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What Does Borderless Printing Mean?

Borderless printing generally means that the printer prints the image all the way to the edge of the paper without any margin or border. Modern printers have a manual setting that allows you to print borderless photos, and you can choose to automatically print borderless photos if you want. I personally prefer using an HP printer for printing borderless and I will explain borderless printing from my own experience.

Quick Answer: Borderless printing is the most useful technique used for printing large-sized documents, graphics as well as pop-up displays. Borderless printing also known as full-bleed printing applies ink to the entire surface of the paper. You can use borderless printing for printing photos but without any limit on borders.

5 Types of Borderless Printing

  • Laser borderless printing
  • Ink borderless printing
  • Digital borderless printing
  • Thermal borderless printing
  • Pneumatic borderless printing

1. Laser Borderless Printing

Laser borderless printing technology is mainly used for printing on paper or plastic films. It is a printing technique that uses lasers to print without the need for a physical border between the printed pages.

This allows for more efficient and accurate printing, as well as reduced production costs. However, it is not suitable for printing on glass, metal, leather, and other materials that can be damaged by heat.

2. Ink Borderless Printing

It is also called waterless printing which is being used for printing on glass. Ink Borderless Printing is a printing technology that allows you to print documents and images without any borders. This means that you can print right up to the edge of the paper, giving you more flexibility and freedom when it comes to designing your documents.

Borderless printing is ideal for photos and other images, as it allows you to produce life-like prints that really stand out. It’s also perfect for creating marketing materials such as flyers and posters, as you can make full use of every inch of space on the page.

3. Digital Borderless Printing

Digital borderless printing is a very complex printing process that doesn’t require traditional stamping or cutting methods. Instead, digital borderless printing uses sensors and computer-aided design (CAD) software to create a printed image without any borders. It is also called non-contact printing. This is the latest technology that is used for printing paper or plastic films.

With this printing technology, it is possible to create large format prints like posters and banners. But it can also be used for smaller print jobs, like business cards, postcards, labels, and envelopes. The main advantage of digital borderless printing is that it eliminates the need for trimming or cutting your prints down to size, which can save you time and money.

4. Thermal Borderless Printing

Thermal Borderless printing is also called thermal printing. This is the latest technology that is used for printing plastic films, glass, and so on. In this process, the printer creates a thermal image of the document or photo on special heat-sensitive paper, and because there is no margin around the image, it can be printed edge-to-edge.

The technology works by heating up the special thermal paper until it turns black and then prints the image onto the blackened paper, which results in a high-quality print with no visible borders or seams. The photo gets a very natural look and can be stored for a long time. Some people suggested this technique for printing large banners or posters, as there is no need for any visible seams or stitching lines running down the middle of the image.

5. Pneumatic Borderless Printing

Pneumatic is the latest and the most perfect technology for printing on glass. Apart from that this technology uses compressed air to print images without boundaries and can be used for large format prints, such as posters and murals. For being the latest, it is much faster and more efficient than other types of borderless printing.

This technology relies on special pneumatic sensors that are embedded in the printhead to determine the exact location of the edges of the paper. First of all, this printer starts by pre-heating the printing material, which helps to ensure an even print job. Once the heating is done, the sensors measure the location of the edges and send this information to the printer driver, which then prints the image without any borders.

Advantages Of Borderless Printing

If you use borderless printing, you can create documents without worrying about margins, headers, footers, and other formatting elements that might interfere with your design. This technology is used in digital printing and it is also called “Non-contact Printing”.

With the help of this technology, there is no border between the printing plate and the paper. You can use borderless printing for various printing media like print on paper, printing on plastic films, printing on glass, and so on.

Borderless printing can be used for printing on a transparent sheet of paper for printing a lot of photos, heavy card stock, or onto a material that doesn’t absorb ink like newsprint, glossy paper, or coated papers.

I want to talk about three main benefits of printing borderless:

First, it saves you money. Professional printers can charge quite a bit for prints with borders, so borderless printing can help you save a lot of money.

Second, borderless prints tend to look more polished and refined than traditional prints.

Third, borderless printing is more versatile – you can use it for everything from business cards to posters without having to worry about the margins.

How to Print Borderless on HP Printer? – The Ultimate Guide

Printing borderless doesn’t mean you have to make any special arrangements. You just need to adjust some of the settings on your printer. I am using an HP printer and I will guide you on how I print borderless. Firstly, Download HP Print App on your Windows or Android.

This app allows you to print borderless documents with ease and lets you scan documents into PDF format. The printing method on HP printers is not very different from other printers. In this blog, I will be using one of my models, which is the HP OfficeJet Pro 6230. However, the same instructions apply to all your HP printers.

Not all HP Printers Support borderless printing. If you are not able to print borderless then your specific model of printer does not support borderless printing. I have created a separate blog where I’ve reviewed the 6 best borderless printer and their features. Go read that blog for buying a borderless printer.

Step 1

Click the “Menu” button and click on “Control Panel.” From there, Double-click on “Printers” to select your HP printer, and select “Printing Preferences”.

Step 2

From the printer preference menu, you’ll be able to select your printer model. Select your Printer model and follow the next step.

Step 3

Now click on the “Paper Sizes” drop-down menu and scroll down to borderless options for printing borderless. Select your paper size and check again if you’ve enabled the borderless options.

Step 4

Select and check “Borderless Type Only” and then select the type of paper that you’re about to use.

Step 5

Select the “Print Size” from the drop-down menu and select “1 per page.” for printing 1 print per page.

Step 6

Click on “Print” and if everything is perfect you’ll be able to print borderless on your HP Printer.

Which HP Printers Models Support Borderless Printing?

However, the most popular reason to buy a printer today is the ability to print directly onto almost any surface. Most manufacturers offer a borderless option to print on plain paper, envelopes, or even on cardboard or plastic. I have researched and created a list of HP printers that support duplex printing as well as borderless printing.

  • Hp Officejet Pro 6230
  • HP ENVY 6055e
  • HP Sprocket Portable Instant Photo Printer
  • HP ENVY 6455e
  • HP Designjet T920
  • HP ENVY Inspire 7900e
  • HP Designjet Z2100 Series
  • HP ENVY 6000e Series
  • HP Designjet T1100 Series
  • HP ENVY Inspire 7200e Series
  • HP ENVY 6400e Series

These Printers from HP are available with an Inbuilt borderless option. You just connect them and select the borderless option from the settings to print as much as you want.

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