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Smallest Printer Scanner

Why do people purchase small printer scanners? There has been advancement in the small printers as compared to massive printers. They are very compact and small in contrast to big printers. They are also shallow whether they are all-in-one printers, including copy and scanning, even though these packed friends are portable because of their battery, which lasts for almost 500 pages. Whether the massive printers don’t entertain you with this feature.

As per the price, they are providing you automatic document feeder (ADF), which can scan two sides of the paper for printing, and this way, this mini friend saves your time. Whether they are compact, you will find smart apps for technical support. 

Our Best Pick of Smallest Printer Scanner

  • HP OfficeJet 250 Device with Printer Scanner Copier 
  • Canon PIXMA TS6420a Small Printer Scanner Combo 
  • HP DeskJet 3755 Small Wireless Printer
  • Canon TS302 Wireless Inkjet Printer
  • Canon PIXMA TS3520 Compact All-in-One Printer

HP OfficeJet 250 Device with Printer Scanner Copier 

HP OfficeJet is an all-in-one wireless printer with multiple connectivity options of Wifi, USB, and Wifi-direct. A small printer for laptops, and people use it for small office and home use. It’s a printer with a scanner and copy and a portable device.

With 6.7 pounds, Officejet is 2 pounds heftier (4.9 pounds) than HP 150. HP 250 has a rear paper holding feeder that can hold 50 sheets at a time. There is no ADF nor auto-duplexing, and the monthly duty cycle is only 300 pages, similar to the OfficeJet 200. HP’s scanner supports only manual duplexing of one sheet only. You can print and scan by saving PDF, JPEG, TIFF, and many other printing formats. 

With a typical speed of 4 pages per minute, this Hp model is a high-speed printer at this price. The printer is heavier than other laptops, but 6.7 pounds is enough at this rate.

Canon PIXMA TS6420a Small Printer Scanner Combo 

Canon Pixma TS6420a is a wireless all-in-one printer with copy and scan and a suitable design for home use only.

Canon TS6320 has four ink colors, including Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and black with an extra black photo color, while the Canon TS6420a contains only four ink bottles. Pixma TS6420a has a small ink tank; therefore, it weighs 13.8 pounds. This printer is a few inches and pounds lighter than the TS6320. All the CanonTS series contain a scanner, but there is not much use for scanners in these printers. Therefore, it is a manual duplexer. In comparison, only Brother and HP have built-in ADF.  

Most Canon TS printers contain a larger screen for examining printing status. But the Canon TS6420a has a 1.4″ LED status bar with multiple buttons for controlling the panel. Canon is significantly slower with a printing speed of 6.8 pages per minute and color prints 13 pages in a minute.

HP DeskJet 3755 Small Wireless Printer

HP DeskJet 3744 is the smallest Hp printer and most suitable for home use. It’s an all-in-one printer with a scanner and copier with multiple connectivity options.  

HP 3755 weighs only 5.1 pounds and is slightly lighter than the Epson XP-430 small-in-one printer. HP contains a seven-color ink cartridge that provides high-quality image output. There is a scanner in the printer through which you can scan a single paper at a time. HP 3755 supports Wifi and peer-to-peer connectivity, which is compatible with mobile and computers.

If you want to enjoy more smooth printing, then prefer to use it with HP smart App and the best compact printer for Mac and AirPrint. With a printing speed of 4.3 pages per minute, HP prints slower than Epson. On the other hand, the printer has an above-bar photo printing output. 

Canon TS302 Wireless Inkjet Printer

Canon TS302 is an inkjet wireless printer with hassle-free, high-quality document printing. This device supports two innovative options for printing: Wifi and Airprint. Its monthly duty cycle is suitable for small businesses and home printing.

Canon provides an above-par photo output with a printing resolution of 4800×1200 DPI. Like HP DeskJet, Canon will print 4×6″ of borderless images. Canon TS3320 and TS302 hold 60 pages simultaneously in the main drawer.

AirPrint, Wifi, and USB options are compatible with Canon, making the device’s usability easy. The printer setup will take a little more time than the other Canon TS series. 

Canon PIXMA TS3520 Compact All-in-One Printer

Canon Pixma TS3520 is a consumer-grade all-in-one device with a scanner and copier is a photo-centric printer. It’s a wireless portable printer scanner for home use with low duty monthly duty cycle.

Two higher-end devices, Canon TS9120 and TS8320, both boast ink cartridges. On the other hand, Canon TS5320 contains 4 ink colors just in two ink tanks. Like HP 3755, Canon also includes a 1.4″ non-touch display, which only displays the printing status with navigation buttons. HP weighs 13.8 pounds which are closely similar to the TS3320. Unlike its predecessor, Canon TS3320 only holds 60 pages simultaneously, while the Pixma TS3520 holds 200 sheets in its two drawers. 

There are multiple connectivity options, including Wifi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, and USB, and they are compatible with PC and PictBridge. Whether with numerous features, Canon lacks an ADF.

How much does a compact printer scanner cost? 

When looking at the compact printer, it’s not only the price, but you need to look at many other features. If you purchase the cheapest one, you may lose some features. Here you are not investing in wireless connectivity but also the batteries and ink. Never look at only the initial price; after price and maintenance costs also matter greatly. Typically a compact printer’s initial price reasonable brands like HP and Canon start from $100, lasting up to $500.   

Compact Printer VS Traditional Printer 

Here we will discuss the significant differences between traditional and compact printers.


Traditional printers’ initial cost is very high and will become difficult for any individual to purchase them. Therefore people with low budgets and low duty cycles prefer selecting low price compact printers.


The printer size matters greatly, especially when purchasing any printer for your home. You have a small space at your home and cannot afford a prominent place for them. On the other hand, compact printers are AIO devices like traditional machines but with a compact design.


It’s evident that compact printers are small and therefore light in weight with batteries, making them easy to port from one place to another. On the other hand, traditional printers especially ask for a particular setup, so once you fix them, they are a headache to move. 

Advantage Of Small Printer Scanner 

There are multiple advantages of small printer scanners. They will provoke you to purchase them.

  • Small scanner printers are easy to use because of their compact design. They have additional features, and you don’t need to purchase a bulk of devices. 
  • Some of the compact multifunctional devices provide you fax feature.
  • These are one device, but we can say an all-in-one machine with a copier.
  • Small printers are compact, lightweight, and take up a little space on your desk.
  • For multiple devices, you need to pay more and take up high maintenance costs, while the small compact printers take a little power to run one device.

Why is a Compact Printer maybe not for You?

You may want to avoid purchasing a compact printer for several reasons.

  • If you have a big office, you probably want a high monthly duty cycle, but compact printers provide a monthly yield. For this reason, you may want to avoid purchasing. They are suitable for home use with lean needs.
  • Another thing is your time. People with less time, or we can say a bulk of printing needs, would not like to wait for 1 minute for printing only 3-8 pages.
  • I agree these are small and portable but lack many features your firm requires for smooth printing. One of them is multiple paper size printing. They mostly print legal and letter size papers only. 

How to Choose the Best Small Printer: Key things to consider 

There are thousands of multifunctional all-in-one printers with various features in the market. For this reason, you need to consider the following given features before selecting any of them. Here we will discuss the suitable piece of AIO device for your desktop. 

Printing Output

Before purchasing a compact printer, look at its yield. If you run a one-room office or printer for home use, you don’t need a high-yield printer. For this reason, select a printer with a monthly duty cycle of 400 to 500 pages.

Resolution in DPI

Small printers mainly print small letter sizes or, at the most legal paper. For this size, you mostly need a low-resolution printer. Therefore, 300 DPI printers will be enough for better output.


Most small printers are small and therefore less price and lean feature printers. When you purchase these printers, you find they can offer flatbed and flat sheet scanners with automatic document feeders and manual duplexing.

Printing Speed

It’s an essential feature to consider while purchasing any small printer. Because most small printers have low speed. Primarily the speed is measured in “ppm” pages per minute. So a compact printer should print a minimum of 3 ppm to 10 ppm.  

What Smart Features do Compact Printers Have? 

Several advanced features will attract you to compact printers. Let’s discuss them in detail.


The most advantageous feature of these compact printers is their portability. The printer’s battery life and size are a reason behind their portability. Their battery lasts almost 200 to 500 pages, allowing easy printing anytime.

Connectivity Options

Connectivity is another essential feature because it becomes difficult to print if we find minimum connectivity. But the compact printers provide you with multiple connectivity facilities, including Wifi, USB, Ethernet, and even NFC.


Compatibility defines that thri=ogh which devices your printer will feel free to entertain you. So here supports AirPrint, Morpia, Smartphone printing, PC, and almost all the printers their versatile Apps for technical support.

What Kind of Ink do Compact Printers Use? 

It’s not like that if I say you can use a single type of ink with your compact printer. It’s all about your printer type. There are two types of printers: “Inkjet” and “laserJet.” Both the printers use different technologies; therefore, it is also different. 

Compact Laser Printers Ink

There is a laser beam in laser printers. Laser beams produce heat through which the solid ink in the toner melts and deposits in the drum. This way, the ink emerges on the image, and you get the print. There are multiple ingredients in the laser printer ink, including polymers, minerals, and various organic compounds. The toner is long-lasting because the ink inside it does not dry out whether you frequently use it or not.

Compact InkJet Printers Ink

Inkjet printers use cartridges through which liquid ink infuses the paper in the form of tiny droplets through the nozzles. 

Compact Tank Printers

Some compact printers use ink bottles liquid ink in their printers because these inks are very cheap. Therefore providing you a high monthly yield as compared to their price.