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How to Print PDF in Color Instead of Black

Printing documents is a very normal thing in an office. Some people print black and white documents and some people print in color. But this is not an issue for us, the issue is what to do when you don’t know how to print PDF files in color. You wouldn’t try to print in color in a mono printer because it doesn’t have the features to do so. So, make sure you have a color printer before you start your printing.

Quick Answer: PDF files are generally monochrome (black and white) but it’s not very hard to add color-specific metadata and color images when creating the file. If your PDF file is in colored format, then the PDF will open in color, if not then it will be in b&w format. In case you want to convert black and white PDFs into color, that’s also possible if you know how to use the Photoshop App.

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Step 1: Choose your PDF file and open it with Aobe Reader

Step 2: Now your PDF is opened, click on the print icon

Step 3: After clicking on printer icon, click on properties

Step 4: The properties option shows everything including the Orientation, Quality and the color option

Step 5: Check the color option to print your PDF in color

Step 6: Before printing, remove any unwanted documents like its shown

Step 7: After setting up everything, come back to the printing section and click on Print

Final Step: Now its done and your PDF will print in color instead of Black and White

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