the power button of the printer. If you want better care, then remove the wall outlet.

Step 2) Slightly pull the printer cover and open it.

Step 3) Take out the drum. It will remove by sliding through the ball bearing in it.

Step 4) Place the drum unit on disposable paper or clean cloth. So you don’t get any contact with it when you place the drum back in the printer, throw that dirty paper or fabric by wrapping it in a polythene bag.

Step 5) Ensure the Brother label faces you while cleaning the drum.

Step 6) Now slide right and left the blue tab 6-7 times.

Step 7) Now clean the corona wire you will see beneath the blue tab.

Step 8) If the wire is not cleaned by sliding the blue tab, then use a cotton bud to clean it.

Step 9) In case of debris and dust, you can use the Acetone chemical. Dip the cotton bud into the chemical and clean the wire with it. Don’t worry. The wire is made of metal. Therefore, acetone will not ruin it.

Step 10) Let this blue tab back to its original corner.

Step 11) Rock the unit right to left 6-7 times. This way, the cartridge will distribute equally.

Step 12) Let the drum back to the printer and close the printer cover.

Solution 2: Interior Machine Cleaning

Sometimes we need to clean the interior of the printer. Because when you use the laser printer, it removes carbon in the form of waste. Sometimes little particles or fumes stick to the printer’s interior. Cleaning the interior doesn’t require many steps. It’s a simple process.

Take the printer’s drum out of the unit and look at the right side of the printer. There are 4 drum grounds you have to clean them with some clean and soft cloth. You may need a torchlight to keep an eye on and focus. Remember to be gentle with it; otherwise, the ground may break.

Note: Whatever the solution you follow, you have to take the printer settings to print before printing, press the Go button 3 times and hold it for 2 seconds while pressing it.

I hope after these steps you found the solution to your query that Brother printer printing all black pages.

What causes a printer to print black pages with white text?

Brother printer printing black pages with white text is the most apparent query we face in everyday printing. What’s the reason behind this main query, and how to resolve it? This problem mainly occurs in Windows 10, and the main problem is the outdated drive of your printer installed on the laptop. There are some steps you should follow to resolve this common issue.

Step 1) Open the All App by clicking the Window icon on your keyboard. Write the Control Panel. and

Step 2) Screen will display, and you have to select now “Hardware and Sound” by clicking it to reach the “View device and Printer.”

Step 3) Right-click on your Brother Printer icon and remove it by clicking “Remove Device.”

Step 4) Click on New Device and Printers and hit on “Add Printer.” Let the printer find the available devices.

Step 5) You will see that your printer appears in the printer’s list, but you don’t have to select it. Instead, like “The print I want is not listed.”

Step 6) Select “my printer is old” and help me find it. This way, the screen will appear with the button “Next,” you have to hit it.

Step 7) Windows 10 will appear on all the possible old printers in the list.

Step 8) You may find a message that your printer already has a driver. In this situation, you have to click on “Replace the current driver” and hit on “next.”

Step 9) Let the printer’s default name and click on “Next.”

Step 10) Select your printer and click on “Next.”

Step 11) Windows will locate all available printers.

Step 12) You may get a message that the printer driver has already been installed. In this case, click “Replace the current driver” and “Next.”

Step 13) Do not change the printer’s default name. Click “Next” again.

Step 14) Choose the printer sharing you want and click “Next.”

Step 15) Follow the instructions of your printer’s online website, and at the end, hit “Finish”

After all the steps, print a default paper to test whether the problem is resolved Brother printer printing black pages with white text.

Conclusion: Easily Solved

Finding that Brother Printer is printing black pages is a common issue, and there are possible reasons and solutions. You can resolve it by yourself efficiently. You require only a few steps to do it. Sometimes you can get rid of it only by cleaning the printer drum. There is another common query most people ask why the Brother printer prints black pages with white text. Do you think both issues are similar, so there is nothing like that they are relatable but not precisely identical? However, a white text appearance with a black page is typical in Windows 10, and you can resolve it by updating the driver only.