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How to Print Passport Size Photo on Canon Selphy CP1300

Looking for a solution to Print Passport size photos on canon selphy CP1300?

By following some easy steps, you can print passport-sized photos from your Android, iPhone, or from Digital camera.

Quick Answer: The easiest way to print passport-size photos is to store all your photos in an SD card and print them directly from your canon selphy CP1300.

Canon’s SELPHY is a great little printer that is easy to use, compact, and versatile. However, the number of options available in terms of paper types is limited. If you want a simple and affordable way to print and something to use at your next family reunion or event, this machine is worth a look.

How to Print Passport Size Photo on Canon Selphy CP1300 From a Digital Camera

The canon selphy cp1300 comes with an sd card slot to let you print directly from the printer. Using an SD card is the easiest way to print photos. You can store all your photos on the SD card of your camera and can print any photo anytime. Everyone prefers using a digital camera to take passport photos as It is easier to do this than using a film camera. Follow the steps to print your photos.

Step 1: After capturing the photo, remove the SD card from your camera and insert it into the Canon Selphy Printer.

Step 2: Turn on the printer and you’ll be taken to ID photo settings.

Step 3: Set the size selection to Custom and keep the short and long sizes to 2.0 Inches.

Step 4: After selecting the size, press on Ok and Print button

Step 5: Wait a bit and your Passport sized photo is now ready.

How to Print from an iPhone using Canon Selphy CP1300

If you have an iPhone and you want to print a passport size photo on Canon Selphy CP1300, it is quite simple. Nowadays we take photos and selfies and like to store them on our phones. If you want to print photos directly from your iPhone without connecting any cable, follow these steps. You can either print without the App or you can print using the App.

Printing Passport Size Photo Using The App

While printing, set the paper size the 2X2 for printing passport sized photos. 

  • Install Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY on your iPhone.
  • Now turn on the printer and press on WiFi button.
  • Go to WiFi and Connect with the WiFi Network of Canon Selphy.
  • Open the app and Connect your SELPHY and iPhone.
  • Use your SELPHY to Select and print images on your iPhone.

Printing Passport Size Photo Without Using The App

While printing set the paper size the 2X2 for printing passport-sized photos.

  • Turn on the Printer and press on WiFi button.
  • Connect with the WiFi of your Printer.
  • Now you’re connected and ready to print.
  • Open any image from the gallery.
  • Click on share and click on print.
  • It will instantly take you to the final tab to select the size and color option.
  • Click on print from the top right corner.
  • Within a minute, you’ll see your printer has finished printing the photo.

How do I connect my Canon Selphy CP1300 printer to my laptop?

The Canon Selphy CP1300 photo printer is a very small, portable device. With all its functionality, you can connect your printer with your android, or iPhone as well as with Laptop. There are two ways to connect the printer to a Laptop. The first one is to use the Wireless option and the second one is to use a USB connection cable. Follow the steps below to connect your printer with your Laptop.

  • First, turn on your Printer
  • Press on wifi button
  • Connect with the WiFi from your Laptop
  • Now go to settings and click on devices
  • Click on Printer and Scanner
  • Click on add printer and select your printer
  • Now your Canon Selphy and your Laptop is connected
  • Conduct a test print to make sure the connection is stable

How To Print Passport Sized Photos on a 4×6 Paper

If you’re in a rush to get your passport application done, there are ways to save some cash. Print your photos at home using your own printer and save yourself a trip to the photo store. You’ll get a better quality photo than the store ones, and you’ll save money.

The best way to do it is to follow these instructions:

  1. Take a picture with your digital camera.
  2. Go to your computer and transfer it.
  3. There is a way to make a 4×6 canvas in the program, do it.
  4. Crop your photos once you import them.
  5. The photos should fit into their allotted squares.
  6. You can click on print when it reaches 100%.

If you want to print the photo on glossy paper, it’s always better to use an inkjet printer. The Canon Selphy is also not a bad option. Both the printer can o the job of printing on a 4X6 printer. Scan the passport photo and add it to your application if you are filling out your passport application online.

Tips on How To Take Your Own Passport Photo

When I say you can “take pictures at home”, I mean you can take them in all kinds of ways, indoors and out, in daylight and at night, in any weather. I’ve done that a million times over the years.

Taking pictures on your smartphone can be a real pain. First, you need a device that has a front-facing camera and flash. Then, you need the right lighting and environment to get the perfect shot.

 Here’s what I’d suggest:

  1. Choose a White Wall or Door
  2. Ensure that the setting you’ve chosen has good lighting
  3. Set up your camera or cell phone
  4. Set a timer on the device or ask someone to take the picture for you
  5. Sit in front of the device and hold your pose till the photo clicks
  6. Choose the best photo from the ones you took

It’s easy to think you need to take one perfect photo, but most of us can’t take a single photo without multiple shots. Instead of waiting until the perfect moment, choose a few photos and then select the one you think is best.

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