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Canon PIXMA G6020 Reviews

The Canon PIXMA G6020 is a unique printer with multifunctional quality that will be perfect for a home office. This is a bulk-ink all-in-one printer that provides excellent output for home offices.

Besides being compact and space-saving, it also comes with a flatbed scanner, so you can scan important documents. The printing quality is good but it seems a bit slow. As a result, instead of ink cartridges, it uses a super tank ink system with four large tanks that provide a tremendous amount of pages and still cost very little when replaced.

You can expect an amazing duty cycle of up to 3,300 pages monthly because the printer is built for a heavy workload. For connecting any devices, you get connectivity options including Ethernet, USB, Wireless, and PictBridge. It’s also very easy to print from your smartphone, tablet, and computer.

Additionally, with the regular features that come with all printers, this model also comes with both pigment-based and dye-based black ink formulation that allows for long-lasting and sharp black text and the dye-based ink formulation allows for vibrant and colorful images.


  • Excellent printing quality
  • Duplexer for two-sided printing
  • Low cost-per-print 
  • Fast scanning


  • No ADF scanner
  • Lacks of support for external storage devices
  • Colour accuracy is not that good
  • The Monochrome LCD is Small

Build Quality:

The Canon PIXMA G6020 is a compact and lightweight multifunctional inkjet printer with a sturdy blackish plastic body, designed for home offices. While you refill the ink tanks, the scanner’s lid can stay open without aid, which prevents it from falling, and it can accommodate thicker documents or books.

The front input tray has a small window where you can check how much paper is left so you don’t have to open the tray and interrupt a print job. Another thing to mention about this G6020 is that the printheads are easily removable, making it much easier to replace them if they get damaged or clogged.


The PIXMA G6020 has Canon’s MegaTank Ink Bottles that can give over 30 times the amount of ink compared to equivalent standard black and color ink cartridge sets. It also has four large capacity tanks that will refill with the ink bottles and you will never need to worry about changing cartridges frequently.

If we talk about ink, this printer uses both pigment-based and dye-based ink. The pigment-based ink allows for long-lasting sharp black text and the dye-based ink is used for colorful images.

With this Pixma G6020, you can use GI-20 PGBK Black Cartridge and GI-20 CMY Color Cartridge. The black cartridge page yield is 4,633 prints and the estimated color cartridge page yield is 5,348 prints.

Scanner Features:

Canon PIXMA G6020 features a flatbed scanner for both scanning and photocopying. There is no ADF scanner and Fax capability but you can scan beautiful borderless photos all the way from 3.5″×3.5″ square to 8.5″× 11″ letter size.

The default scanning resolution is 600 DPI and if you want to scan in the higher resolution you must access the ‘Advanced Mode’  tab from the menu of settings and also change the output resolution. On the upside, if you need to scan documents or books, the scanner’s lid can extend a bit. There is also a duplex scanner for scanning both sides of a paper and printing at the same time.

Printing Speed:

The printing speed of the Canon G6020 is not great. It takes a while to print the first page of a black-only document, and it doesn’t get much faster for subsequent pages. You can leave it running while you work on other things because it has two trays that can hold up to 350 sheets of paper.

However, the printing speed of Black Only Text Document is 13 PPM and for the Color Document, it’s 7 PPM. That’s not very fast and I think it’s ok as far as the price is concerned.

Cost per Print:

With its large ink tanks, the cost per print is superb and you don’t have to refill them as often, and even then, the ink bottles are very cheap. The Canon bundle includes one of every color in their lineup and offers a very good deal tbh.

However, the black-only printing will be 0.004 US$/print, the color printing is nearly 0.007 US$/print and the photo printing will cost as much as 0.014 US$/print. There is no ink subscription and you have to order online whenever you need Ink.

One Black Cartridge costs 17.99$ and one Color Cartridge will cost 35.99$ every time you decide to change them. Even if you only print in black, most inkjet printers use color ink for servicing tasks so you’ll likely need to refill the tanks eventually.

How it performs in case of Family/Office/Student Use

Family use

The Canon PIXMA G6020 is a good choice for family use. The overall cost-per-print is cheaper and you don’t need to change cartridges often. Canon’s super ink tank system will satisfy you and yields a lot of black and color pages with the excellent printing quality. Though it lacks an ADF scanner, it has a flatbed scanner so you will be able to scan delicate documents or bulky items. 

Small Business/Home office

The Canon PIXMA G6020 is a small office-friendly printer. Out of the box, the printer is ready to connect your network, your PC, and your mobile devices via Ethernet. The printer can print, scan, and do wireless printing including the Canon print app, Apple AirPrint, Google cloud print, etc.

The Mega ink tank system is excellent for printing and the best part is the replacement cost which is impressively low. It also prints attractive text documents. Its printed photos look good but sometimes the color seems a bit dull. Overall, its a really good choice for a small business/home office that has very few


For a student, the Canon PIXMA G6020 can perform really well with a Super Ink Tank that lasts for a long time. Also, the Ink bottles are very cheap compared to other brands. With all these connectivity options any student can be able to print, scan, and copy documents by connecting their Android and iOS device.


Here we are gonna compare Canon PIXMA G6020 with its closest rivals. The first one is the Epson EcoTank ET-2850 which is an all-in-one wireless color printer, loaded with plenty of facilities. And another one is Canon PIXMA G7020.

The Canon G7020 is a better printer than the EcoTank ET-2850. It is better to use the Canon since it has an automatic document feeder. It can also make your photos look better because it prints accurate colors. While the Canon doesn’t print as many black pages as the Epson, the slightly lower ink bottle costs help keep its black cost-per-print the same, meaning you won’t save more with one or the other.

The plastic body of the EcoTank 2850 feels very cheap but still sturdy. For opening and closing the flatbed scanner, you don’t have to pull really hard as it’s a really soft closing and opening mechanism.

The Supertank System of the ET-2850 is capable of yielding an incredible number of pages. Instead of using small, traditional cartridges, it has four tanks that you can refill yourself with ink bottles.

The print speed of the EcoTank ET-2850 is similar to other EcoTank printers. If you want to print 50 pages at a time, it takes a little bit longer to print. If you keep the printer unused for an hour, it takes a while to print a single page.

The Canon G7020 has a solid plastic build that looks good in jet black. When you’re refilling ink or fixing paper jams, the scanning lid won’t fall, as they are below the ink tanks.

The Canon PIXMA G7020 has an outstanding ink cartridge system that is efficient enough to give you a high amount of black and coloring pages so that you can print out a lot of documents before the tanks need to be refilled.

If you are always in a rush, then this one is not for you, because the Canon G7020 is slow at printing black and color documents, which can make you feel stressed. But on the good side, It takes less than a minute for it to print a standard 4″x6″ photo.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

Can Pixma G6020 print auto duplex?

Yes, the Canon Pixma G6020 all-in-one printer will do auto duplex. You can connect any of your devices to print 2-sided automatically. There is no extra setup needed for this two-sided printing, just connect the printer and access all the features.

How to scan on Canon Pixma G6020?

The Pixma G6020 is a multifunctional printer that can print, copy and scan at the same time. There is a flatbed scanner along with duplex scanner features to scan two sides of a page at the same time. You can save your scanned documents in PDF and JPEG formats and photos in JPEG and TIFF formats.

Follow the instructions below to know how to scan on Pixma G6020.

  1. Open the flatbed scanner of your Pixma G6020.
  2. Open IJ Scan Utility Lite.
  3. You can select the paper size, resolution, and file types from Settings.
  4. Click on Ok if you’ve when the settings are done.
  5. Click on Document if you’re scanning documents and Photo for scanning Photos.
  6. Place the documents and it will start scanning.

Does the Canon Pixma G6020 come with ink?

The PIXMA G6020 is an exceptional printer and yes it comes with two additional black ink bottles included in the box.. These inks can deliver fast, accurate results and will work with virtually any ink type.

Also, this Wireless MegaTank printer is a reliable machine that produces thousands of pages of both black and vibrant color, making it an excellent choice for your daily usage.

Is Canon Pixma G6020 an inkjet printer?

Yes, it is. The Canon Pixma G6020 is an inkjet printer that uses dye-based ink to print on a variety of media. Also, it has a maximum resolution of 2400 x 1200 dpi, and it can print at speeds of up to 13 pages per minute.

How to copy any documents on a Canon G6020?

The Canon Pixma G6020 is a multifunctional inkjet printer that prints, copies and scans documents. It has a maximum resolution of 2400 x 600 dpi and can print at speeds of up to 13 pages per minute.

Follow the below instructions to copy on your Canon Pixma G6020.

  • Make sure the printer is on.  
  • Load some paper into the paper tray.
  • Press the COPY button.
  • Confirm the page size according to your need.
  • Use the LEFTRIGHT button to specify the number of copies.
  • You can use the color button for color copying, or the Black button for black & white copying.
  • Press the one you need and the printer will start to copy.