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Canon Pixma Orange Light Flashing – See How I Fixed Mine

If your Canon Pixma printer was working smoothly, but abruptly it started blinking with orange light. What does it mean?

Quick Answer: The orange light flashing indicates the issues with the toner or may be due to improper ink tank installation. Check the toner and ink tanks to make sure they are filled with ink and installed properly.

More importantly, have you ever noticed that all the time, your printer does not blink in a similar way? Sometimes you find that Canon Pixma orange light flashing 4 times and sometimes 10 times. Have you ever counted its blinking frequency? If not, then next time, before jumping to the solution, find out the number of blinking.

Because a different number of blinking means various errors, sometimes there is a problem with the paper tray, and sometimes you may face issues with cartridges and ink tanks. To find the exact problem with the solution, read the entire article thoroughly, or you may jump to related issues and solutions.

Orange Light Flashing on Canon Pixma: What are the Possible Reasons?

There are a variety of error messages and lights that may occur depending on the cause of the problem and the severity of the error.

If the orange light on the printer blinks, it usually means there might be a problem with the toner or cartridge or simply a corrupt configuration setting on the printer. If you see green light blinking in your canon printer, there’s a need to replace the cartridge immediately.

There are times when your printer may flash an orange light (usually between 2 and 10 times) to indicate that a different problem has occurred inside your printer.

Listed below are the main reasons for the problems that arise, as well as the solutions to solve them if you wish.

No light is blinking

Generally, this problem occurs when ink cartridges are not installed properly.


You may have made a mistake in the installation if the light on the ink tank is not blinking.

Canon Pixma Orange Light Flashing 2 Times

Whenever the printer light flashes twice, it means that there is no paper in the printer or the paper has not been fed.


Press the Resume or Cancel button on your printer’s control panel to stop the Canon orange light flashing.

Canon Pixma Orange Light Flashing 3 Times

If the Canon flashes orange light 3 times, either your output tray is closed or your paper is jammed. In case you or your friends have a Brother printer, kindly let them know that the yellow light blinking means the toner is running low on ink.


If the output path is closed, open it. Another solution to jammed paper is to remove the drum from the printer cover and easily remove the paper.

Canon Pixma Orange Light Flashing 4 Times

There are two reasons for flashing orange light 4 times: an improperly installed ink tank or an ink shortage.


Replace the ink cartridge as soon as possible. For example, if you don’t want to replace it right away, press resume or cancel the printing. After that, pass the command and continue printing.

Canon Pixma Orange Light Flashing 5 Times

If the Canon Pixma orange light flashes 5 times, there is a problem with either the printer head installation or the computer installation.


Reinstalling the printer head is simple. Just follow the steps after the stop orange light starts flashing.

  • Step 1: Turn on the printer, then open the input tray and printer cover.
  • Step 2: Open the cover, and the print head is moved to the position where it will be replaced.
  • Step 3: Remove the ink tanks effortlessly by pressing lever A and lifting them out of the printer. Do not touch lever B while removing the ink tanks from the printer.
  • Step 4: Lift the print head lock before removing the print head.
  • Step 5: Place the ink head carefully. Make sure to hear a “click” sound as you do so.
  • Step 6: Close the front cover of your printer.

Note: If you are replacing or repairing all the ink tanks, ensure that you do each one one at a time.

Canon Pixma Printer Flashing Orange Light 6 Times

The Canon printer will start flashing an orange light 6 times when the front cover of the printer is opened, which indicates that the cover is opened.


Make sure the cover is closed equally and that there’s no gap.

7 Times Canon Flashing Orange Light

The position of some ink tanks is incorrect if the flash is blinking 7 times.


Make sure there are two different colored ink tanks and replace them immediately if you have installed them. Ink tanks should also be installed properly.

8 Times Canon Flashing Orange Light

8 blinks mean the ink absorber is full.


If this happens, press the cancel or resume buttons to continue printing.

9 Times Canon Pixma Printer Flashing Orange Light

Your Pixma will flash nine times when you have a problem with your digital camera. Remember that sometimes a blue light flashing can also appear to indicate there’s a problem with the internet and the wireless printings may not work while this issue is not fixed.


Printing pictures is possible only with PictBridge, so you may have to try another image.

10 Times Canon Pixma Printer Flashing Orange Light

Canon Pixma models are not all automatic document feeders, so you will still receive this error if you try to print dual sides on a single pass.


This situation requires you to cancel the printing command and reprint the document manually.

Last Words: Is the Problem Solved?

Did that solve your problem? Orange light on Canon Pixma usually means it’s alarming you. Look at it closely because alarming lights always mean something is wrong. When light blinds you twice, check the paper.

Otherwise, if the orange light is flashing 3 times, it’s a matter of the output tray. Similarly, with several blinking differences, the problem also differs. Therefore, always take care of dealing with your Canon Pixma printers.

I hope you found the solution to Canon Pixma’s orange light flashing. If not, contact your seller immediately if your unit is still under warranty.