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Best Color Printers for Teachers In 2023

Teachers have a tough job and they have to be ready to teach at any time, in any place, and with any materials. A printer is one of those important materials that can help you print out your lesson plans, handouts, and assignments fast and easily. While you are thinking of using a printer in the class you should look for the print quality, printing speed, and easy connectivity feature to make sure your students get the best from you.

Among all the printers I picked Epson EcoTank ET-4760 for its all-in-one feature and for being able to deliver all of these at an affordable price.

However, some teachers prefer using monochrome inkjet printers. I don’t think a monochrome printer can help a teacher in his teaching. There is a big difference between monochrome and color printers, you can convert a color printer into monochrome by the printer setting when you need to print black.

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Top 5 Printers for Teachers

  • Epson EcoTank ET-4760 – Best Color Printer for Teachers
  • HP DeskJet Plus – Best Budget Printer for teachers
  • PIXMA TS9520 – Wide Format Color Printer for teachers
  • Canon PIXMA – All in One Printer for Classroom
  • HP OfficeJet 250 – Best HP Printer For Teachers

5 Best Classroom-Friendly Printers for Teachers

Here we have listed the best printers for teachers that can be used to print question papers and pictures.

1. Epson EcoTank ET-4760

Best Color Printer for Teachers

Epson EcoTank ET-4760 is a multifunction best home printer for teachers and office use. Like many Epson models, this printer also churns out better output quality with meager running costs. However, this printer with all-in-one features gives you better scanning, copying, and printing options.

Weighing only 15 pounds, Epson is smaller than its direct competitors, Canon Pixma G4210 and the HP OfficeJet Pro Premier. Even the ET-4760 is a space-saving device but holds 250 sheets in its main drawer and 30 sheets for ADF making it number one for any teacher. Even Pixma G4210, found at almost the same price as Epson, holds only 100 sheets. ET-4760 rates the monthly duty cycle of about 5000 pages which is a bit higher at this price but matches any teacher’s need. However, another competitor HP Premier contains a duty cycle of 20000 sheets.

Simply purchase one compact device and eliminate multiple machines to keep up on your desk. A perfect solution for schools the form of the best affordable printer for teachers. With all the excellent mobile connectivity options, this printer lacks the support of an SD card. You will have sustained its wireless connectivity.

2. HP DeskJet Plus 4155

Best Budget Printer for teachers

HP DeskJet Plus 4155 is mainly considered by the teachers at their homes and schools. With its decent look photos, 4155 became the best hp printer for teachers. Look at its flatbed, and sheetfed scanning anyone can simply print out spreadsheets and lectures with perfect accuracy in colors. However, students can also consider buying it for their homes.

If you frequently print, consider Brother MFC-J1205W because it contains a high page yield. On the other hand, HP- 4155 has a monthly duty cycle of around 1000 pages, including color and black. Whether at this price, it’s a costly deal but matches a teacher’s and student’s needs. HP’s scanner (8.5″ x 11″) is a wide and good feature that provides pigmented prints. That is better than its competitor HP DeskJet 3755.

With its 1.4″ display screen, you can manage the printing, check the ink level, and different connectivity options, including Wifi. Whether HP has a good scanner but lacks an auto-duplexing feature. You need to flip the page after one side has been printed.

3. Canon PIXMA TS9520

Wide Format Color Printer for teachers

Canon PIXMA TS9520 Wireless All In One is a wide format printer perfect match for students’ and teachers’ spreadsheets and assignments. It will provide you with high-quality photo output with robust connectivity options of Wifi, USB, Ethernet, SD card, and Bluetooth.

Beyond its letter-sized similar TS series siblings, this TS9520 is a little bit taller that is holding 20 ADF wide-format sheets. Simultaneously Canon PIXMA 9520 has a total paper holding capacity of 200. The Pixma TS9120 and TS6120 can also carry similar 200 sheets in their main drawer.

This Canon model will perfectly adjust on your desktop if you want borderless, high-quality wide images for your assignments and lectures. Most teachers consider it for its Easy-PhotoPrint Editor App, which allows an on-time editing facility, as the name suggested. The printer is expensive with high running costs but fulfills all of your needs.

4. Canon PIXMA TR8620

All in One Printer for Classroom

This wireless Canon model has been designed for small offices and homes for teachers, students, and others. TR8620 is a multi-level inkjet printer with an all-in-one scanning and printing feature. It provides you with an excellent remarkable photo and text quality with its two black inks to get a darker text print. It’s a compact device suitable for tight places.

At 17.5 pounds, TR8620 is identical to its predecessor, TR8520. PIXMA also occupies the same desk space as the HP OfficeJet Pro 9015. Both Canon PIXMA TR models lack the auto-duplexing feature. AIOs I mentioned here, only HP 9015 has an auto-duplex ADF feeder. Canon can hold 200 plain and 20 rear pages, including glossy, matte, and so on. PIXMA’s monthly duty cycle is 5000 pages and suggested 1000 sheets. Printing more than this range will provide a fade print.

Teachers also consider buying it for its better 4.3″ color touch screen. One can even handle all the functions of printing with a mobile. Having many upgraded features, Canon TR8620 has a high running cost.

5. HP OfficeJet 250

Best HP Printer For Teachers

HP Officejet 250 is a wireless portable printer. It’s an inkjet printer perfect for a teacher’s desk and home use. HP is not only for print but for copy and scans with its all-in-one feature.

It is a compact design lighter than its predecessor, weighing only 6.7″, including its rechargeable battery. But it’s another sibling, HP OfficeJet 200 light than HP-250, weighing only 4.5 pounds. OfficeJet 250 has 50 letter-width sheets with a recommended monthly duty cycle of 300 pages. But the HP 250 (printing 9.4 ppm) has 10 sheets ADF, similar to the HP 150 with prints 4 pages per minute, the typical speed of any portable printer. More than its predecessor HP OfficeJet 250 provides you with Wifi, Direct Wifi, and USB connectivity.

HP has a 2.7″ touch screen that allows you to examine the printing, scanning, and copying status, which is considered a good feature for a teacher. I prefer HP 250 due to its rechargeable feature that is remarkably tremendous and provokes me to print more high-quality photos. HP OfficeJet 250 does not support auto-duplexing.

Importance of Printers to Teachers

A good quality printer is crucial for every teacher’s classroom equipment. It’s not about only teachers but vital for students nurturing as well. The importance of a printer depends on how frequently you use it and your need. Being a teacher, just imagine your day without any printer. I know it will become difficult to perform several tasks which you perform efficiently with a handy device. Thanks to many manufacturing brands, many demanding and suitable quality printers are available in the markets at more than an affordable price.

You can save your money smartly with a printer. For example, you go to a printing shop daily to take prints. This thing not only consumes your time but is also a costly deal. Instead, you can place a portable printer a hand away costs less and saves time as well. The advancement in technology allows people to print wirelessly from mobiles. This technology relieves a teacher that he can even place his printer out of the class in the corridor and give printing commands from his mobile.

Without this precious device, things could be messier and more difficult for a mentor. Hand to hand, take hard copies, provide them to your students, and even take them to your meetings without having any hustle. If you avoid printer thinking, they are challenging to use. So let me explain to you that nowadays advanced printers are available with intelligent apps to provide easy handly and tech support. Having a good printer will be a gift for any teacher.

Color Printing For Teachers

Pigmented and quality color print is a key asset in education. It adds extra charm to a classroom scenario. Color prints can be leveraged to increase visual interaction effects for students. Teachers also understand accessible communication and explain complex concepts to their students. If we look at the educational part, it can also help teachers and students print daily calendars, posters, activities, and many other things.

For a teacher, black and white prints become tedious, especially when she is about to deliver her task to students. When it’s about worksheets, and it’s black, then none of the students will take an interest in it. Instead, providing the same worksheet with printed color will enhance students’ creativity, and this thing provides teachers a relief.

Students frequently report they get attracted by color photos and take more interest in studies, and this gives a teacher piece of mind. Teachers also require printers to print wide spreadsheets, daily handouts, games, and many other things. Especially when teaching science, every teacher wants to add color to diagrams and visuals. This way, it becomes easy for a teacher to explain every point in detail.

Most people think being a teacher means printing everything in color, so your daily needs may become pricey. But there is nothing like that. There are thousands of best instant ink printers for teachers available on the market. They are less pricey and don’t require a high amount of refilling. However, nothing is more than your profession and students.

Comparison Chart – Best Printers for Teachers

Epson EcoTank ET47605-10 pages per minuteVery lowCompact
HP DeskJet 415518-25 pages per minuteLowCompact
Canon TS952019 pages per minuteNormalCompact
Cannon TR862022 pages per minuteNormalNormal
HP Officejet 25020 pages per minutelowAverage

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