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HP Printer WiFi Light Blinking?: Check the Router

It is irritating and infuriating when I suddenly realize that my printer has stopped printing due to a lack of WiFi connectivity. I have probably tried multiple solutions, but nothing seems to work. My coworkers and I also use a wireless connection for our PCs and laptops and, therefore, we also face this issue multiple times.

Quick Answer: Bring your router and printer close to each other to fix the WiFi light blinking. Reboot both the device and reconnect the wifi again. The blinking is caused by the internet issue and will stop if the network speed is fast, software is updated to latest and the router is working fine after the reboot.

The WiFi light starts blinking blue when the internet is unstable or the connection is very weak at the same time. I have another HP printer that blinks blue light and I just reboot my router and wait for some moment to check back again.

Why is My WiFi Light Blinking On My Printer?

When you turn on your HP printer, you may see the WiFi light starts to blink.

When the WiFi light on your printer is blinking, it means that the printer is having trouble connecting to the WiFi or the WiFi signal is weak. To fix this, make sure the printer is close to your router and that the router is working properly.

When the light blinks, you cannot print from your device that is connected to the printer as the commands will not work because of an unstable wifi connection.

Reason 1: Not Connected to the Same Router

To use the wireless printing feature you must be connected to the same router your computer is connected to. If your printer and your computer is not connected to the same network, the printer assumes it is a connection failure. Therefore the WiFi light starts to blink.

Reason 2: Poor Network Connection

Well, if both your devices (printer and computer) are connected with a similar router, and the WiFi light is still blinking, the reason behind this is the poor network connection.

The poor connection or slow internet is mainly caused by bad weather and maybe there is an ongoing servicing of your wifi cable.

Reason 3: Printer in Sleep Mode

After your first printout, you left the printer on and returned after an hour and found out that the wifi light was blinking. This means that the printer is in sleep mode and the network was disconnected and it is letting you know by blinking the wifi light.

No need to panic, the advanced printer can put itself into sleep mode to save power and become more efficient. So, for saving power, it’s very normal to keep the network disconnected while it is in sleep mode.

Reason 4: Distance Between Router and Printer

Another reason is the distance between the WiFi router and your printer. Because you have made a wireless connection to the router, ensure that your printer and router are separated by at least three feet (about 1 meter).

“Too far” depends mostly on the Router – a powerful router with more than 3 antennas will provide better coverage than a smaller, weaker device would.

Reason 5: Firewall Blocking Connection

Check whether the computer through which you are connecting your printer has a Firewall. Sometimes this Firewall also prevents the computer from connecting with the printer. Disable these firewall functions to keep your network secure.

4 Ways to Fix The WiFi Light Blinking on HP Printer

After explaining all the possible reasons for your printer to blink the WiFi light, it’s now time to fix the problem completely.

I am going to explain a total of 4 Solutions for you to completely fix the problem. If you fail to fix the problem by following these steps, then there must be a hardware failure and you must quickly contact the manufacturer to fix the problem.

Whenever the printer detects a hardware issue, it may flash all lights to indicate service call errors. I also faced the issue when I left my printer sitting for a very long time. As soon as I turned it on, all the lights were blinking and I called the technician to fix the errors.

Solution 1: Restart

Do a reboot as it can quickly connect the printer to the WiFi again if it was disconnected. You can do it with the following easy steps. I suggested these steps to all my fellows, and they found them useful all the time.

Step 1: Turn Off and Unplug

First, turn your printer off and unplug all the cables and power cords from your printer.

Step 2: Rest the Printer

Now wait for the next 5 Minutes and then plug in all the cables.

Step 3: Turn on and Press the Wireless Button

Turn your printer on firmly, and then keep the “Wireless” button pressed for the next five seconds.

Step 4: Wait till connected

Now release the “wireless” button smoothly and wait for the printer to make a connection with the computer. If the password is required, put the password and tap on connect.

Solution 2: Update the Printer Firmware

It’s software that runs on your device smoothly. Sometimes when the firmware is outdated, it starts making problems. You need to update it.

Step 1: Uninstall

First, uninstall the firmware from your device.

Step 2: Download Again

Visit the printer’s official website and reinstall the firmware.

Step 3: Install

Follow on-screen status to successful downloading.

Solution 3: Change the Printer and Router Place

Sometimes printer and router don’t make good compatibility in one place. If you try all the above solutions, then at the end, change the WiFi router and printer place. Because sometimes WiFi does not catch a proper connection, changing places and placing them close can solve this issue.

Read this blog to know how close the router and printer should be in order to print wirelessly.

Solution 4: Update Printer Driver

It’s the software you must install to communicate between the printer and the computer. You have to install it from the official printer site. Visit the site and then find your printer driver by typing the model number of your printer. It’s a simple way to search for your required driver.