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How to Pick the Cheapest Black and White Printer

If you run a printing business or need it in the office or school, cheapest black and white printer is the ideal option for you.

At the commercial level, people prefer black and white printers to meet their need to print invoices, forms, and receipts because it requires less cartridge replacement and faster speed. These monochrome laser printers are specially designed for homes and offices that handle high volume B&W prints, making them perfect for consumers. So why do we go for expensive color printers?

Looking through a budget, I researched and tested various printers. Depending on the speed and price, I have selected Brother HL-L2300D as the cheapest black and white printer for students, offices, and homes. You can opt for any of them as it will save you money and offer excellent printing speeds.

List of The Best Cheapest Monochrome Printers

  • HP LaserJet M110we – Best black and white printer for home use with cheap ink
  • Brother HL-L2300D – Small black and white printer
  • Canon imageCLASS – Cheapest Black & White Photo Printer
  • HP MFP M140we – Cheap black and white laser printer
  • Brother HLL2395DW – Cheap black and white laser printer with scanner
  • HP Laserjet Pro MFP M428 – Cheapest Black and white Printer

Top 6 Cheapest Black And White Printer For Home Use With Cheap Ink

1. Brother wireless HLL2395DW

Best black and white printer for home use with cheap ink

The Brother HLL2395DW laser printer is a compact and convenient device that is capable of printing monochrome documents wirelessly. By printing 36 pages per minute, it saves you time. The refillable tray of this printer can hold 250 sheets of paper. Furthermore, it is capable of printing on letter-sized and legal-sized paper.

It Produces just like a whispering voice of 30dB / 50dB while taking prints. It means it’s not going to annoy you during your office hours. Now you don’t need to be bound with your typical printer because its wireless technology allows you to scan and take prints cloud-based with the help of a 2.7″ color touchscreen, including Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, OneNote, and others.

Though it works great with Android os, however, It is not so efficient with the Mac operating system. Also be careful, at your first print, the paper may get stuck in the printer.

Best For if…

  • You want cloud-based print and scan
    The Cloud offers printing and scanning capabilities directly through Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, OneNote, and others.
  • You want faster, high-quality prints
    Handles both letter and legal-size paper with a 250-sheet capacity.
  • You want wireless printing
    With wireless technology, you can print from your laptop, smartphone, desktop, and tablet.

2. HP LaserJet M110we

Small black and white printer

The HP LaserJet printer is available in the market with its free tech support app. Its compact design can fit anywhere on your study and office table and give it a next-level look.  You can easily take prints from your office and study documents in high quality. If you want to use it efficiently, ensure that your printer has the original HP toner; otherwise, it will not work. You also need an HP account and an internet connection to run it.

One more exciting thing is that you don’t need to invest in toner for the early six months of the printer. Because the manufacturer provides you with a free the oner with which you can print up to 1500 pages. You can save your time by printing 21 pages in one minute. You can enjoy the advanced features of HP plus for the next 24 months of purchasing.

Moreover, you can handle print, scan and copy with its app. But it happens that sometimes the paper jams in it. Also, It becomes hot if you continuously use it for a long time without giving it rest.

Best For if…

  • You want the world’s smallest laser printer
    Print black & white documents with the HP LaserJet M110WE, the world’s smallest laser printer.
  • You want smart features
    Mobile printing, security, automatic updates, and more are included in this printer.
  • You want fast printing speed
    Prints fast with a speed of up to 21 pages per minute.

3. Canon imageCLASS LBP6230dw

Cheapest Black & White Photo Printer

The Canon imageCLASS LBP6230DW is a wireless or wired printer that is always ready to be used. In a matter of minutes, it can print 26 black and white sheets. Because of its compact design, it can be placed anywhere in your home. After 250 sheets of printing, the cartridge must be replaced. The cartridge system is simple to replace since the toner and cartridge are integrated into the same drum.

You can use it with its canon’s free mobile printing app on your mobile. This feature attracts me a lot towards it. Whether you use multiple windows ( 2008, 7, 12), Linux, or servers, it will work smoothly. Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages of this black and white printer such as It doesn’t work on apple products and It is not compatible with Windows 10.

Best For if…

You want a compact-size printer
Small footprint, space-savin the design delivers professional output.

You want Canon’s Genuine Toner
Canon’s GENUINE toner is designed to improve image processing and precision character printing.

You want multiple connectivity options
The device has multiple connectivity options, including Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and USB.

4. HP Laserjet M140we

Cheap black and white laser printer

The HP LaserJet MFP M140WE is a really good choice if you want a printer with a scanner. You can print documents, ID cards, and forums in high resolution. In addition to performing multi-functions, it can be shared with Dropbox, Google Drive, email, or cloud services. You can connect the printer to the HP App for printing or scanning. I prefer HP LaserJet MFP M140WE because of its ideal size for home or office use.

It is the best investment because it provides 21 pages of print within 2 minutes. The toner is available with the printer, and you can use it for six months. Plus, you can save up to 50% on toner. For peace of mind, it has two years of warranty, and I like to avoid future problems.

Okay here is the twist, if you are planning to use a third-party toner here then move back because it only works for only Original HP Toner. It also requires an HP account and an internet connection.

Best For if…

  • You want strong workspaces
    This printer is great for strong work spaces like printing, scanning, and copying.
  • You want to copy ID cards and more
    The device easily copies ID cards and other small documents on the same side.
  • You want 6 months of free instant ink
    Print up to 1500 pages a month with 6 months of free instant ink.

5. Brother Monochrome HL-L2300D

Cheap black and white laser printer with scanner

Brother HL-L2300D has an aesthetic, sleek design, and its duplex printing feature is just the “Wow Factor” at a reasonable price. It can print at a resolution of 2400 x 600 DPI to produce excellent graphics. There’s a major drawback, It doesn’t work on a modern Mac.

It’s time to see how it works. So it works only on Windows 10. If you switched from any previous version of Windows, then immediately upgrade your PC to get smarter prints.

It has an adjustable paper tray that can hold up to 250-sheets to manage your legal size papers, letters, envelopes, etc. It is the best black-and-white printer for the office to produce 27 pages per minute. If you are running a small business then give it some rest as It gets a little hot after printing 400-500 pages.

Best For if…

  • You want fast laser printing
    It helps to improve your productivity with 27 ppm print speed.
  • You want the high-quality output
    The printer prints in black and white with a resolution of up to 2400 x 600 dpi.
  • You want convenient paper handling
    Featuring a 250-sheet capacity paper tray, it holds letter and legal sizes.

6. HP Laserjet Pro MFP M428fdw

Cheapest Black and white Printer

This HP LaserJet Pro MFP M428fdw Monochrome laser printer provides you with continuous, high-quality printing. The printer can print 40 pages per minute and has a cartridge capacity of 250 sheets. It is equipped with advanced wireless technology, which allows it to share data with your network. It has a compact size that can be placed anywhere at home or at work.

You don’t need to worry about the cartridge because it provides the Original HP 58A/58X toner in one call. The company provides you with protection and security against cyberattacks to save your data. You will also get one year of 24/7 free HP web support. However, you may face difficulty while setting up WiFi.

Best For if…

  • You want to maximize business productivity
    Enhanced workflows, security features, and customizable control panels help your business grow.
  • You want premium HP printing technology
    There is an enhanced dots per inch (dpi) of 4800 x 600 on this HP wireless laser printer.
  • You want a sustainable design
    By default, HP Auto-On/Auto-Off Technology helps save energy and paper.

The Best Budget Black & White Printer Comparison

Generally, Black and white printers are also called monochrome laser printers. They use LED technology to produce excellent output. Rather than all printers, they are more convenient and budget-friendly to use. For most people, a good and better quality printer is better than a color printer.

Printers are available in different ranges according to size, color, brand, printing capability, and many more. Price varies for domestic and commercial use printers as well. The original branded ink also affects the total cost of printers. Because original equipment printer manufacturers (OEMs) claim to provide the better and best quality of ink, that costs a ton of money. The cost ranges between 5-8 cents per print.

There is a quick review of the pricing range for different brands of printers for your easy, quick scanning. Here are some of the best brands whose costs vary:

Black & white PrintersPriceBrands
Brother HLL2395DW Monochrome Printer$200-$230Brother
HP LaserJet Pro M404n Monochrome Printer$280-$330HP
Brother Compact Monochrome Laser Printer$130-$150Brother
HP LaserJet MFP M140we All-in-One Printer$150 – $160HP
Canon imageCLASS Wireless Monochrome Printer$220 – $560Canon

Which Brands Of Black & White Printer Provides Best Quality Print?

I have found Some brands best for the students, office work, and your regular use. I have tested too many brands in printers, but some are awesome, including Brother and HP. Following are some features of them which attract me towards them You can also experience them as per your need of work.

  • They are budget-friendly. You don’t need to invest a lot in replacing their cartridges. They provide you with the capacity of 200+ pages of print.
  • They provide you with efficient and professional business support.
  • Their designs are space-saving. You can easily place them anywhere in your office, study table, or another compact place.
  • They have laserjet and inkJet, both technologies. You can choose as per your need and budget.
  • Compatible for students and office use. They save your time by printing 30+ pages per minute and are available in Wifi/Wireless technology.
  • HP provides you with its app for technical support.
  • Brother also gives you the benefit of Duplex printing. You don’t need to switch your paper for printing manually.

How to choose the Best black & white laser printer for home use with cheap ink?

You need to purchase a printer for your daily use but are worried about the guidelines before investing your precious amount. You don’t need to go anywhere for this purpose. Here I’m with all my personal experience to provide you with some guidelines that will help you in perfect shopping. You should look at the following features in a printer before selecting it for your home, office, or study.

Toner/Cartridge Replacement

Every printer needs to replace cartridges after a regular interval to meet your printing needs. While you take the print and get a lighter print, it’s time to replace your toner or refill the ink. An average black and white printer last from 2500 to 4000 pages. Replacement of the toner is essential for a printer; otherwise, you can hurt it.

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Before purchasing the printer, check out the printer’s speed. If it prints a minimum of 30 pages per minute, it is suitable for your daily office use. You can find all the specifications on the given manual by the manufacturer.

Duplex Printing

Before purchasing any printer, check out if it is a duplex. Because they are easy to use and handle, and you don’t even need to switch the paper manually. However, they can save you time, and you will love using them.

Cost Per Page

The average cost per page printer is essential, 5-8 cents. If you want much less cost, then purchase a commercial printer. Laser printers have the lowest cost per page because the toner does not dry out like other typical printers.

Wireless Connectivity

If you want to save space and get rid of wires and extra electricity bills, then the first choice can be wireless printers. Check out that it should provide a good Wi-Fi connection, an app to control the printer, and a Bluetooth device if it is wireless. If you don’t look after these things in a wireless printer, you can face hurdles in taking a print with these printers.

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Black & White Printer: Most Recent Queries

Can you get just a black and white printer?

Indeed it’s possible to get a black and white printer. Many printers have the option to print in black and white only. This can be useful if you want to save on color ink or if you need to print documents that do not require color.

Are black and white printers cheaper?

The cost of ownership for a black and white printer is generally lower than that of a color printer. Black and white printers tend to be less expensive to operate because they use less ink or toner. As a result, black and white printers are often more economical for businesses that print a large amount, because they typically take less time to produce than color printers.  

Which printer is best for home use black and white?

There are many different types of printers on the market, so it can be challenging to decide which one is best for your needs. If you’re primarily interested in printing black-and-white documents, then you’ll want to look for a printer that offers high-quality print results and is designed for home office use.

Some of the best black-and-white (Monochrome) printers for home use include the Brother HL-2270DW, HP LaserJet MFP M140we, and Canon imageCLASS LBP6230dw. These models all offer great print quality and features that are ideal for home users. If you need a printer that can also handle color printing, then you’ll want to consider models like the Canon imageCLASS All-in-one printer.

Are cheap printers worth it?

It really depends on what you need a printer for. If you only need to print occasional documents and photos, then a cheap printer may be a good option for you. However, if you need to print high-quality materials on a regular basis, then it might be worth investing in a more expensive printer. Cheap printers also tend to have fewer features than more expensive models, so keep that in mind when making your decision.

What is the difference between black and white and monochrome?

There’s the main difference between black and white and monochrome – black and white images have two colors, while monochrome images have just one. If you want to print an image in black and white or convert it to grayscale, you can do that. Tones make up a black and white image, rather than colors.

You can also adjust the tones for different effects in black and white photography. For example, light areas can be made darker and vice versa. Due to the limited color palette, tones cannot be adjusted as easily in monochrome photography.  

Do laser printers dry out?

Laser printers don’t usually dry out because they use toner cartridges, which are sealed units that contain the laser print head, toner, and other things. A laser printer’s toner can dry out and clump together if it’s not used regularly for a while, which can cause print quality problems. You need to keep your printer in good shape and use it regularly to avoid this.

If you do notice that your prints are beginning to look faded or streaky, you can try cleaning the printer heads or replacing the toner cartridge.


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