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Fastest Inkjet Printer In 2023

Inkjet printers are fast, low-cost devices for printing text documents, photographs, and other images onto paper or other types of media. The fastest inkjet printers are in high demand nowadays, because nobody wants to waste their time in printing houses, mainly office runners. However, students also want speedy printers to print out their assignments.

Consumers like to purchase inkjet printers because they are portable, small, speedy, and durable. Inkjet printers are less expensive than laser printers. Moreover, their ink cartridges do not require highly-priced inks like toners in laser printers. They can print on many different paper types, including glossy photo paper and fabrics. They do not need any warm-up time to make them ready for printing.

Our experts have tested so many inkjet printers and they concluded the fastest among them in terms of size, price, and features. They are all good at their need and usage, but among all of them, my favorite is HP.

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List of the 5 Fastest Inkjet Printers

  • Canon PIXMA TR7520 – 40 PPM B&W | All-In-One | Airprint | Alexa
  • HP OfficeJet Pro 7740 – 34 PPM B&W | Wide Format | Wireless | ADF
  • HP Officejet 6500 – 32 PPM B&W | Color | Duplex| Wired | Inkjet
  • Brother MFC-J6930DW – 22PPM B&C | All In One | Inkjet | NFC | 11″x17″
  • HP ENVY Photo 7855 – 15PPM | All in One | Photo Printer | Duplex

Top 5 World’s Fastest Inkjet Printers

Canon PIXMA All In One Fastest Printer (40 PPM B&W)

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The Canon PIXMA TR72520 is the fastest all-in-one inkjet printer which is compact as well as wireless. It also works by building a connection with Alexa and google cloud. With its five-color ink system, photographers, homes, and other small businesses use it for next-level graphics.

You are talking about the similarity of TR72520 with other models that all provide you with scanners, copy, fax, and a canon support app. You can connect Canon TR72520 with Bluetooth and mobile devices to get print, but its other model, Pixma MX922, is wired and only compatible with laptops. This printer supports adjusting plain and rear papers. Compared to its older brother, Canon TR8520 supports memory cards and ethernet connections, but TR72520 doesn’t. 

Effortless connectivity with cloud3 and social media4. One more attractive feature is portability which allows you to carry it anywhere. Consumers always admire its comprehensive preview of document printing: your desk’s best-featured and fastest canon inkjet printer is here.

HP OfficeJet Pro 7740 Wide Format Printer (34 PPM B&W)

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The HP OfficeJet Pro 7740 is a highly rich-featured all-in-one printer with ADF. Wide-format printing provides 11″ x 17″ prints, which is good enough for any professional. This printer supports both wired and wireless connecting methods.

The HP 7740 is similar in price, paper capacity, and duty cycle compared to Brother MFC-J5720DW. But in printing speed which is 23ppm, 7740 beats the Brother. HP 7740 has a higher paper holding capacity of 500 sheets with good enough printing quality to replace Brother MFC-J5720DW.

After lots of feedback from consumers and based on my personal experience, you will love having this auto-duplex printer with 50% less cost than other color laser printers. Place this multifunctional design anywhere in your office and enjoy this fastest inkjet printer for business. Being expensive is a sad thing for most people.

HP Officejet 6500  Fastest Color Printer (32 PPM)

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The HP Officejet 6500 is an all-in-one, fastest budget inkjet printer. You can feed your data into a USB or memory card for taking prints. It also provides you the facility to connect it with different devices (PC, Laptop, tablet, and mobile) for wireless printing.

The HP Officejet 6500 has a paper capacity of 250 sheets which is enough for printing your daily tasks in a large office. It’s an auto ADF that can print 35 pages. The HP 6000 can never beat the HP 6500 with its 4ppm printing speed. On The other HP 6500 provides you with 32ppm black and 31ppm color.

One interesting thing about HP is that it plays a remarkable role in the technology market. Likewise, this printer model is also noticeable. Its sleek design always encourages office runners to keep it on their desks with advanced and new technologies. You will also find it portable and easy to use but also sometimes you can feel difficulty sending scans to outlook and using windows for mailing.

Brother MFC-J6930DW Fastest All In One Printer (22 PPM)

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The Brother MFC-J6930DW is a wireless, all-in-one color inkjet printer. The wide format printer with 11” by 17” prints legal-size paper giving your output the next-level look. It’s a  high-demand product for Businessmen who want to add efficiency to their office. 

The HP 7740 is somewhat rare and more expensive than the MFC-J6930DW. But some similar features, including auto duplex property and two big input trays, will remind you of HP 7740. Having many features, the MFC-J6930DW is slightly heavier than the 7740.

At last, I loved this printer for its multi-paper holding capability. The printer tray will hold 500 legal papers while you can place 100 multi cards, envelopes, and much more simultaneously. When it’s all about your business and investment, Brother Fastest Printer could be an intelligent choice. If you are a graphic designer then subpar graphics are the only thing you have to sacrifice.

HP ENVY 7855 All in One Fastest Photo Printer (15PPM)

Do you wanna see the wireless, compact, and fastest hp inkjet printer then look at the HP Envy 7855. It’s an all-in-one scanner, fax, printer, and copier, and all these functions it performs with USB and SD card. People intend to buy it for high-quality pictures with a wide display touchscreen. This printer is ideal for those who never take print on similar page sizes.

The ENVY 7855 has an improved and fast printing speed than HP Envy 7640. Unlike its other similar models, ENVY 7855 can’t do an automatic two-sided scan, so users have to do it manually. Let’s talk about the price; the ENVY 7855 will win at a cost compared to its other HP Envy Photo 7100, which is more expensive. Your desired photo quality cannot be achieved with the HP Envy 7640, however, it can be with the ENVY 7855.

The exciting thing about this printer is the cost ratio. I got 5 cents per page on its link. The more fascinating thing is your printer’s control is now in your hands in the form of mobile even though it supports iPhone, Android, and Airprint. The limited paper capacity and the ink cartridges replacement can be a little bit of a hassle.

Highest PPM of an Inkjet Printer 

Suppose we talk about the world’s fastest inkjet printer, HP Officejet Pro X Series. It is pretty expensive, but this printer can print 70 pages per minute. This printer is large and can print 42000 pages per month. It also won the Guinness book of world records for the fastest desktop printer.

Another one from riso, which is called ComColor GD 9630 stated to be the world’s first fastest printer which prints 160 pages per minute using inkjet technology. The fact that it’s still a prototype and they haven’t publicly launched it makes it difficult for consumers to get their hands on it.

What is a Good PPM for an Inkjet Printer

Printers with a PPM of 20 or less than 20 are considered very slow. But it also depends on your usage. Try to find a printer between 20 to 40ppm. They are a little bit expensive but can value cost for time. Many brands in the market mainly provide your desired ppm, including Canon, HP, Brother, and many more.

If you want to compare the inkjet speeds to other technologies, we would suggest you read this comparison guide.

PPM For Types of Users 

If we talk about the printer’s printing speed, we discuss how many pages per minute (ppm) a printer can print. You don’t need to meet the ppm rate of commercial or another level if you are a student. The PPM rate varies according to the need of the user. In the printing market, there is a bulk of printer brands available. These brands vary in cost and other specifications as per their models. You can examine yourself to identify in which category of user you lie and then, according to that, choose the one that fits you the most.

For Students

Most students use printers for their daily assignments and document printing. But their printing tasks are almost simple and quick. I recommend they purchase a black and white printer with at least 8ppm and a color printer of 5ppm. HP will be the better choice for students with an average cost of $100.

For Home Use

It would help if you had a high PPM printer with a big family. If all the people use the printer to complete their daily tasks, you should go for the fastest brother inkjet printer. This printer is available with a ppm range of 30 to fulfill all your needs at once. You can consider Brother MFC-L2750DW, which costs between $100 to $300 and is ideal for a big house. Other brands also fulfill home printing requirements, including canon and HP.

Office Use

Most people use printers in offices because they have many documents to print. An office is a place where a big team works. If the office owner doesn’t want to invest in many printers, he must arrange a printer between 20ppm and 40ppm. It will fulfill all the requirements of the entire team without wasting their time—the printers with a range available in different brands cost between $100 to $300.

For Commercial Use

Printing houses or printing presses use broad, massive, and high-performance printers. They are big enough to print letters (8.5″ by 14″) and tabloids (11″ by 17″) sheets. Moreover, some other printers with the broadest printing capability are also present. They are costly printers with between $25000 to $150000. Because these printers print large paper sizes with great detailing of the picture, they are slow and have the printing capability of 3 to 13ppm.

Inkjet Printer Cost Per Page

Talking the cost per page in an inkjet printer depends on the printer brand, ink, and paper size. The color inks are an expensive factor in a color inkjet printer which costs between 15 and 25 cents per page.

On the other hand, considering black and white printers is relatively cheap compared to the color printer because their cartridge uses only two types of ink. Moreover, the companies and manufacturers don’t earn from costly printers, but they make from the equipment customers frequently buy, like ink and other printer parts.

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