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Can you Print on Construction Paper?

Quick Answer: The answer is yes, you can print on construction paper by using an inkjet printer. If you have some construction paper in your home you can print on them if you want.

The construction paper is made from wood pulp and its texture is a bit rough, it is always better to adjust your printer settings to print on heavy construction paper. Once you adjust the printer, you can create crafts, coloring pages, homemade cards, and stencils as many as you want.

You can also use the same inkjet printer to print photos. If you are printing a large amount of text, it’s better to use heavy-duty construction paper. Remember that printing on construction paper needs to have a separate ink cartridge for each color you wish to use.

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Things You’ll Need For Printing on Construction Paper

  • Construction Paper
  • Paper Cutter or Scissors
  • Inkjet Printer

You can use your computer to print beautiful and colorful projects on colored construction paper. All you need is some paper that is lightweight enough to print on. You can easily design your own stencils and coloring pages, paper masks, homemade cards, or paper models.

First of all, adjust your paper thickness setting on your printer from your printer setting. Some people asked if they can print on gold foil if they adjust printer settings. I’d say it’s not gonna work because of the textures.

Don’t leave pieces of foam in your printer, gently remove any jams. Unless your printer is specifically made for thicker material, don’t try to put anything bigger than 0.06 inches through it.

If you’ve mistakenly printed on metal, ceramic and mug here is a definitive guide on how to remove sublimation print because it makes the surface looks really bad when done incorrectly.

Step 1: Cut the Paper

Construction paper is about 8.5 inches wide, which is too big for most standard printers.

To save yourself some trouble, cut the construction paper with a paper cutter or scissors to make it 8.5 inches by 11 inches.

Then place it in an inkjet printer to complete the first step.

Step 2: Print your Design

The next step is to select the file or design that you want to print on construction paper.

It is better to use white construction paper as colors will not print properly on colored construction paper.

Step 3: Remove and Let it Dry

After the printing is done, let it dry for several minutes. 

Working on wet construction paper can be messy so don’t use it until it’s fully dry.

Can I Print on Black Cardstock? (Construction Paper)

Yes, it is possible to print on black Cardstock and even though it is thicker, you can insert them into your printer.

When you use your printer, you can use both black paper and white paper. When you use white paper for printing, use black ink. But when you use black paper, do not use black ink instead use white ink as it will be visible. you can also use other colors to make the color look very natural.

Construction Paper in a Printer: Can Printers Print on Construction Paper?

Yes, construction papers are slightly thicker than standard printer paper, and this kind of paper is suitable for many inkjet printers and laser printers. Although you can find thicker paper similar to construction paper, it’s required to check your printer’s manual to make sure your printer can print them so that you don’t do any damage to your printer’s interior components. 

Always adjust your printer settings before printing. It is important to avoid touching the ink until it dries completely. This will keep your printer from clogging, jamming, or having other problems. Do not forget to adjust your paper settings if you want to switch back to standard paper.

Construction paper comes in two basic versions: opaque and translucent.

The opaque version is typically made of white paper, whereas translucent construction paper can be white, colored, or even patterned.

Opaque and translucent construction paper can both be used for school projects, but translucent paper is often preferred for a variety of reasons.

To ensure your construction paper prints cleanly and evenly, use the best paper for your project. There are different papers available, and they range from simple to complex. You want to make sure your project is printing accurately, and using the right paper can make that happen.