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HP Printer Blinking Orange – How To Fix?

You have a bulk of printing material, but suddenly your printer stops doing its job and starts behaving sluggishly. It stops your work, and then you find it blinking orange, yellow, or red instead of green. You must be thinking about why this happens and what the solution is.

Quick Answer: HP printer blinking orange typically means a problem with the print cartridge or a problem with the printer’s ability to communicate with the print cartridge. To fix the issue, check the cartridge and all the associated hardware with it.

I’ve been experiencing a yellow light blinking on my Brother toner, and it meant that the toner is running low and needs to be replaced. Similarly, the blinking orange light on your HP printer is indicating an issue with the cartridge.

The problem doesn’t end here. To avoid this situation, you must refill the cartridge and fill up your paper tray, which can be the main reason behind this problem. If you still want a step-by-step solution, read the complete article and figure out the exact problem and its solution. Thank me later.

What does the blinking Orange Light Mean?

HP printers have different lights at the top of the printer to indicate different. These lights start blinking when something is wrong, or we can say it tells the printing status. When the orange light is blinking, it means there must be something wrong with the cartridge. It mostly happens when the cartridge of the printer is about to finish.

In this situation, your job is to check the cartridge. If required, replace it with a filled cartridge. To get a piece of more detailed information, follow the given steps. By following these, you will reach your result. Checkout whether everything is OK with the cartridge or not.

If you find that your ink cartridge is expired, then quickly replace it with a fresh cartridge. Sometimes consumers also complain that their cartridge is leaking and therefore. Remember, leakage in the cartridge can also be the other problem of the blinking orange light in your HP printer.

If your cartridge is going well and you are sure everything is OK with the ink cartridge, then you need to look at printer paper. You heard right. Sometimes a little printing paper may cause problems. While printing, the paper can get stuck inside the printer.

How to Fix HP Printer Orange Light Flashing?

If you find the problems mentioned above with your printer and face orange blinking, follow the steps to resolve it nicely and smoothly.

Replace the Cartridge and Restart

The orange light indicates the issues with the Cartridge and replacing one would solve the issue. Sometimes the cartridge is leaking and this could also trigger the Orange light.

Step 1: Turn Off

Turn off the printer and remove all the paper from the paper tray.

Step 2: Unplug and Remove Everything

Unplug your printer power cord and remove the USB or another external drive if you have put it on the printer.

Step 3: Rest

Let the printer rest for around 3 -4 minutes. If you are not in a hurry, leave it for 10 minutes. So it will shut done completely.

Step 4: Remove the Cartridge and Check

Remove the cartridge and check if it’s empty or not. Also, check if the cartridge is leaking or just fine.

Step 5: Replace the Cartridge

If the Cartridge is empty or even leaking, replace it with a new one.

Step 6: Plug in everything

After you replace the cartridge, connect your power cord again and ensure to connect it via the wall outlet directly.

Step 7: Turn on

In the end, turn on your printer and wait for it to turn completely. Now check if the orange light is blinking or not.  

Note: If you still don’t find the appropriate solution, check the driver/software. The problem must be there. To resolve the issue of the Driver, follow the given guideline.

Uninstall the Driver, then Reinstall it

Your printer requires an updated driver to access new features and run smoothly. If the driver is outdated the software issue will cause the orange light to blink even if everything is just fine.

For successful uninstalling and reinstalling, follow the steps.

  • Press Windows Key+R to reach your Run box.
  • Type the control panel to reach your printer and devices.
  • To reach your hard drive successfully, go to Hardware and sounds>Printer and Devices.
  • Now check if your printer has errors. Remove the Device.
  • After removing the Device again, press Windows Key+R, type printui.exe /s, and hit the OK button.
  • In the Printer Server Properties window, hit the Driver tab and open it.
  • Select all your printer entries and hit Remove> remember to remove Driver only.
  • Go to File Explorer and redirect to the C:>programdata>HP.
  • Remove all the related printer folders and files.

In the end, restart your computer to relaunch the program and see if the issue is fixed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all HP printers blink with orange light?

HP has multiple models like HP Deskjet, LaserjetPro, Envy, and so on. They also blink with orange light to indicate the same problem. Some HP models blink red, some hp printer blinks blue or yellow as well. But all these lights mean there is something fishy.

Moreover, everything is OK when your printer blinks with green light, and you don’t need to worry about it. You may also face a strange issue like your HP printer all light flashing, which means the printer is asking service call error checkup.

What does Yellow Blinking Light Say While Printing?

When your printer is blinking yellow light, it simply means there is an internal error with your printer. Sometimes you need a technician to resolve this issue. If you are using HP, it may indicate that you are facing a problem with HP firmware.

Maybe the internal parts of the printer are out of order. If you are printing and suddenly your paper is stuck in it. You find out there is yellow light blinking. It indicates that the stuck paper is damaging the toner of the printer.

What to do When I Run Out of Paper While Printing?

When you run out of paper while printing, you suddenly notice the yellow light blinking. In this situation, reload the paper and resume printing. In this situation, the printer will not stop printing. It will blink yellow and show you some errors. You can resolve it by refilling your tray and restarting printing normally.

What to Do When Paper Stuck While Printing?

When the paper sticks in the printer then it also starts blinking yellow or orange. If you face this situation, remove the cartridge toner from your laser printer. Don’t worry you can put the toner back into the printer easily.

Well, bring out the stuck paper and check if it is completely out. Sometimes, a piece of paper leaves inside while you are bringing out the paper.

Therefore, be careful while doing this job. However, put the toner back into the printer and close its head. Delete all the printing commands. Again load the papers into the input tray and start printing normally.