HP Printer All Lights Blinking – How To Fix?

Are you troubled by your HP Printer with all lights flashing? You think it’s a big problem and find yourself in hot water. There is another like that. It’s not a big deal to deal with these blinking issues. First of all, you have to learn some basic manners to run and handle your unit. Always use some genuine printer cartridge, ink, toner, and paper with your HP printer.

Quick Answer: All lights flashing in your HP Printer indicate a service call error. When you face this problem, reboot your printer by unplugging all the wires.

Note: These solutions are eligible for different models of HP Printers like Envy, Deskjet, Officejet, Ink Tank, and Smart Tank.

What if I use a third-party cartridge with my HP printer? If you are using a low-quality third-party toner with your printer, it will decrease its shelf life. You can avoid this issue with high-quality third-party products.

HP Printer All LED Lights Meaning
HP Printer All LED Lights

I’ve been having trouble with my Brother toner light blinking yellow issue for a long time, then i found out that it was time to replace the toner cartridge. However, blinking all lights on HP printer could be a different problem at hand. I’ve explained all the reasons and possible fix in this article.

Why HP Envy Printer All Lights Flashing?

Before jumping to the solution, it’s better to know why your printer is facing this problem. Because it’s not about one situation that your printer has encountered. There could be multiple issues for these kinds of problems to occur. Let’s dig deeper and try to find all the possible reasons behind these flashing lights.

The first reason HP Printer lights flash together, is because of the Service Call Error. Check whether your printer counter is working or not.

Another reason the HP printer’s lights are flashing is that it is trying to tell you that it needs to be repaired. First of all, make sure that the power cord is not loose. Then, try pressing the reset and cancel buttons on the printer. If this does not work, turn the printer off and then back on. If you still have problems, take your printer to a local repair shop.

What do HP Printer’s All LED Colors indicate?

When all the lights are blinking together, they all indicate different issues your printer is facing. All these issues have separate methods to resolve them.

  • Red Light: It means that your hp printer cartridge is running out of ink, and you have to refill it as soon as possible.
  • Blue light: It is related to the Wifi connection. Ensure that you are connected with a very fast and reliable wifi connection. If not, then fix it possibly soon.
  • Orange Light: This light indicates that there must be some issue with your cartridge. Whether the cover head is open and your HP printer cartridge is peeping from there.
  • Green light: If you see this light blink, it means that the printer is in a printing state.

How Do I Fix the Flashing Light On My HP Printer?

When you see that your printer’s all lights are blinking, it simply means that your printer is going through some hardware malfunction. To fix the problem, you can do something quickly to find out what actually happened.

If you are getting a flashing light on your printer, there are several things that might have happened and you can try different methods to fix the problem. The first thing you should do is unplug the printer from the wall. This will stop the printer from charging.

You can also try to reset the printer by pressing the power button for about ten seconds. If this doesn’t work, you will need to take it to the store where you bought it. If you still can’t figure out what is wrong, you may want to contact a professional to help you.

If you don’t do something to fix it, it will not allow you to print anything in this state. All lights on the control panel mean cartridge, paper, power, and attention lights are flashing. However, to fix this issue, follow the given solutions below.

Restart Your Printer

Sometimes restarting your hp printer helps to solve the temporary blinking problems. Also, it doesn’t require following complex steps, just plug out or in and it’s done.

Step 1: Turn off the Printer

First of all, unplug the printer from the backside of the printer. At the back, there is a cord you have to detach. Afterward, detach it from the wall outlet. During this process, ensure that your printer is switched off.

Step 2: Rest and Connect Again

Let the printer rest for 5-10 minutes and after that connect all the wires.

Step 3: Turn On

Press the power button for the next 3-5 seconds, and it will return to its working position.

Step 4: Conduct a Test Print

Before printing your fair paper, try printing on rough paper.

After this method, I hope you can normally print with your printer without any glitches. But if you still face any problems with it, follow the below method to resolve this issue.

Reinstall the Cartridge

As all the flashing lights also include the lights of Cartridges, reinstalling the cartridge may solve the issue. Though takes a few minutes, and you will resolve your issue of flashing all printer’s lights. Let’s see the steps for this method.

Step 1: Keep the Printer On

Ensure that your printer is switched on before applying this method. Because if your printer is switched Off, the printer cartridge will not come out.

Step 2: Open the Printer’s Head

Open the printer head by pushing it with your finger. It’s so lightweight, and you can do it with one hand.

Step 3: Take out the Drives and Cables

Bring out all the USB cables and drives if they are in your printer. USB drives and cables are mostly available at the back of the printer.

Step 4: Unplug and keep it for resting

Unplug the printer from the printer cord to the wall outlet and the printer rest for 5 minutes.

Step 5: Plug in and Turn On

Plug all the cords again, this way, you will see that all lights on the control panel are Off now.  

Believe me or not, this is the most beneficial way to resolve this all blinking light issue. Most offices use this safest method to get rid of this issue.

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