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How to Connect Canon MG2922 Printer to Phone

Digital technology has transformed the way we communicate, create content, and store information. With the constant evolution of technology, it’s important to be able to quickly transfer information between different gadgets and devices.

Quick Answer: The best way to connect your Canon MG2922 printer to the phone s to use its wireless feature. After that, you can use cloud storage, which can help you keep track of documents, photos, and other media whenever and wherever you want. The most current printers also now offer enhanced printing capabilities that allow you to automatically print files from a wide variety of devices, without the need for third-party apps.

A mobile device with advanced software integration can help you save time and money with fast printing, scanning, copying, and sharing capabilities. The software can also work directly with Apple AirPrint or Google Print without any problem.

Install Pixma Canon App

The Pixma Canon app is available on both Android Device and iOS. It provides some pretty useful features to the average user, including printing from a smartphone, scanning documents, converting images into JPEGs, saving images in various formats, and more. This printing app is a really big time saver for canon users.

The app is absolutely free for downloading and you can connect your printer instantly to your smartphone and transfer photos directly to your device. In addition to allowing you to transfer photos to your device, the Pixma App also offers a host of other features that allow you to manage your printing and photography from your phone.

Connect Canon MG2922 Printer With iPhone

How to Connect Your Canon Printer with Apple Device
  • Plug your printer’s power cord into the power outlet. Press the power button to turn it on. The blue light will illuminate, signaling the printer is on. If the blue light is steady or off, hold down the wireless button until the printer blinks. This will indicate the printer is still on.
  • If the Wi-Fi light is steady or off, long-press the wireless button. Wait for the amber alarm light to blink twice, then release the wireless button. The Wi-Fi light should start flashing rapidly, and the green light should start blinking.
  • Launch the Canon print app on your iOS device. Tap the menu icon, followed by the Print, followed by the Add Printer icon. Tap the Register Printer icon, then the Printer Setup icon, and finally the Connect via Wireless Router icon.
  • When you connect your device to the network, go back to the Canon print app window and tap OK.
  • You can use the Access Point or Wireless Network if you want to. You have to type in the password before you can tap OK.
  • The network settings will be sent to the printer by the iOS device. Tap OK if the message indicating “Sent the settings” pops up on the screen.
  • You should confirm that the printer is detected. Once it becomes visible on the screen, please tap on the name of your printer. The Printer will be connected to the device with this action. When you see a verification message on your screen, tap OK.
  • A test print is needed to confirm that the Wireless setup with your Apple device is successful.

Connect Canon MG-2922 Printer With Android

How to Connect Your Canon Printer with Android
  1. Press the Power button to turn on the device after the printer’s power cord has been plugged in. Once the Printer is on, the green Power lamp will light up.
  2. There is a blue light on your printer. The light should flash if it’s on. If the light is on, press the button. Wait for the amber Alarm light to blink twice. The green ON lamp will light up if the wi-fi lamp starts flashing.
  3. Follow any on-screen instructions that appear when you launch the Canon print app for your device. On the Main Screen, tap Add Printer icon > Register Printer > Setup > Select Connection Method to connect via a Wireless Router.
  4. You can choose between the Access Point and the Wireless Network. You have to type in the password before you can tap OK.
  5. The network settings will be sent to your printer by the Android device. Tap okay if you see the message “Sent the settings” pops up on the screen.
  6. The Printer is being detected. Once your Printer is visible on the screen, please tap on its name. This action will connect the Printer to the device. When a verification message shows up, tap OK.
  7. A test print is needed to verify that the Canon Wireless setup with your Android is successful.


Canon printers are known for being reliable, however, not many people know how to connect them to their phones. In this blog, I’ve concluded a very easy way to connect your printer with an Apple or Android Device. Connecting a printer to an android or apple device is very easy. Once you have done that, you will be able to use your printer to print wirelessly from your Smartphone.

My advice to you is to never ever use USB cables to connect anything, especially to your smartphone. They are cheap, and even if they seem to work, they may not last longer than two years, at most. Connecting everything using Wi-Fi connections will give you a lot of advantages.

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