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How to Connect Epson L3110 Printer to WiFi

Epson printers are generally great, but for some reason, some models don’t automatically connect to Wifi. It’s not because you did something wrong or the printer has disabled some function on its own. Sometimes the problem could be on your router or sometimes your printer has updated its OS and the old data got deleted somehow. Epson L3110 user recently faced this issue. Don’t worry I will fix your problems and discuss other issues.

Quick Answer: The Epson L3110 printer is capable of printing using the standard TCP/IP protocol. This means it can be connected to WiFi directly without a computer. You will need a PC or Mac to control the printer using a special printer provided by Epson.

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Step by Step Guide to Connect Epson Printer to WiFi

Epson printers can be a great addition to any home, but connecting one to the internet is a pain. Most users are familiar with the steps required to connect their printer to a network. But it doesn’t have to be as complicated as it sounds.

In order to make your printer work conveniently and smoothly, you need to connect your printer to your network. Connecting your printer to the WiFi lets you print anything from your phone or computer anytime you want. This post is a step-by-step guide that leads you to connect your Epson printer with WiFi.

Step 1: Turn on your Epson Printer L3110

Step 2: Press the home button.

Step 3: Select the Wi-Fi setup option using the arrow buttons and press the OK button.

Step 4: Now press OK until and unless you see the selection. And choose the WiFi Setup Wizard and press the OK button.

Step 5: Wait for the search to finish: now select your Wifi and enter the password to connect.

If you follow the instructions, your Epson L3110 printer will be connected to WiFi successfully. Sometimes if you see that you’re not being able to connect your printer to WiFi, contact support and ask for a technician to check your printer if your printer’s hardware is causing the issue.

How to Connect Epson Printer to Phone?

In this blog i will talk about how you can connect your Epson printer to your phone. All you need is to download Epson iPrint from this link to start printing photos or documents directly from your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop to your printer using a Wi-Fi network.

  • Turn on the printer and press the WiFi button once to turn on the wifi direct
1st Press the power button
2nd Press the wifi button
  • Load a white paper, to print the network status and the wifi password
  • Press and hold the i Button beside the wifi button to print
Press an hold the i button for 7 seconds
  • This will print a paper of your network status and password to connect
The password is now active

Download the Epson iprint from the Google Play store

Download the app
  • Turn on your Mobile Wifi and put the password and connect with the printer
Type the password from the sheet
  • Now you’re connected and open the App and select Print photo
Select your photos to print
  • After selecting your photo, go to the app setting and customize everything as you want
Customize your settings
  • It’s better to set the print quality to best
Set the quality to best
  • Tap on print and you’re done
Congratulations, You just printed from your phone

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